Month: June 2007

iphone in India, will it come and what it costs

The iphone has started selling in USA. So the big question for all the Indian geek’s is when will it come to India. Here is the information I found about it online.

You can order on at gadgetguru in India for 51999 Rs

The million dollar … or crore rupee question is when will we see it in India? Apple originally said that the Asia launch would be in 2008, but here’s some inside dope.. I’ve been getting “dipstick survey” calls by a couple of Public Relations agencies who are all pitching for the Apple India account and some of them privately say that they’ve been briefed about a possible launch as early as November! Keep your fingers crossed, though with customs duty, be prepared to shell out half a lakh!

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DNA reports: According to dealers in Mumbai’s Heera Panna shopping centre, the city’s largest wholesaler in mobile handsets and iPods – the grey market has already placed orders for around 30-40 iPhones. The plans are to hawk it at prices that are Rs 7000-8000 more than the US base price of $500 (ie Rs 20,000).
Yes, the phone is currently rigged out to work with a single operator – AT & T – but never fear.
As Business Standard reports: Grey market operators say they can ‘unlock’ the phone for just Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 so that it can be used on any network in India. “Unlocking the iPhone isn’t tough,” said a dealer in central Delhi.

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Apple I am willing to pay up to 25000 Rs which is what I paid for my dopod 818 pro. So bring  it to India at that price and you have a customer waiting. Until then we can all read the iphone manual and get ready its 9mb PDF.

Live iphone Coverage from around the web

First take a look at the apple site for some new videos on how to use fingers on iphone.

Watch the scoble blog for live updates from apple store

Watch live TV from an apple store from Justin.TV its a camera on a guys head.

Watch more live feeds from apple stores even live diggnation

Watch the engadget blog for iphone coverage from all over USA.


Ipod is a true global product

I found this nice article in NYtimes. It explains why Ipod is a really a global product. How so many countries contribute into making it and earn money in the process. Apple earns $80 on every $250 30 gb Ipod it sells.

If only India was used for Ipod tech support it would have been a perfect argument for globalization.

Watch movies and TV shows in your browser

I found this called which has links to TV shows and movies from all over Internet. The don’t host any files but they link to the videos available else where. So go ahead and give it a try there are full length movies and TV shows and some times just few minutes clips. But still fun for those people who don’t know what to search for etc.

Funny iphone review by David Pogue on NYT

Check out the video of the iphone review by David Pogue. He is a funny guy and the video shows that. Its a good review and has all the problems we feared this version would have. He also has some pictures he took with the iphone so check them out too.

iphone doomed without stylus


First of all let me tell you I love the iphone as a gadget. And some of its ingenuity. But its hard for me to think it will succeed with out stylus.

I have been using windows mobile phone for a year now and for a few days I lost the stylus and I could not even use the phone without the stylus. I know what you are about to say, windows mobile was not made for gesture use but iphone also doesn’t seem to be. The buttons don’t see to be that big.

I was so impressed with the user interface of the iphone that I installed the iphone themes for my windows mobile and after a days use I have deleted it. You ask me why here is why?. The slide to unlock thing was done for the windows mobile phone too by someone and boy is it annoying after the first few times it really gets irritating.

You might say it really has cool way to browse the Internet. if you want to see how that feel try the opera mini 4. its fine but, really not the way you will want to browse. Internet. imagine zooming in and out after reading 2 headlines. After a while you will just give up try rss feeds like this.

And I think the keyboard on it seems to be getting pretty bad reviews already. So i don’t need to tell you much there.

You might say at least it has a decent phone facility, seriously you will pay that kind of money for just the phone features not me.

Steve put in a stylus or accessories makers here is your golden egg.

Reliance mobile radio does it make sense

Reliance are offering a new service called mobile radio where you get to listen to radio no matter where you are for a price. Sounds nice if it was a monthly flat fee or something.

The price they are offering this service at is for 1 min for 3 Rs or if you pay a monthly service and pay Rs 30 you will get 1 min for 1 Rupee. Seriously are there any takers for this service. Who is willing to pay 60 Rs per hour to listen to radio.

This could work if they make a flat fee of 30 Rs or even 50 Rs and allow you listen to radio for a whole month in place where the fm radio is not available.

Reliance just think before fixing prices…

Big hand iphone model revealed


There has been a lot of rumor the last couple of days about how apple is using a model who’s hands are bigger in order to show the iphone as a small device and yesterday they released a small video demo done buy the same guy on apple site. And there is your big handed model who was making apple iphone look small. You have to give apple props for coming up with the idea if you can’t shrink the device just make the users bigger.

The 25 minute video is a brilliant marketing tool. If after seeing it full, you don’t go and buy one you are not a geek. I tried so hard but they pulled me back into the apple distortion field. Thank god I am in India where this device cannot be bought if not I would have been in the line already and regretted it later.

About the model, ladies you know what they say about the a guy with big hands…

Watch the iphone video guide from apple site which is 25 minutes long and if you select the smallest version it comes up to 90 Mb.

Only weird stories make news from India

Why is that always weird stories from India make it on to news outside India. When we in India have not even heard of it.

For example this is a story I found on BBC news main page. Its about vibrating condoms sold in India. I never heard of this story even though I read many Indian news sites everyday. So why is this still happening. Why are the weird stories still making it into news outside India. When will India leave its turban wearing snake charmer image. There is much more happening here people start reporting that.

Want iphone like browsing on your mobile

operamini4If you want to get iphone like browsing on your mobile then get opera mini 4 browser which is in beta and works on any mobile with java and even on pocket pc’s. It loads the whole webpage on to the screen and from there lets you zoom to the area you want like iphone does. You can see a demo here, i don’t think iphone will be this fast so go opera mini go. So go ahead and give it a try download opera mini 4.

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