Month: January 2008

Mac Book Air will cost you 96000 Rs in india

Mac Book Air costs 96000 Rs in indiaAs i predicted it will come close to 1 lakh. If you thrown in the taxes etc. It will be a 1 lakh laptop. And i think that is 50000 Rs more for this laptop. I would have said go ahead and buy it if it was half of what its being sold for.

I really would like to know how many they will sell in India at that price. I guess some style conscious women would want one but that is way too much even for them. If you want to get apple then throw in a few thousands more and get a macbook pro which cost only 105000 Rs.

I think if i had one of these macbook air laptops i would break it accidentally because its so thin.

Mac Book Air costs 96000 Rs in indiaUpdateThe price was reduced to 87900 Rs. But still way high, if you looking at portability then look into eeepc 1000hWhich has all the spec of MacBook air and is small and gives amazing battery life and costs only 30000 Rs.

75% Bejing olympic tickets not sold still

I really want to go but due to the financial state i am in i can’t. If you wanted to see Olympics and also China this could be the best time to visit the Country. Watching Olympics is one of my 101 things to do in life.

There are many wonderful building coming up just for the event. So hurry up and get your tickets. Hope you have a good time.

Read more here about the tickets not being sold story

Don’t fake your smile infront of me

Here is an interesting test on the bbc uk site. I took the test and got 16 out of 20 correctly. See if you can beat me. So i am good at knowing who is faking smile. So next time we meet don’t put your fake smile on i might detect it.

bbc fake smile quiz

Spot The Fake Smile

Don't fake your smile infront of me

Here is an interesting test on the bbc uk site. I took the test and got 16 out of 20 correctly. See if you can beat me. So i am good at knowing who is faking smile. So next time we meet don’t put your fake smile on i might detect it.

bbc fake smile quiz

Spot The Fake Smile

Secret iphone tricks no one told you about

They are secret because i have not seen them anywhere and i found them by accident while using my iphone.0. Slow motion in videos, if you want to see a video in slow motion. Then open a video go to the part where you want to see it in slow motion and stop the video. Then click and hold on to the forward button for a while and watch as the video plays in slow motion. This comes very hand if you want to see some fast action in slow mo or listen to lyrics slowly in Rap Videos. Also if you are into dancing this will help you learn dance moves by watching them in slow mo.1. Auto Scroll to the top in safari on iphone – When you are reading a long page after you scroll more than a page down the address bar disappears. if you want to get back up you have to scroll back up again or you could use this tip. Just click on the clock on the title bar and safari will scroll automatically to the top of the page reveling the address bar. So you can go to other sites. This is especially useful if you are using my iphone news and Rss feeds page.Iphone tips2. Repeat only one song on iphone – If you are like me. I get obsessed about one song at a time. I listen to it until i get bored of it. So there is a nice feature on iphone where you can repeat one song as long as you want. All you have to do is when a song is playing just click on the repeat icon on the top of the music player. If you click it once more the repeat shows a small 1 symbol. From then on it will repeat the same song until you stop the song.3. Send mutiple photos at the same time on iphone – i use this quite a lot if you want to send photos through email you have to wait until one photo is sent, to start sending another one. You can bypass this by using this tip. Send the photo through email as you usually do, then click home and close the photo application go to photos again and you can send another one without waiting for the first one to finish. You can send as many as you want this way. Once you have sent all the photos you want, just set the phone aside and it will send each one of the photos one by one. I use this feature a lot because it give me photos that are resized and rotated. that way i don’t have to worry about converting them and resizing them on my computer.4. Stop iphone from sleeping when using the installer or installing apps – If you want to save batteries when you are installing apps through installer the best way to do it is. first go to the settings and in general change the auto lock to never and then go back and in brightness option reduce the brightness to the lowest level. That way you can still see what is happening on screen and still save battery. This comes in handy if you are installing big apps like the pocket guitar etc.5. Type dot, comma etc with just one click on iphone. If you want to type dot, comma etc click the shift key and hold it then slide it on to the full stop and let go. this comes quite handy when you are typing mails etc. This works with all the characters on the second screen of the iphone keyboard like numbers special characters etc. This tip i saw written by pogue.Hope you find them useful  if you know any new ones add them in the comments section.

