Month: June 2008

Spain win Euro 2008 and Football is fun again

Euro 2008 Winners Spain

What a final. The two best teams in the tournament reached the final. Rather than it being a cagey final. It was free flowing with wonderful attacks, passes and defense.

All through the game Germany looked threatening but Spanish midfielder’s had a wonderful game and they completely dominated the Germans. The Spanish had superior attacking and passing skill.

Both the keepers were very good at keeping the game to 1:0. Spain could have easily had three or four goals if not for Lehmann. Similarly Germany’s set pieces were made ineffective due to some good goal keeping by Casillas.

It was a win for the Spanish skill and for the wonderful Game of Football. A final to remember and a fitting one for this wonderful Euro 2008.

Spain V/S Germany in Euro 2008 final

euro2008 final

After watching an exciting tournament. This seem like a fitting finale to end it. Both teams are here because they were brilliant and not because of some lucky strike. So here is my outlook for the final which takes place on June 29th.

Both the team have come from bad situations to win the games. So both the team will not give up that easily.

Here are the strengths of two teams

Germany : Tall, Super stickers in Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Klose and Ballack in some sense. Very good defensively too.

Spain: Innovative and young forwards like Torres, David Silva. And wonderful midfielder’s like Iniesta, Xavi, F├ábregas, Senna and a super keeper in Casillas.

I think this game will have similar result to what Germany did to Portugal. Germany will win it easily with their height and set pieces. Spain will struggle to cope with this due to their weak defense. Germany will not allow Spain to play their free flowing passing game. So Spain will resort to shots from outside the box which they are not good at. This is what they did against Portugal and that is exactly what they will do against Spain and win.

Even though my heart want the Spain to win my head says its Germany.

First Iphone 3G advertisement shows up in India

iphone 3G ads start showing up in India

This morning on the front page of  The Times of India I saw an advertisement for iphone 3G by Vodafone. So it will be vodafone that will be bringing iphone 3G to India and not reliance or airtel etc.

In the ad they ask you to book your iphone, no price for the iphone or the service plan is mentioned. Also this warning is printed below the ad.

Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Some of the features may not work in India.

You can also book for an iphone 3G by going to their website.

Once you book for an iphone you will get a confirmations saying they will keep you updated about the features and prices etc.

Reliance command center

Reliance Communications’ NOC in India

This the command center for reliance communications. If mobile network goes down in any area they are the first to know. Looks really futuristic.

Does any one know how other companies command center look.

Nature is scary and beautiful


I found this photo on yahoo news. First I thought it was photo shopped. But later found a story about the person who actually took the photo. Just amazing.

Should you buy unlocked iphone or wait for 3G one

I recently got a comment asking if he should by an iphone or wait for the 3G iphone to officially launch in India, or buy something else all together.

So here we go.

Iphone 1.0 (old iphone)

iphone 1.oNow you can get these iphone for cheap. But you have to rush to get them, because apple has stopped making them long time back. You can also wait till the 3G iphone launches and most of the older iphone user will sell theirs, so you will get it cheaper if you don’t mind using a second hand device.

The iphone 1.0 has all the things you need. So if you have a smaller budget and want to use it with your current Sim get this iphone. The price I have heard now ranges from 16000 Rs to 25000 Rs.

Iphone 2.0 (New 3G one)

You will have to wait a long time. More than six months at least because the 3G service has not yet launched in India so you can’t use this iphone in India because no 3G service is available.

Secondly it will not be cheap even if you get a cheap phone, you will be paying more for the service. So in the end you will end up paying more for this iphone than the unlocked one.

Most of the new features might not work in India.

3G – No service yet

GPS – Indian government is really cautious in providing permission for maps so I am not sure how well this will be implemented. There could be restrictions that will make it useless.

Price – It will be available for that price but you will end up paying big for the service. The cheapest unlimited gprs plan in India costs 450 Rs. So expect at least 1000 Rs rental plan for 3G.

So if you are willing to wait for few months and don’t mind paying huge service prices then this could be a good buy for you.

Other Phones

LG KE850 Prada Iphone has some serious issues. The big one no cut and paste. If you use your mobile for emailing and other web stuff you will really get annoyed with this very quickly.

The camera is only 2 mega pixel and has no video recording. others have 5 mega pixel and slow motion video recording etc.

There are some other things like no access to file system. No multi task capability, No MMS, No over the air syncing etc. Most of these are present in the new iphone but not sure how well they work in India.

Some of the other phones you should look at are.

Nokia N95 – 5 MP camera, GPS, no touch screen
Samsung F700 –  3.0 MP camera, touch-screen and Wi-Fi
LG KU990 Viewty – 5.0 MP camera, touch-screen
LG KE850 Prada – 2 MP camera, touch screen
HTC Touch – 2 MP camera, touch screen

My conclusion is iphone works really well but you have to really put some effort into it. Like putting all your music into itunes and contacts and calendars into outlook etc. Then it works flawlessly, if you don’t have time for that, buy the other phones where you could just throw some stuff into memory card and they will work. And you can find applications online to do anything you want with other phones. Where as iphone has its big limitations.

Wonderful site for business listings in Indian cities

I am now regularly using this site for all my business searches. If I want to get listings of restaurants that do home delivery or movie rentals, movie tickets, books or any other shop or business listing I need.

They have all the listings and the best part is you can put in a place near you and it will show the business listing in that area. Which is a great help.

Once you find the address you are looking for just click a link and provide you mobile phone and they will sms that address to you. So no need to write the address down either which is really nice. The site I am talking about is justdial.

Hacks for mobiles for free usage

mobiles I recently got a comment on my blog about tips and tricks to hack mobiles which will let people get free sms or gprs or even free talk time from all the major providers. But the site mentioned in the comments was password protected and the person wanted you to recharge his phone to get username and passwords to get into the site.

Seriously this is the guy who will provide you free sms or gprs or even talk time but he himself asks for recharges from people.

I strongly advice people not to fall for these tricks even if they have some hacks be very careful using them.

The mobile service providers ask all the details like address proof and photos for a reason. And don’t forget they have all these details about you. And its very easy for them to track you down and make you pay.

So don’t try these unless you really want to get into trouble.

Over 8 lakh aspirants for Infy jobs in 2007-08

For 43000 Jobs 8 lakh people applied at infosys. That’s 18 people for every job. I know that sounds not that bad. But most of the high level jobs have very little competition. The smaller jobs for fresher’s might have had huge competition where it would have been more like 500 for 1 job or something like that.

Its not bad when you take into account the number of candidates passing out of IT courses every year in India.

Read more here about the Infosys jobs

They have a huge training facility at mysore which can train 13,000 graduates at a time, with about 500 faculty rooms and 10,300 residential rooms.

Wonder how long this boom will continue, how much longer can they keep this up.

Pavun Crizpee finger chips

IMG_0476 Look I am always on the look out for new snacks so was really interested to taste the finger chips from Pavun. You can see from the picture I have put a few pieces of finger chips on top of the pack to compare it with the product inside. It looks the same but they are very small so its hard to call them finder chips. The also seem curved which is odd.

Taste Its tasteless, I really didn’t expect that. No salt no nothing it was like eating something that is crisp and that’s it. I was disappointed.

Price 5 Rs but not worth it.

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