Month: October 2008

Sathyam Cinema the entertainment paradise

sathyam_cinema Sathyam cinema was the best place to watch movies in Chennai. Now they have gone ahead and made it even more better by adding a gaming section. The 4,5,6 floors at Sathyam cinema now offer gaming arcade called Blur. They have a pc gaming section a console gaming section and an arcade gaming section. They even have a two lane bowling alley and restaurant and a snack bar too.

You have to register by paying 100 Rs and you get a blur card with 80 Rs which you can use. Here are the charges.

Pc gaming 1 hour 60 Rs
Consoles 1 hour 60 Rs
Arcade depends upon each game
Bowling 100 Rs per game

Weekends the prices go up a little higher.

On pc you can play all the latest games like crysis, call of duty etc.

On wii they offer Mario cart wii sports and other games

On Xbox 360 and Ps 3 they offer all the latest games like fifa 09, gears of wars etc.

They have some cool arcade games that I have not seen anywhere else. They have about 30 or so arcade gaming systems.

If you have not seen or played wii this could be the best way to give it a try. You can play with your buddy in a two player game.

If you don’t want to play for 1 hour you can stop when ever you want and continue that later when you have time. You can carry on balance for up to one month.

They even have special deals like 300 Rs for unlimited gaming for one day that’s for consoles only not arcade.

The snack bars too offer some very cool stuff to eat which you can order as you are playing and they will bring them to you.

And the friendly staff are more than willing to help you.

All in all a very good place to spend some time with friends. And best way to try out all the gaming consoles.

There is no way you can offered all three of them so this could be the way you try the other systems.

Try and avoid weekends if you don’t like crowds. They don’t allow taking pictures which is a shame because it could bring such publicity. Even though they have hoardings at the theatre. Lack of advertising of their gaming arcade is surprising.

I only came to know about it because I visit their website to book tickets. Its also quite surprising how many people still buy tickets at the counter. That too is not promoted well enough.

You can book tickets to Sathyam theater in Chennai here

iphone app cooliris and a trick to make it useful

cooliris_app(1) I found this free app called cooliris. Which lets you browse Google images site in a really cool way. You can put a search term and do a search and it will bring you only the pictures in a beautiful way with all the iphone touch controls like pinch and flick to see next image.

But once you find a nice image you can only email it. You can’t set it as a wallpaper. So here is a simple trick to make this app really useful. Once you find the picture you want, tap it once and it will show a small preview, tap it once more and it will fill the iphone screen. Once it does just take a screenshot by pressing iphone home button and power button at once.

cooliris_app(2) cooliris_app(3)

Now just go to your photos on iphone and you will find the photo that you searched for there and you can set as a wall paper, email or even blog it from there.

Very nice app, and what’s the first things I search for girls of course.

Oh by the way it can also search flickr, smugmug, devianart, yahoo etc.

iPhone headphone where can I find one


Recently my iphone headphones got damaged after long and rigorous use of more than 6 months. So I decided to get new ones but the official once cost a fortune around 1500 Rs. So I thought I would get a better deal and looked in eBay and found head phone for 250 Rs. I bought two sets of them just in case.

On arrival one would not fit into iphone so I had to do a little hackery with a blade and it got in. But it didn’t have the small thingy that the official ones have with which I could take calls and end calls and also stop music and start music etc.

The other one had the thingy and it worked for one day, from the next day the button started stopping music and starting music when my shirt would flick against it. Some times for no reason at all.

Within a week both of them stopped working. So now I am on the search for a good pair of head phones. Since I am going to spend money, I am looking at Bluetooth headphone that work with iphone. But strangely they are now where to find. No shops are selling, all are selling these cheap head phones.

Apple why don’t you have apple stores in India yet. I will update on how my search goes on and what I buy.

Wireless mouse never buy them cheap

Wireless Logitech Mouse This is my second article on why not buy things cheaply.

For the last two years I been trying out wireless mouse’s out. I thought paying 1000 Rs for a mouse was absurd and went with 300 and 500 Rs ones that I found on eBay and India times shopping site.

Both of them didn’t work well. Even when they did work they would be very slow and I have to activate the wireless connection every time I turn on my computer which was a pain even on a laptop where I could easy get to usb.

Finally I gave up and used wired mouse.