Install software automatically on a formatted computer

InstallpadThe last thing you might want to do after formatting a computer is to go through all the software installs. So here is the simple apps that installs most of the well known open source software automatically. Go here to see what apps it can install. This way you don’t have to waste time installing all the software again.

If you just want to update all the software on your computer, but don’t want to go to each site looking for updates use this program from which is a 100kb download. It will check you computer first and then check the filehippo site for all the updates for the software that are installed on your computer. Which then you can easily download with one click and install.

Simple but quite useful software

i found this site that has many free programs that do simple and useful tasks and don’t need to be installed. Check them out you will find something useful in there.

I regularly use the

autoclip which is a text replacement program.

Clipstep which i use if i have to remember three to four copy and pastes.

Dragking which copies what ever you select and you can assign a key to paste what is copied. Like the middle mouse button etc. This will really come in handy if you do a lot of copy and pasting from one page to the other.

There are plenty of other programs that you might find useful. The best part is all of them are .exe files and need no installation.

Airtel Gprs seems to be very slow

I have a bsnl mobile connection and the gprs connection sees quite fast for browsing.

But many user who come to my site searching in google are airtel customers. I know this because they put airtel in the search. And when i look at the logs i see “airtel gprs problem” or “airtel gprs slow” etc as their search terms. I have been seeing this for quite a while now. Is airtel really slow, by the amount of user i get it seems so.

There is no way for airtel customers to speed up their gprs connection. At least in bsnl you can change the DNS servers and get a good connection.

The other possibility for this is more of airtel users are using gprs. Because i don’t know anyone in my area who uses gprs on their bsnl phone other than me. So that also could be the reason your connection is slow. Many user are using it so it makes airtel slow unlike bsnl.

Hopefully 3G will come to India soon and save us.

Review of Transcend 820 mp4 player

Every day i get so many people coming to my site in search for news about mp4 players so i thought i should review a product that they should buy.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

This player is from transcend and costs 3100 Rs or at least that is the price i paid for it. The spec are

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

2 Gb memory (all real not fake)
FM radio
MTV video player, photos and text reader
Voice recorder
10 hours battery life

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

It comes with 1 year warranty and has 2 Gb of good memory unlike the fake Chinese players, It can be formatted.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

The buttons on the player are a bit squishy apart from that the player works fine. All the features work fine. The menu system is easy to navigate and come with a manual and a software cd in case you need them. It plays the mtv format video, you can convert any video into mtv format by the software they provide.

It comes with good headphones. Which sound very nice.

The fm radio can also be used to record the songs that are being played on the radio. So that you can listen to them later.

The battery seems to be replaceable because you can open the battery compartment but there are wires attached to the battery. So its not as straight forward as mobile battery replacement.

The only complaint i have is, it doesn’t come with an adapter for charging. you can only charge it with usb. but if you spend 50 Rs more you can get an adapter through which you can charge it with regular electric plugs.

You can also hook up some external speakers, if you want to listen out loud. That setup will make it the cheapest portable music player. 3200 Rs for the player 200 Rs for the external speakers that you can get from any vendor and you have nice audio system.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

i think this player is smaller than the ipod nano not is bulk but in size, its not as wide as the ipod nano. For this price i think this player is better than ipod nano. You get 2gb mp3 player, fm radio, voice recording and other extra features.

You can buy the transcend 820 2gb player here for 3100 Rs

Best way to read news and rss feed on iphone

I tried many pages and app’s to read rss feeds and news on iphone. The big problem is most of them i have to log on and create my list of sites i want to read etc. And always there is some compromise. Like i don’t get the whole story or i don’t get pictures etc.

So i made a page for my own use which you too can use to read news and rss feeds etc. i have most of the big names in there. And the best part is its in iphone format.

So go to this site from you iphone and have fun

If you think i missed any links send them my way or comment away and i will add them to the list.

Also another page i made to be used with Firefox.

Bookmark this page into Firefox bookmarks toolbar. Once its bookmarked click on the properties of the particular bookmark and select load in sidebar and enjoy reading rss feeds from there. The best part in both these is there are simple pages that load quickly.

So have fun.

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