Month: October 2007

Opera is my default browser from now

I have been testing all the four major browsers. But with the recent beta I think opera has won my vote.

I wanted a browser that would save my bookmarks across computers.

Opera went ahead and did one better, they made it even possible to sync your bookmarks to your mobile. And opera has one of the best mobile browsers around.

So now if find anything on mobile or PC I just bookmark it and it will be available on the later without any effort on my part.

You will need to download the latest opera browser beta for PC and the latest opera mini beta and create an account which is really easy. Once you create an account and give your username and password every 10 minutes it automatically syncs the changes in your bookmarks. You could always stop the syncing if you don’t want it.

There is also a features called wand which save the username and passwords for website logins. So if you are tired of logging into your mail or other sites with logins. Once you save the username and password by going to the site one time. From then on you just hit ctrl+Enter and you will be logged in. The best part is you could have multiple logins for a single site. If you have multiple logins it will give you an option to select which one you want to get logged in with. All in all a great feature.

How to Save or Export Wand Passwords from Opera

Here is the trick when you upgrade or move to a new computer if you want your wand passwords also then just type “C:Documents and SettingsUser 4Application Data”  look in this folder for opera and in the opera folder for profiles and then copy the file “wand.dat” and it has all your logins. Don’t worry even if someone gets the file they can’t read it because its encrypted. Copy it to a safe place and once you upgrade or move your PC just put the file back into the same place and all your logins work like before.

iphone in India for 27999 Rs

You can get an unlocked iphone in India for the price mentioned above. I really would buy that if it was offered by a mobile company or someone who would have offered some warranty.

I heard all kind of problems with these devices some have problems with screen some with software etc.

And the bad part is once you buy this you can’t update the firmware. So you will be stuck at what ever firmware you get. So in February when apples adds third party app’s support you will be out of luck.

If you still want to get the iphone go ahead and let me know how its working in India

So lets all hope apple will release the iphone official in India soon and at a reasonable price.

Until then if you are looking for a Smart phone with cool features get the HTC 3300 which has GPS with maps of major Indian cities and Windows mobile 6 with 2mp camera, Fm radio, Bluetooth 2.0 etc. for 21699

iphone users I understand your pain

So much promise but not much delivered.

I am a windows mobile user. Out of the box windows mobile does everything you need to do on a PDA and mobile without needing any app’s. It is quite stable too like that.

If not you can install many free and paid app’s. You think of it and you have an app for it.

In fact the windows mobile can be transformed into an iphone with slide to unlock and all the other features. Even get the safari browsing experience for free on opera on your windows mobile.

For half the price of an iphone.

Can you turn an iphone into windows mobile you might ask why would anyone do that, but can you? That is what I am talking about.

I wonder why other operating systems didn’t take off. They never allowed this much customization and openness. Look at palm OS, its in the dump already.

Apple if Iphone isn’t opened up soon you are doomed to be over taken by the copy machines at Microsoft.

It doesn’t take much to create a touch screen UI similar to iphone on a windows mobile.

itunes killer you didn’t know, its called ziepod

ziepodI was looking for a podcast downloader, and an alternative to itunes.  I tried most of them out there but none of them were small in size or easy on resources until I found the ziepod which is free to download.Its a 3 Mb download and runs as fast as the Internet explorer browser. all the user interface looks like the itunes one.But these are the feature that make it itunes killer for me.1. You can group your podcast into folders.2. You can resume downloads which helps on slow connections.3. Its simple to use can also be used as a rss reader too.4. Syncs with ipod I have not tried this feature, I got no ipod.5. You can put the player in four different shapes while using it.6. One button to sweep all the old podcast beyond a certain date.many many more….There are two version free and a paid one, the only difference is you can play video in the player if you pay for paid version. in free you can download video podcast but have to play them in an external player which is what I do.So go ahead and give it a try. ziepod is free and ziepod+ is paid version.ziepod the itunes killer only 3 Mb to download.