Month: October 2006

Bangalore is now Bangaluru

Give me a break. What’s with the name change. Seriously how many people call the new names of the cities that were changed. I still call chennai, madras and mumbai, Bombay and kolkatta, Calcutta. So what is the whole point of changing the names. No one other the politicians care for them. It is only going get confusing to the travelers who visit that particular city. The government of that particular state wastes money on all the name changing in all the place its was mentioned earlier, wouldn’t that money be better severed to educate people who would call the city Bangaluru. Good luck with the name change. I will still call it Bangalore. I feel sorry for all the kids who have to relearn all the spellings. Even the spell check on my system have to be retrained.

Here is a silly finding when I did the spell check all the cities new names like chennai, mumbai, kolkatta were shown as errors except the Bangaluru, does Microsoft know something we didn’t 😉

Backup or saving your podcast in itunes

itunesOne of the biggest headaches with harddrive crashes is getting all the things to the way they were.There are programs for other things but how do you back up your podcast feeds in itunes. Here is what i do. Go to the podcast section in itunes and from there select all and just drag them and put them in a folder. You have to close all your podcast as shown in the picture, don’t expand them when selecting. Then windows makes a txt file for each podcast. Now just save that folder some place safe like the gmail drive. I do it once a month. Then when ever some things corrupts or harddisk crashes. I just go and get that folder and drag and drop the txt file in the folder on to the podcast section. That way i Get all the podcasts back. I will do my best podcast list soon so watch out for that.

Save your documents and settings with gmail harddrive online


The Google harddrive or that’s what this program makes your gmail email into. Register for a gmail account like and install this program and give your gmail email login details and it will login and give you a folder into which you can drag and drop files. You can even use the send to menu to send to this drive. If your computers gets corrupted or god forbid hard disk crash. You can keep all your important stuff on an online drive. This might not be a great place for your mp3, but it could save your settings your outlook mail folder and other things like program settings and important documents, favorites etc. Download the gmail harddrive here

How fast can you type do type training online

typeThis page is really neat, no ads nothing just the typing program on web. Just click  on the text area and start typing the given text. After you finish the given text it will show the results. As you can see from the picture I am 49.40 words per minutes. try beating that. Go here

Predicts the demographics of your site

This site is from Microsoft labs and claims to predict the demographic of a particular site or a particular search term. In plain English it will tell you if the visitors to your site are male or female. You can also look for a certain search terms too. And see who are searching for those words. Interesting idea but don’t know how accurate it is. But after looking at the search term love I am convinced it true. Predicts demographics from Microsoft lab



The Legend speeds away

He came, he saw and he conquered. He broke every record and even made changes to the rules of the sport with his success.

Yesterday’s race was the perfect way to end his career not giving up till the last moment and fighting all the way.

When he was first winning with Benton he could have stayed their and had more and more success but he choose to come to a bad team then Ferrari and made them the world beaters again. And now when he is leaving them he has made sure that they are one of the contenders.

He was not everybody’s favorite he was a driver in true spirit win at all cost which is the thing that is required in this day and age. if only other sportspersons followed these ideals. It was sad to see him leave the sport.

I am feeling bad after the race and watched my other favorite sport football and Real Madrid made me happy again by beating Barcelona 2-0 they could have had atleast two more goals. Sports has ways to make you happy and sad.

The best and worst of Michael Schumacher

Here are some free app’s or freeware I like

PopPeeper: Which is a mail checking program i use it to check 10 yahoo accounts at once. You can select just the header or the whole message. And its quite fast in two two three minutes it gets mail from all the mail id. With out this program i would be spending hours just checking all the mail. It also works with other email services like yahoo, gmail and pop mail etc. Go here to download it.

Space Monger: Which is a program that shows you how the space on your harddisk is being used. It give you a graphic view of all the files on your PC. Which is nice when you want to know what is eating your harddisk space. Or just to keep an eye on your harddisk. Go here to download it.

Media Join: This program i use to join video clips or mp3 etc. You just select the videos and it will join them together which is quite useful don’t ask me for what but its useful. Go here to download it.

AutoClip: This is a text replacement program if you are typing the same text everyday or use some text that repeats many times then just copy the text and and hit f12 once the program been installed and assign a key and next time you want to paste that text just his the shortcut key and hit space bar. It has saved quite a lot of time for me. Go here to download it.

Shutter: This program can be used to reboot, hibernate or shutdown your computer with all kind of countdowns you can give a particular time or after a particular process ends and all kind of options and it easy to use and very useful if you leave your PC for stuff to download etc. Go here to download it.

Get live scores on your desktop, cricket scores live

You don’t have time to watch video but still want to be informed about the cricket matches then go here and download this program from and once its installed select the teams you are interested in and get news and information in a pop up’s when ever there is news about your team and if there is a live match going on you will get wicket alerts when ever the wicket falls. They even have a rss reader which can be used to read other rss feeds in similar fashion, interesting idea. Can be quite distracting if you tick the Indian team as your selection because the wickets keep falling every few minutes 😉

Watch cricket online, the ICC trophy live on the web

Go and download the Tvu player from this site and once you install just look for a channel called cricket and watch the live matches on you computer. Is should work quite well if you have a connection that can give you 25 kb. So go ahead and watch cricket matches live on the web live. Go here and download on watch on the website itself. But for a better experience download the software.

Using Half life game to design a house neat idea

Here is a neat idea, rather than investing in hundreds of dollars in 3d system why not use the half life game engine to do your 3d modeling. Some guy built a house in the game and you can go through it as in a first person shooter which is really great. Hope in future many people use this tech to do their 3d visualizing and give a better idea to their clients.  What other games would be better to do such things. GTA for city buildings and Far Cry for beach house, Star war games for Space colony modeling etc. Any more idea…

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