Month: February 2007

I got my psp ( playstation portable ), you too should get one.

For those who don’t know what psp is its a handheld gaming device like the gameboy but much, more than that. This could be poor man’s all in one device. If you buy an ipod (10000 Rs)+ videoplayer (15000 Rs) + gameboy (7000 Rs) + PDA (15000 Rs )for browsing = Playstation Portable PSP (11000 Rs).playstation_portable_psp1First thing first I got the ivory colored one which is cool looking there is one in black color too. But the moment you switch on the device you will forget everything because the screen is really, really good. Its so good that photos I had on my PC looked better on this device than on my pc. It takes just a second to switch on the device which is really fast and very important for a handheld gaming device.playstation_portable_psp2About the price its around 11000 Rs which is bit high, but if you want gaming device that also plays mp3, video and photos. Then that price seems quite okay.playstation_portable_psp3playstation_portable_psp4playstation_portable_psp5playstation_portable_psp6About the photo viewer as I mentioned it above, its superb. It can be put on sideshows. It has many more features too.playstation_portable_psp7About the video player it only plays mp4 files which is what ipod also plays so all you need to do is convert file to this format and you are good to go. Use this free program to convert any video to psp format which is mp4.The music player plays mp3’s I have not tired other formats. and the speakers are loud enough or your can listen through the ear phones or buy a speaker attachment. Once the song starts to play you can set it to do show some visualizations which is really cool.playstation_portable_psp8playstation_portable_psp9playstation_portable_psp10Now the really big part the games. If you have played any other nintendo game boys are in for a shock. The graphics are stunning to look at and play. I downloaded all psp demos from here and boy are the graphics good. The big screen is so super quality that your jaw will drop the first time you see it playing games.playstation_portable_psp11playstation_portable_psp12playstation_portable_psp13About the size of the system its a big hunk of thing. you will notice it when you put it in your pocket not the shirt pocket because it will not fit in there. I felt pain after a while because it takes some getting used to the size of the thing and the button lay out.playstation_portable_psp14playstation_portable_psp15About the games there are already plenty of them out there but the price is really too much. you have to pay 2000 Rs or so for a game, for which you will get a thing that looks like a mini cd which are called UMD that goes into the tray that opens behind the psp like a cassette player. the price is way too much, 500 Rs would have been a good prices. Even on eBay you will end up paying 1500 Rs for used ones.playstation_portable_psp16So i downloaded all the demos and there are like 10 of them around and i will keep playing them until i get the cheaper ones out there. That is enough for me to get entertained for a few months. Go here to download all the game demos for psp.playstation_portable_psp17Now about piracy, there are way you can download games on to the system and play them. But you will need atleast one original game umd to play them and you can download the games online, each are about 200 Mb to 1gb in size. Which you have to copy on to a memory card and play them. You need few emulation software or loaders to play the games. I have not tired them and i am against piracy.So the biggest decision when buying a game is what version of the firmware it runs. Everyone seems to like 1.5. There are ways to change your firmware. But mine is 3.03 so i am out of luck. There are all kind of software that will let you play nes games and  other emulation software for psp. And more stuff is being put out as days go by.playstation_portable_psp18It even has a web browser and an rss fee
d reader which you can use over wifi. Which i have not tried yet. That is another functionality in this device.So you see this is five in one device that does atleast four things right. You can get a better deal if you want to play games watch video and listen to mp3 player and see photo on a single device that has such a good screen. All this for 11000 Rs is not bad ha.Go here to buy psp in India for 11500 Rs

Increase your GPRS speed with this small tip

Just change the DNS server from your mobile provider to the OpenNIC one. It especially works with Indian gprs providers. Mine is BSNL and after using this small tip the speed has dramatically gone up. I even can listen to Internet radio on my phone now. This should work on any mobile the below tip is for windows mobile, but if you dig into the settings of your gprs connection and find the DNS server which will be blank. Just change them as mentioned below and watch your internet speed go up on your mobile.Update

Now using google dns which is much faster DNS and Alt DNS is more about this here

For Windows Mobile Pocket PC- From the Start Menu, select ‘Settings’, then select the ‘Connections’ tab- Select the ‘Connections’ option- Select the first of the two ‘Manage Existing Connections’ options- Highlight your GPRS Internet connection, and click edit- Click ‘Next’- Click ‘Advanced’- Click ‘Servers’- Click ‘Use specific server address’ and enter DNS as ‘′, Alt DNS as ‘′. You can leave both WINS settings as ‘′ at this stage.- Click ‘OK’- Click ‘Finish’I  forgot the site where I found this trick, i would have happy linked to it if knew what the URL was…

Forget financial software or note taker etc

In this age of many devices and many software’s. Which format is the best to rely on. After changing three phone in an year I have come to realize that rather than using an accounting software its better to use excel and rather than using some fancy note takers just use note pad or something that can be copied into notepad.

Most people who buy mobile and PDA’s want to be organized and they try all kind of software which are fine. but when you system goes down or you change to a new device all your date is dead on your old device. So what i do is use programs that come installed with the device as much as possible.

I use excel for my finances which is really cool i can copy it on to my computer without much problem or loss of data. And for my notes i use the notepad or some thing similar that allows me to easy copy stuff to notepad.

So if you are like me and want to be organized and don’t want to lose stuff just because you want to use a new device then use these formats.

For example i can use excel for finances on my PDA it takes some time to set it up the way i want it, but once that is done i am good to go. Now i can copy the files on to my system and work on it there or put into Google docs for safe keeping and work on there when i am not using my computer. So learn from my mistakes and use as many less programs as possible and try to keep your stuff in well known formats.

rather than using fancy software that will loose all its data when you export it to some other format.

