Month: September 2008

Airtel sms codes to check bills

Airtel offers variety of way to check you bills. Here are the SMS codes.

Sms "BILL" to 121 for your last month bill and your current bill amount.

Sms "CL" to 121 to know your credit limit. Works for post paid accounts. It show you how much credit Airtel is giving you.

Sms "UNB" to 121 to know the unbilled amount per month.


Call *225# to know your balance and expiry date.

Call *369# to know the balance and expiry date.


Dial *102# to know last call charges.

Dial *123# to know your balance.

If you know other codes even for other mobile operators like bsnl and reliance etc comment away.

Forget about browsing from Saturday to Monday

I have been noticing this for the last few months. I can’t use Internet at decent speeds during Saturdays up to Monday. This problem is not with one company or one type of connection. Broadband, wireless Internet and even GPRS on mobiles all have same issued. All of them go down to half their speeds during the weekends.

I think all these companies are slowing their connections down intentionally. They have so many offers like free on weekends etc that they can’t keep up with the customer demand. Then why do they sell so many connections.

It takes until Monday afternoon to get any decent speed once again. Airtel is the big one I have noticed that has this problem, even bsnl struggles to keep up with the demand.

Do you notice this or am I the only one facing this issue.

How to improve safari on iphone

Safari browser on iPhone is the best damn browser out there on any mobile. So is there something more to improve.

Not much but here is what I think apple should change to improve safari in iPhone. It’s not like they will allow other browsers, so hope some one at apple takes these into consideration.

The big change I want is full screen but I think apple will not do that because it could confuse people. So the best thing they could do is to make the task bar and the address bars disappear after the page loads or once the user clicks the stop button that way users get more screen space to see the webpage. Similar to how the video play back works. You see the controls only when you want them.

At the moment the address bar disappears once you scroll down the page but the status bar stays on wasting the valuable space.

How apple missed this in the first place is not quite obvious. It’s a small change and will give the user full screen mode without much change.

Apple already offers option to change the search engines. So why not a bookmark sync, why not parter with delicious or even google or yahoo bookmarks and offer a way to sync bookmarks. They also could roll their own free bookmark sync. I know they do it with mobile me. What I am talking about is only bookmark syncing.

The last thing is plugins. You don’t have to let others plugin, I didn’t want to see yahoo or google toolbars what I am taking about is plugins to play mp3, and other file formats. Just support the main one and I would be happy. Like .avi, mp4 etc.

I can already do this with dtunes on jailbroken iPhone. So it can be done and it’s not that hard.

Hope they take some of these suggestions into consideration. Comment away if you like to see any other changes.

Get unlimited data usage on your iphone in India

If you are willing to pay 1200 Rs per month you can get unlimited data usage on your iphone with Airtel sim.

This is not a hack or a trick. You are paying for their highest data card plan and using it.

Here is what happened, I bought a data card from Airtel with unlimited data plan for which they charge 1200 Rs. I bought this with a USB modem so I am not sure if you can get just the sim, I think you can.

Soon after that I got broadband so I didn’t need this Airtel connection. But rather than canceling the connection I removed the sim from the USB modem and put it in my iphone. So now I can use unlimited data with an Airtel sim.

I know 1200 Rs per month is pricey but you get very good speeds a lot faster than bsnl. I get speeds of 91 Kbps. I have a photo of the speed test too. The best part is I can use you tube and watch videos do chatting listen to radio now matter where I am. I can even use the same sim for calling too, prices are standard with any other mobiles.

I used it on a 1st generation iphone 2g (jail broken iphone), it should work with the new iphone too. Do comment if this also works on iphone 3G.

In fact I wrote this whole blog post from my iphone using word press app. And Airtel sim to upload it to the blog.

The best thing about using this Airtel sim is that you can use it even when roaming. Do unlimited data anywhere in India.

This would work with others phones too. But if you have not done it yet just get a demo of browsing on iphone and you will not go back to other phones.

Tether iphone to pc or use iphone as a modem

Tether iphone to computer and use the GPRS on iphone to get on the Internet.

Things you need.

