Month: January 2007

This stuntman site is cool check it out


I have no idea what they are promoting or advertising. But the site is cool. You can make a stunt guy run into walls. jump through windows and all kind of other stuff which is really cool. And its easy to do to, all you have to do is just drag the guy and throw him around on stuff and see the way he reacts. It makes me appreciate the stunt work that stunt people do a little bit more. Nice site to waste your time on.

Go here to give it a try.

iphone will cost you 739$ (32500 Rs) a year

That and some other reasons why it will not take 25% market share and will just be 1% as Steve said. Unless your a mac boy you will agree with most of my arguments and reasons.

1. Iphone could have been unlocked gsm phone.

This would have let all the people who wanted an iphone get one without worrying about carrier and coverage worries. Many of the stuff Steve showed used wifi and not the network so that shouldn’t be a problem. If you tell me that cingular gives the voices mail feature, many of us would more than happily bought the iphone without that feature as an unlocked phone.

2. Price is atleast $200 over what I would have liked.

Everyone was so up in arms about a ps3 for its pricing, why not iphone. Similarly like the ps3, iphone is nothing without the coverage and i think it will be crippled unless you get it activated with your cingular account. if you just go for the basic package which is said to cost 20$ (880 Rs) you will end up paying 739$ (32516 Rs)and that without the talktime included. 200$ less and more people would have been willing to buy it.

3.Mac Users will get most out of it, that’s only 3% of them

I know there will a program in future that will also help user with windows sync with iphone. But serious how cool would it have been if you did online syncing. You already have Google and yahoo as partners. They could have made their online calendars, mail, etc sync with iphone’s. Even your .mac could have been used rather than relying on mac (that’s only 3% of the market). It would have been such a big selling point for so many people because they are tired of keeping everything in sync. Iphone could have been the best thing yet for them. So you loose another opportunity.

All these problems can be fixed but something says they will not fix it. For example it takes a few change to make the phone unlocked and gms. Second one about the price this could be brought down with making the memory less by putting memory card slot or even releasing a third version which just 2Gb memory. The final one is just a firmware update and few conference call away. Apple the 25% is yours for the taking but i know you will not step and take that.

Is this the laziest program or what

The program is called stroke it. what does it do its a mouse gesture program. If you don’t know what mouse gestures are they are commands that you can give with your mouse.

For example you want to close a window. Rather than click the red “x” on top of the window you just write a “c” holding your right mouse button. You can also assign different letters to different programs. for example if you write a “w” Internet explorer will open. Its really nice program and the laziest one at that. If you want to copy something just select the text and hold the right mouse button and draw a line upwards and its copied now go to where you want to paste and hold the mouse button and draw a upward line. And the text is pasted there.

Its really neat program if you copy and paste a lot or its cool for instant message too. you don’t have to go and close all the small windows just write “c” and them and they are gone.

If you know how to use it, you will love this program and boy is it the laziest program. but I love it. try it here

Manage Short cuts on windows desktop cleanly


Are you like me, do you put all your shortcuts and important file on desktop so that you can reach them easily. But still want a clean desktop with not many icons. Here is a simple tip I use.

Create a folder called “shortcuts” and put all the crap you have on your desktop in to this folder. Now your desktop is clean. But you say you don’t want to open another folder to get your files that’s where the trick comes in.

Now if you want all your shortcuts or file, all you have to do is just drag the shortcuts folder to the edge of the screen either to right or left and leave it, walla windows creates a cool taskbar with all your icons, your file etc that you have in that folder. You can even customize the taskbar right click in the blank space on the taskbar. you can autohide, make large icons or small. Show text labels etc.

This have made my desktop look clean and easy to use.

give it a try.

Gprs in India on mobile


First what is gprs. its a protocol for using web on your mobile. If you want use Internet on your mobile you need gprs.

Now to the real stuff. Don’t expect gprs to be as fast as your dial up even. Its dog slow since you will be accessing mobile site or site that are converted for mobile format the speed should be okay. Don’t expect to watch videos on your mobile At least with the speed in India.

I tested my bsnl gprs connection, it said it was 18kbs. But when I tried to download a 1 MB file it took me over 15 minutes. But if you download operamini browser which is free. Its pretty fast to browse sites.

Now the big let down is the price. Unless you have unlimited package like me don’t even try gprs. Because it cost 10 Rs for 1mb. For example last month i used 125mb on my mobile if i didn’t have the unlimited account i would have paid 1250 Rs just for gprs. The unlimited account i got is for 200 Rs per month that’s a flat rate, no matter what i use.

