Month: September 2007

New firmware for Mp4 Chinese player

mp4 firmware

Its technically not a new firmware because there are no enhancements. But it change the look of the player. You get a new user interface like the iphone style. You get a new opening and closing animation etc.

See the picture to see what the new interface looks like.

Warning it will only work on the player that look similar to the one in the picture.

For others who want to change their mp4 player firmware here is are some software you will need.

Download S1fwx to extract your firmware on to your computer

its a dos program just extract it and click extract.bat and let it run and when asked give the driver letter of your mp4 player. and it will download a file called dump.bin which is your mp4 players firmware.

It should take like 30 seconds or so.

Download S1res to edit your firmware

Once you download the firmware you can open the file in this program and edit the firmware by adding your own pictures or text etc.

Then using the mp3 player utilities upgrade tool update the player firmware.

The upgrade takes only 30 seconds or so. Be sure not to update the wrong firmware.  Good luck

Download the New mp4 firmware

No more prasanth’s please

prashanttamangAs if finding me on google was not hard enough now I have to compete with a new guy called Prashant Tamang. He seems to be all the rage on the Indian idol.I am just kidding, its good to see another Prashant coming along and becoming popular.Watch the Indian Idol he seems to be all the rage. Even rediff had a news story about him.

What else is Google good for

Ya we all know Google is good for doing Internet searches. But what else can it do, here are some useful and interesting uses of Google.

It could be your clock.

You are at an computer, where the clock doesn’t work or the real use is for setting the correct time on your system, or mobile etc.

Type – What time is it

See the results of what the time is by clicking here

It could be your sports score card

You want to know what the result of Twenty20 world cup are. I am hoping they will do this for future events too. This way you can look at the score in office even without your boss or co workers know it.

Type – Twenty20 world cup

See the results of sports event is by clicking here

It could be your money exchange rates teller

How many times have you been to a site and see the price in us dollars and want to know how much in Indian rupees that would be. You can even add the amount. like 1000 usd in inr.

Type – usd in inr

See the money exchange rates by clicking here

 It could be your calculator

You are on a webpage and want to add few number just go to Google and put those numbers in and it will show the results no need to open the calculator.

Type – 1568+5693 and click enter

See the result of your calculation by clicking here 

If you know anymore such uses let me know. There are plenty of other stuff people in US can use it for like movie timings, stock market etc. But these are the things you can use it for India that are useful to us.

Sync your facebook apps with your windows mobile

I found this cool software that syncs facebook contacts with outlook. Which in turn syncs it to your windows mobile contacts.

The cool part is if your friends are on facebook they would have already put up pictures and all the details so just sync and you will get their pictures into your windows mobile contacts.

Nice software hope it would work with other social networking sites too.

Click Here to get Outsync to sync facebook contact to your windows mobile

Apple you can’t stop admiring the company

iphone openletter

Love them or hate them you have to admire the company. Which company in technology sector would come out in two days and offer a rebate of $100 for the previous iphone users. Many companies would have just ignored the whole thing. But not apple.

I really can’t see why many of the people are complaining who bought the iphone. Most of them who bought the iphone are early adopters who usually pay very high prices for the stuff they are buying.

I seriously would live to know how many of them would traded in their iphone for $200. And if Apple would have come and said we will charge $100 per month for the next two months how many of these same people would have happily went ahead and bought it.

So early adopters stop crying. Apple I can’t stop admiring you.

Even Steve Jobs seems to be saying this.