1.Jail broken iphone
2.Unlimited GPRS account even regular ones work but unlimited is preferred.
3.A computer with wifi connection.
The iphone and the computer should have same Wifi standards. My laptop was wifi g.

If you have all the things mentioned above then go to cydia installer on your iphone and install a app called pdanet. One you install the app.

Go to your computer and create a ad hoc wifi connection by going into connect to option in vista or network settings on Xp.

Once you create the wifi ad hoc connection. Go to your iphone and turn on wifi and you should see the connection you just made. Select the connection to connect. Once it’s connected open the pdanet app and just turn on the wifi switch at the bottom. And start using Internet on your computer, this app show the computer name Mac address and the transfer speeds.

Just turn of the display by clicking the power button on your iphone and enjoy the internet.

It’s as easy as that.

One more thing don’t use this for hours on end because the iphone can get hot pretty quickly. So keep checking the iphone by touching the iphone. If it’s really hot disconnect it and use it after a while.

I tried it with vista and Airtel sim. Airtel needs no settings just put the sim in the iphone and GPRS works, which is cool. It even works on my 2g or first gen iphone.

New Iphone apps Rss feed

Pinch media has the Rss feeds of iphone apps. Which is really cool for tech freak like me. I have put this on my iphone rss page. So you too can get new and updated app info without opening itunes.

Go here for the Iphone Apps Rss Feed

64 GB Jet Flash usb drive for 9800 Rs

JetFlash V20 64 GB Jet flash just launched usb drive in India with 64 Gb at a staggering price of 9800 Rs. I am putting up this post so that I can check a year later and see how much money I saved by not buying this.

By the way if you are looking for a usb drive get a 8 Gb Usb drive, which they are selling for 1200 Rs is a good buy. Few months back it was around 3000 Rs.

Read more about the 64 GB usb drive here

Google phone launches and its called G1

G1 Android phone

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have known about the G1. Google’s first android phone.

Here is engadget first look, Mossberg’s review and Google’s own press release.

Here is my review even though I don’t have it in my hand from the videos and other review this is what I think about G1.

Hard disk space : 1 Gb onboard and can be expanded with memory card which is bad. Iphone comes with 8 GB at the low end so they should have aimed few Gigs more than that. That is seriously an issue for a device that wants to become a smart phone.

No Video play back or No native video recorder. Hopefully some one will develop apps for that, but they should come with the Android by default.

No head phone jack that’s really a bad miss.

And a 1 GB limit on the data usage on 3G network (and we thought iphone had issues with data usage), you have to be kidding me.

If you can look past those issue you will get a phone that is open source and will have a open market place for apps.

Android is cool but way too many ways to navigate. With keyboard, the joy stick, touch screen. And no standards for buttons or ui. So only geeks will love it and use it unlike the iphone which can be easily used by a novice.

So it’s not just the device the UI also has issue. Now I know why apple didn’t put a keyboard on iphone. There is no way to make it look cool and still keep clean ui and user experience.

In India these phones will take time to come and will cost upwards of 30000 Rs because that’s what most of the high end HTC phones cost in India at the moment.

My advice is wait for a better device, and give android time to make improvements. Google always makes things better with updates like gmail, docs, calendars etc. So hope android will also get better with both devices and the operating system in few months time.

Until then get an iphone and have fun.

World’s first Android-powered phone’s Official site

Get an itunes account without a credit card

I don’t have a credit card but I have an iphone and want to download apps from itunes. Only the free iphone apps by the way so I don’t need to pay. But itunes doesn’t allow you to create an account without credit cards. So here is a simple work around.

Here is how to create itunes account without credit card

I wish apple would allow people who just want free apps to create an account with just name and other details.

I tried it and it worked fine for me. Now I can enjoy the free iphone apps.

Delhi marathon ad make you want to run

Have you seen the Delhi marathon ad that are being shown on TV. They really are beautifully and make you want to run. Why can’t other products make such beautiful ad’s. Even the voice over is brilliant. Hope others make such beautiful and thoughtful ad’s.

Even the previous years ad was good.

Hopefully I will be running and get healthy by the time Delhi marathon begins. Get more details about the marathon here which is on November 9th

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