Recently I decided to give the wireless mouse one last try this time I thought I will go high end and spend some money. I wanted to get Microsoft ones but they cost too much around 3000 Rs or so.

So I bought Logitech ones at 1200 Rs. It works flawless on my vista machine I don’t have to setup anything or sync their wireless connection etc. I use rechargeable batteries and it last more than 10 days with heavy use. Once you use wireless mouse you will never go back to wired ones.

Wireless Logitech Mouse The Logitech one I bought also came with a software that I can use to add special functions. My mouse had four way scrolling so I used the horizontal scrolling wheel for copy and paste. When I select something and tilt it to the left it copies, when I tilt the scroll wheel to the right it pastes. Once you put these short cuts you will see how easy windows is, now more key combos to copy and paste.

The software you need for adding these special functions is called set point and is available for free on Logitech site and also comes with the mouse on a cd.

So when you go to buy a wireless mouse spend a little more and get a good one and don’t buy the cheap one that are being sold for 500 Rs they don’t work.

dtunes makes iPhone a real good iPod

image1294603455.jpgIf you have a jail broken iPhone you should try the dtunes app. Which can transform your iPhone into a really good iPod. Once you install this app you can download any mp3 that you can find with safari and save it to the iPhone and listen to it when ever you want.

You say what’s so special about that. This app comes built in with a nice interface for a site called seekpod. Seekpod brings all the mp3 files from around the internet to the iPhone in a iPhone friendly site. You can search and find any music you want and download it and listen to it when ever you want once downloaded. You can also type in other urls and download from there too. For bollywood music just type

It also allows you to download videos from tinytube or you can even put your own URL.

This app makes iPhone a really good iPod because you can listen to any music you want where ever you want.

You can find it on cydia on jail broken iPhone.

Tata Sky ups the ante with first dish DVR


Tata sky has just launched the Tata Sky plus which they are saying will record live TV like a TiVo. It can even record one program while you watch another. You can also schedule recordings.

Which will be great for me because I like to watch Spanish football matches at 2:00 am this way I can record the match and watch it, next morning.

They are promising around 45 hours of recording capability with their new set top box called Tata sky plus. This box at the moment costs around 9000 Rs.

They are promising a special offer for the existing Tata sky subscribers pretty soon.

This put Tata sky in the lead. If they can bring this set top box to the market at 4000 Rs they could have almost all the dish market.

This brings TiVo functionality to India, and for the foreseeable future this seems to be the only way to get TiVo functionality. Because the cable guys don’t even offer program guide which is essential for recording TV.

iphones and train stations

I was on tour recently and I am not sure if you are aware of this peculiar problem that train stations have with mobile phones.

If you switch off a old Nokia phone in a train station, you have to turn it on in that train station otherwise the mobile will not work. You have to take it to repair where they have to reflash the firmware to get it working again.

This is a big problem with the old phones, the brick like Nokia phones that you can find still being sold for 900 Rs etc.

So I was curious to see how the iphone would work. Most of the train journey I was switching the iphone into airplane mode to save battery.

But when I switched back on it just kept on searching for the network and couldn’t detect. I was a bit scared and then realized this is a computer and what fixes most problems on a computer, restart and I did a restart and my phone was working normally again.

So if you switch off an iphone in a train station and turn it on somewhere else and don’t get a network, just restart your iphone and it will detect the network.

I was using airtel sim by the way. i got the datacard sim with unlimited data usage which cost 1200 Rs per month so i could use Internet even when i was roaming.

Steve Jobs and Apple pay price for having fan boys

There were reports that Steve Jobs suffered an heart attack recently according to an ireporter. I don’t think this is the kind of news the stock market wants to hear generally and especially at this point of time. Even the apple stock is struggling to keep up with all the rumors and news.

Recently Steve jobs health was reported about in a big way after a lot of rumors, and also after his appearance at recent events.

Apple is going to pay in a big way for their fan boy culture. Even though it helps the company sell products, it also makes a big deal even about the smallest news, problems etc. So it’s a double edged sword for apple they have to find a real way to deal with it or face huge problems.

They have already made apple keynotes dull. What’s next will they make apple dull.

Hope not Steve deal with the fan boys soon or suffer because of them.

It’s not always a good thing to have fan boy.