Month: August 2006

Some interesting Links

For all those software that you want to put on your portable drive or thumb drive. Go here to get them. So interesting stuff check out Rk launcher which can launch applications of your thumbdrive.

Another speed reader site. Copy any text to this site and start reading the copied content fast.

Put your birthday and get all kind of interesting facts about your birthday. Like what day was it which other celebrity has your birthday etc.

Are you interested in learning foreign languages then here is the site for you

Are you into and cannot get enough of it then go here and get on your mobile

Want to put digg like this on your site go here


Get a signature like this here

Download Gta 2 for free. If you have not played this game go and play it now. It really fun

Free java mobile games for T610 and T630 go here and here

Want to know what songs are people listen too while on gmail go here

If you want to send all these links to some other friend or when you go to any site you want to send that site to your friend just add this link to your favorites and when you want to send the page just click gmail this then a page opens were you give username and password then you login. Once you do that there is message composed and ready all you need to do is just choose whom you want to send and send the message with the link so the site already in the mail.

Check out these super concept cars

Super concept cars

Sync Google calendar with outlook

Here is an nice article to sync google calendar with which outlook calendar which in turn can keep the mobile device in sync. Read more here about keeping gmail and outlook calendar in sync

Here is collection of fake photos

fake potots

These fake photos were used in newspapers magazine and on the net. Look at them some of them are very old. In this technology driven world how long can we still trust the pictures.…

This story I found i thought it was a fake but as it turns out its a true story. Fishermen survive in sea for 11 months.…

New York city in legos

legonewyorkSome of the things people come up with legos are really unbelievable. The photos look so cool. Click here to see more…

Taj Mahal under threat


There are reports going around that Taj Mahal had received threats from al queda. How stupid do they have to be to blow up Taj Mahal a monument built by a Muslim ruler. Its the biggest legacy of any muslim leader around world and you want to go and blow that up. It something happens to that monument I can’t even think of the people of Agra what else do they have. Last year alone there were 2.1 million tourist to visit this monument. Indian government is giving huge security for it after receiving the threat. Read more here…

Are you good at pong then play

hardpongTry playing this pong its similar to the pong but the ball has its own mind, it goes at different speeds and different directions at its will. You might think that’s not that hard try playing it. go here to play

They have some creative people in China


The Chinese military has built the exact model of India China border which is mostly mountains. This was found by a user who was using Google earth. He found this thing in China but it was in a village like area so he wanted to find about what it was so searched other area and found the place they recreated was that of India china border. The India military has no idea of this and Chinese are not telling much other than it might be used for training. Man Chinese military does put in effort. read more here…

Websites for mobile Internet use

If you are using the web on your mobile through gprs or if your are using web on a dial up connection check these sites out they are made for mobile. So they will load fast and will get all the news and other information you want quickly. If you are using mobile try turning off the images to keep cost low. There is that option on all phones so check it out. Here are all the links. The first link is like a portal it has all the link divided into categories like news, e-mail etc. es/ /links.html ~plinkit/ /bookmarks.html /treo600/ /PDAfriendly.htm

Microsoft giving free vista beta cd’s in India

I went to their site and they give you a quiz and I was taken the quiz and i got 6 of the 8 questions right and when the results were shown above them there was link that showed would you like to receive vista beta cd’s. When i clicked it asked all the address details etc and said thank you we will send the cd’s soon. But you need a Hotmail account or Microsoft passport and be careful there are plenty of place they are asking if they could contact you just remove the ticks before submitting. So now i am waiting to get the cd, i cannot download it because its around 2 gb or something like that. Even if it get i have no powerful systems to install them on but it will be cool. Go here give it a try

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