Now lets see at this price and this speed what you can do. You can check email but you wouldn’t want to read all your mail like this. You can read RSS News Feeds, i made a page go check it out if you want to read RSS Feed on your mobile easily. The third thing is watching movie clips from Google or your tube if you are willing to wait 10 to 15 minutes for every 3 minute clip, you can do it more on that in the next post. Main though to check on live sports scores and read some movie reviews as your are watching the movie etc. You can also use it to send photos you take to your friends via email from your mobile.

You can also use GPRS to connect to net from your laptop by using your mobile as a modem. But i have not had much luck with that. All this would have been cool if i could use it like this when i was roaming and that’s when i need my Internet more. But for that i have to pay extra.

So gprs in India is a luxury that you will be paying through your nose for. Unless you know how to use it you will never get you your money’s worth.

I have even looked at other mobile carrier they cost even more than bsnl.

Have you tried Google sketch


This is the easiest and the best free 3d program for novice and even experts. The photo you see is what I made in just 15 minutes with the program and that was in the first interaction with the program. The photo is the plan of the shop i work in. the program is around 35 Mb download and runs perfectly on my 300 MHz 256 Mb ram system. There is even a tutorial in the begining, that is enough to make you good with the program.

So go ahead and give it a try.

Forget all the fancy stuff about iphone this is what I loved

iphone wallpaper

Iphone has a lot of fancy feature but the stuff i liked the most and which could be copied easily by others is wallpaper settings on iphone.

If you watched the keynote video of Steve jobs at macworld. You would have seen that half way through the presentation he changes the pixar fish wall paper to a boy’s face. You say what’s special in that.

Here is what i saw, he selects a photo and zoom on to the face of the child and sets it as wall paper. what does the iphone do, it makes the wallpaper of what was on the screen rather than the entire picture. so when he switches the phone back on again you can see the boys face as wall paper and not the whole photo as wallpaper.

This is such a simple feature why didn’t other phone manufactures think of this. For example i have nokia n70. unless its a full resolution 2 mega pixel photo taken by the camera or a photo that is exactly 176X132 size photo it doesn’t show up well on mobile wallpaper, anything in between shows up with color borders.

So nokia are you listening copy this and put it in your next firmware for n70.

Check out my iphone homepage

i converted my homepage to iphone look literally. i will be adding more stuff to it soon. i wanted to get it up there first  before someone else did it and i became a copy cat.

Click here to go to the site

Kevin Rose, I predicted better than you about iphone

I posted my article on September 27, 2006. Here are some of predictions i got right. Even though i was not trying to guess the iphone features. I was just trying to think what my ultimate mobile would have or what feature Steve would like to have.“The screen will be touch sensitive and motion sensitive. For motion sensitivity the phone has gyroscopes inside so that it can detect motion of the mobile in your hand. This is used for games and some other interesting features. For example you can view a maps by just tilting your mobile rather than scrolling.”Look at this its like i almost got a preview of this feature. i got it so right.It has a music player similar to itunes and a photo managing system similar to iphotos. The music player will be similar to itunes and has a full screen option. You can sync all the multimedia on your system on to your iphone so all the above prediction are right and you can to use the entire screen for itunes too.Now comes the actual phone feature it has all the regular feature and it has the capacity to switch between voip when the wifi Internet connections are available. This is also right steve said it will detect the wifi and automatically switch to wifi when available.It has browser similar to your computer browser, which can convert all the sites on the fly to look good on your phone. You can choose to see the actual site or the converted sites. It has all the security features etc so that you can do banking etc. Safari browser basically gives you all these features of a PC browser. And i was right there too.And it costs 25000 Rs after taxes. I even got the price right i guessed 568 $ which is between two prices steve mentioned.These are the things i got right even though i wasn’t predicting i got so many of them right you can read that article here. many more of them will also come true as iphone gets more and more popular. A GPS module is possible when release time comes around.I have to give steve to some credit for nailing so many of my ultimate geek phone features right.

How to transfer mobile app’s from one memory card to other

I just bought a 1Gb card for 1150 Rs for my nokia n70 and wanted to transfer all the app’s to the new card. I previously installed most of the games and app’s on the 128 Mb memory card that came bundled with the phone. So I tried doing the nokia back up on the nokia software that was installed on my computer but that didn’t work.

So here a way to transfer your app and files from one memory card to another. Just got to the folders menu on windows and select the option to show all the hidden files and now put the old card into the card reader and copy all the files on to desktop even the hidden files. Then just put the new card in the card reader and copy them over and put it on the phone and restart the phone that’s it.

All the installed applications settings etc work like before from your new memory card. It took sometime for me to figure it out so hope this will be helpful for someone.

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