Use something like excel for finances and notepad for notes and save your time and money.

All three are the same and here is why

I have three blogs that show the same stuff hosted with different companies. You ask why go through this trouble. The reason is simple. If someone asks me to pay I could move to the other. Or if someone does something i don’t like or asks me to jump through all the hoops i just delete that blog and move to the other one. And that way i will not loose my blog and its entries.

I am also getting indexed more. Microsoft can’t ignore spaces blog and google can’t ignore blogger blog. So when you look at it, its really useful.

I know what you are going to ask, do i go and post on all the blogs, no i use a program called windows live writer which post to all the three blogs but i have to go and select each blog account and publish it. its like posting three stories for one story but in the long run i think it will be worth it.

If you want to read the same stuff on the other sites go here

What’s with the pictures

If you see pictures that don’t match with the story its not my fault. All did was to link to my flickr photos and some of them are changing after a few days. It should the correct picture earlier but now its showing someone else picture. Is it my fault or Flickr’s I am not sure. Hold on till I fix them.

Digg used as a polling too for us presidential elections.

Let see which presidential candidate is cool with the geek’s. All you have to do is dig this story and by the end of this week we will see how many Digg each candidate gets. I will post three stories with different candidate names. Let use Digg as a polling tool and see who the best candidate for president is at least according to us geek’s.

Mario and other retro games for 600 Rs on TV

Yes that’s true, if you don’t have enough money to buy a play station 2 or an xbox 360 here is something you could do.


Now those old TV game consoles are really cheap, you can buy one for 500 Rs and the game cartridges for 40 Rs. Which is really cheap, each cartridge comes with 10 to 20 games, many of them really good ones.


Even if you have an xbox or ps2 you should get one of these so that you can give it to someone younger than you in your family so he doesn’t use your ps2 and break it. Atleast that is the way I use it. But every time i set it up for him i end up playing more than him.


How good were those games simple and fun to play. You can play Mario, contra, ninja gaiden, tanks etc.


So go out and buy one of the tv game systems and have fun. By the way don’t buy the ones with keyboard and also check if other game cartridges will play in that system before buying.

On Rediff you can get one for Rs. 495

On future bazaar you can get it for Rs 420

Make easy money in India by Stock market


Don’t tell me you don’t know what stock market is. To keep it simple its like fantasy cricket, where you select players who you think will play well. If they play well you get good score. Similarly you select companies that you think will do well in future and you buy stock in them which are pieces of the company, if the company does well you stock grows and you make money.

Here is an easy example.

Prasanth industries is a fake company I am using as an example.

Each stock of Prasanth Industries is valued at 20 Rs. You think this company will do good so you buy 100 stocks in the company, Which will be an investment of 2000 Rs. After an year the stock of prasanth industries is at 25 Rs. So now you multiply your 100 stocks at 25 which is 2500 Rs. Because you bought the stock when it was 20 Rs you make 500 Rs on the stock.

See that wasn’t that hard to understand was it.

Now you are ready for stock market, but if you are still worried and don’t want to put your money, why not play it online and see how much you will make on the fake investments you make.

Then if you think you are confident try the real thing.

To do the fake investments go to yahoo and click on yahoo finances and sign in and once you log in find my portfolio and click to add a new portfolio and give the company names you want to buy the stock of and give also the number of stock etc. And from now on you can track the performances of the company as if you really invested after six months check your progress to see how much money you have made. if you made a profit invest in the real thing if not work on it online.

You can also put the stock portfolio on my yahoo so you can check the profit you have made. Go ahead give it a try. I am good online I made a profit of 2.5 lakhs if only I would have invested the real money, still waiting for the money to invest in offline.

Small tip go for companies that have smaller stock price, that way you make more money, rather than buy 1 share of infosys at 1500 Rs it make sense to buy another small company at 25 Rs for 40 stocks.

Why put you money in bank when you can invest.

Did you know National games are happening in India now

To write this post I went to some of the sites to see if there was any news on the main Indian portals about national games no luck, so I went to the all hyping news channels and even there no luck. So i had to search for the news on Google and you know if there is some info online you will be getting it there.  So i found a few stories there.

I really wonder how the sports athletes motivate themselves to go and perform when most of the Indians don’t even care about what is happening at the games. They are also part to blame for it. The lack of celebrities or personalities in the sports fields has a big deal to do with this. Hopefully someday someone like sania or rathore will come into other sports and get it some much needed coverage.

Until them keep watching the latest debates about who was picked for cricket world cup and why someone was not and how Indian has the best ever chance to win the world cup etc. When we all very well know that indian winning any sort of cup outside India is a big no no.

Out source your life to India and have fun

I know its completely goes against what I wrote few blogs back. But why struggle in USA when you can outsource your poor life in USA to India for a rich one.

In the article I read about how for $12000 you can barely survive in USA. Then why not come to India and settle here even with all the problems I mentioned few blog post back we are still a country that thinks guns are illegal, alcohol is a taboo and racism doesn’t exists.

You don’t even need that kind of money to live in India. You can happily and luxuriously leave in india for just $500 a month. For that kind of money every month you will be leaving better than 60% of Indian populations. Some of the cities in India have everything you want and need for your luxurious stay in india.

So why struggle in USA when you can live happily in india for the same amount of money.

If this is not a good reason for Indians to stay here and for the NRI’s to return to india I don’t know what it will be.

So india is waiting to become your next home. By the way our visa process are also a bit less stringent.

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