Month: March 2007

India out of world cup and the reasons are


Seriously do you need a reason on why India are out of the world cup.

Don’t tell me you really believed the hype did you, on what performance basis. Just tell me one series where they showed they were good enough to go all the way in this world cup. Did you think the performance against Bermuda was the indicator. you gotta be kidding me.

Any way the hype could only get them so far. There are some good individual players in the team. But this is a team sport and individuals don’t matter here. In that sense India were never in the running.

Hope at least now India will concentrate on a team and not individuals and build a team that all the Indian fans deserve.

Look at the way Sri Lanka rallied around each other.

They best example of the difference between the teams could be seen when the man of the match was awarded to Murali. He said that he was so excited about the first catch he took because the coach said to him that he was too old to field in the ring and had to be on the boundary, it was his way of showing the coach that he could still do it. Imagine if the same situation came up in India, you would have player throwing all the star power around to get at the coach rather than trying hard to improve. Look at what sehwag did with the coach.

Hope Indian cricket community sits down and comes up with a good plan ( Gavaskar are you listening, look at India performances for once ) for future rather than removing some players and changing the coach and continue the same way. Don’t blame this loss on a coach or any single player. There is nothing much the coach could have done to win the game, may be he could have played that would have helped.

So India here is your opportunity to come bigger and better don’t ruin it. Go Aussie go, they will show how the world cup is won.

Watch video of every piece of cricket world cup action here

The official website of this cricket world cup has a nice feature where you can watch video highlights and other video as the match is happening. If a wicket falls within minutes that action can be seen on the website. For example there is a section on the site called Matchcast which will give you list of all the matches and the live matches that are happening now.

If you select Matchcast of a particular match it will open a scorecard with all the details and each batsmen will have a small TV icon infront of them when you click it shows a video of how that batsmen got out etc.

At the end of the match you can even get highlights of the whole innings. In the matchcast click on the video and you will be given options to choose which innings you want to see. So if you missed the match last night go to this website and get the video highlights of the whole innings. if you just want to see how a particular batsmen got out you can also see that which is really cool.

I think this is the best sports site I have seen so far.

How to get best Cricket World Cup Coverage

If you have a job, quit it, if you have life, quit it. If you are a fan of cricket the next one month is the biggest it will get in a long time to come. With so many superstars kissing good bye this world cup, this will be your last chance to see them in action. So here I will give you what you need to do to get the best coverage for the cricket world cup 2007. Here is the cricket world cup Schedule.

Television : This world cup is being telecast on Sony MAX in India and if you don’t have that channel get the on your cable guy now to get this channel. If you want a better quality and more information while watching the cricket world cup on TV, then get a dish TV. They have a special channel with all the scores and highlights etc.

Mobile: Don’t go for those cheesy sms message updates. Get gprs activated on your mobile then disable images in your browser and go to cricinfo site or and click on live cricket scores to go the scores page and you can also read cricket headlines etc. In some extreme case if the gprs is not working use this for checking the scores. Live cricket scores on your mobile, sms CRI to 7333, Live cricket scores on your mobile, sms CRIC to 8888.

Computer: There are plenty of desktop scoreboards go here to get them rediff score board, cricinfo alerts, cricketnext alerts, Rediff alerts, Sify Cricket Alert. There is no way to watch cricket world cup on the net for free, if I find any i will put it here. Keep checking here they might put up a cricket channel.

Here are some other links for cricket news and information. if you are on a mobile you can get all these links here in mobile friendly format.

Geoffrey Boycott’s cricket Column, Sunil Gavaskar Column. Audio comments and views from crickinfo. Live Cricket Scores, Cricinfo Scores Rss Feed, Cricinfo Cricket News, BBC Cricket News, Ndtv Cricket News, DNA Cricket News, Cricket 365 News, Telegraph Cricket News, That’s Cricket News

Then there are papers and magazine too.

So get ready and enjoy the festival of cricket no matter whom you support.

Australia will win the Cricket world cup and rest is hype

Its not just me a fanboy saying it experts like tony Greg have already called it for Australia go listen to it here.ponting_wordcupHere are my reasonsFirst one, they were number 1 for the last four and 11 months. All their loss of form in the last few months did is give some excitement to the world cup rather than it being an all Aussie affair.Second one, recently they released the best Australian one day team ever to play for australia. It was not just some random stuff they sent in polls to all the players ever to play the one day game for australia and out of it 80% of the players polled in for these results. And the team wasAustralia’s greatest ODI XI Adam Gilchrist (wk), Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Dean Jones, Steve Waugh (capt), Michael Bevan, Andrew Symonds, Shane Warne, Brett Lee, Dennis Lillee, Glenn McGrath, Greg Chappell (12th man). Bold player for current team.Out of which five players are currently in the side, how many other countries are good enough to say that. Out of this five, two players are hurt but the player replacing them are even better or as good as them. For Bevan we are getting Hussey who is the best one day player according to the ICC one day rankings.Third one, its a good thing that they lost these matches now. At least now they know they have a weakness and will work on it. Imagine if they would have lost all those six matches in the world they would have been out of the tournament. They need some thing to get them going and this is as bigger a reason as anything. So watch out for the wounded ego’s. They will come back strong.Fourth one, Last night i saw a well known astrologer Bejan Daruwallah predict on tv that Australia will be no.1 and india will come 2 or 3rd.Some more cricket world cup predictionsBest player – PontingBest Bowlers – Nathan BrackenHighest Total – Above 400 ( Small ground and non test playing nations )Other teams who will impress – New Zealand, South Africa these two could also be the loser in the final.Here is a poll from the www.baggygreen.comworldcup_poll