Month: November 2008

Cool iphone timer feature in 2.2 firmware

I am not sure if this is a new feature or not. But this is the first time I have noticed it.

If you look in the clock app of the iphone in the timer feature, if you select the option to set the ring tone now there is a option to put to "sleep ipod".

iphone_timer1 iphone_timer

Which means you stop the music after a certain time. This is a cool feature I was searching for in other app’s. Once you set timer the music is stopped without any warnings or beeps.

Now I can put the iphone on 15 min timer and sleep. After 15 min the iphone timer will stop the music and I can dream on.

I didn’t see this feature mentioned any where else that is the reason for writing this post.

Unlock and upgrade your iphone to 2.2


I did it just now. And it went smoothly.

Here are the links you will need to get things going.

First the iphone dev team have with in a day after the official release of the iphone firmware have released a software to jailbreak and unlock the iphone.

Go here for the software and to know what you need to do to jail brake your iphone.

Once you download the software from iphone dev team. Which is around 16 Mb, you will need the actual 2.2 firmware from apple.

Go here to get the direct links to the iphone firmware which you can use to download using any download manager for fast downloads.

The 2.2 firmware is 250 Mb download.

Using itunes restore you iphone. Select the shift key on your keyboard and click the restore button in itunes. And itunes will ask you to select the firmware. Select the firmware you just downloaded and it will do the rest.

Once iphone reboots it will be updated but locked, to unlock and jail brake read on.

Run quickpwn it will ask for the firmware, point to it and then it will ask you what installer you want to use and also give you the unlock option.

The it will ask you for the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders which you can download from here, they are very small downloads. Once you select both the files quickpwn does the rest.

And you should have a jail broken and unlocked iphone. If itunes gives error in restoring, just select it as a new iphone and it should work fine.

Thank you iphone dev team for such a simple program and thank you Apple for such a cool iphone.

Reincarnation of Buddha

Saw this photo on Yahoo News site you can see more pictures there of him blessing people and talking etc.

new_buddha Ram Bahadur Bamjan, right, believed to be the reincarnation of Buddha, looks on as devotees come to seek his blessings, in Nijgadh town, about 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of Katmandu, Nepal, Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008. Bamjan, 18, has re-emerged from the jungle in southern Nepal, attracting thousands of devotees, officials said Tuesday. After retreating into the jungle for more than a year, he re-emerged Monday.

Very interesting…

What to do about computing

I am looking for a computer, I want one that will be reliable and work for more than a year without any issues.

Should I go for a desktop or a laptop.

My laptop is showing problems, how convenient just after its out of warranty it starts showing issues. I don’t trust it anymore because I don’t know when it will break down again. Its definitely a hardware issue. I don’t want to get stuck with all my data on it. I save most of my stuff on the pen drive, but still I don’t want to setup all my work process again.

Is laptop or a computer a good buy, both of them have negatives. I will lay them out here for you, hope they will help you in making a decision, when it comes time for you to buy a computing device.

eeepc_buy I even have a eeepc but I seriously can’t think of it while working. If I just had to do blogging or browsing some stuff  or watch you tube etc. I might have considered it but for serious computing needs eeepc is not good enough. Even though you can get a bigger screen resolution and a bigger hard drive its still not good enough for serious computing needs. They are even claiming 8 hours battery life. But still I can’t bring myself to buy one as my laptop replacement.

So what about desktops. They are cheap and for 15000 Rs you can get a decent computer assembled. But the freedom of not being able to take it where I want is a real issue for me. If I didn’t have to move, this could have been the best choice. I would be seriously considering this option if money was an issue. Even getting two computers would be cheaper than buying another laptop. So I should seriously consider this as an option. I can always take my data with me on a 16 gig pen drives, that are available now for around 1200 Rs. If money is not an issue you can get cool desktops like imac and hp touch smart PC which cost more but they are all in one desktops.



But my big problem is I am becoming an apple junkie, I want a macbook. But they are so highly priced in India that, it costs around 75000 Rs to get the new macbook’s where as in USA you can get them for around 50000 Rs. You can get a 56000 Rs macbook but that is not the new one. Should I pay the higher price to get a quality product. You wouldn’t believe the time I spend in scanning for virus on my windows computer. Even with a firewall and an anti virus program, virus still gets into my computer. So mac OS is really an interesting alternative for me. But the prices are so high. I can get three decent desktops or two very good laptops for that price.

So if you have anyone overseas then ask them to get one for you if you want an apple laptop. Buying them in India is really stupid. Why can’t apple subsidize for Indian market, if they lower their prices they could have a big market share in India.


I could get a new laptop, you can get nice ones for a lot cheaper now. but I don’t want to spend another 30000 Rs or so again. This time I want my Laptop to last at least two to three years.

So I am not sure what to do…

The new Macbook is really tempting. If I buy it I will put a review on the site. print your digital photos online

imageI was looking for a site to get my digital photos printed. I heard of zoomin and thought I will give them a try. using their service is pretty simple. Just go to the website and create an account. Once done upload your pictures and just print them. You can choose any size for a photo or get all the photos in the same size. 4×8 is what I got my photos printed, they are charging 4 Rs per photos. I got 100 photos printed for 450 Rs or so including shipping.

Zoomin main pageI enquired about the price outside in a photo studio. They said it will cost 180 Rs to get a roll developed. That is 32 photos which comes to 5 Rs, which is costlier than the zoomin guys. The best part is you pay them online and forget about it and in a two days time the photo come to you in courier. They promise same day deliver in cities. No more going to drop the photos and picking them up again etc. When I received the package, it had the albums in them and also a paper photo stand for one photo which is a nice touch.

And the quality was also really good. you can even choose different type of finishes when you buy online.

Zoomin order pageThey even advice you how big you can go with your photos. When you go for a bigger size, if the photo is small they warn you not to print it at that size.

You can get t-shirts and coffee mugs, calendar etc printed with your photos. Even greetings can be printed with your photos which I will be using this new year. The price is a bit high for these stuff but I guess they are premium stuff.

Zoomin photo uploading pageThis is the best way to get digital photos printed in India at the moment. No worry or hassle, they have apps to upload photos to their site and even their online uploading works really well. I uploaded around 100 photos of 52 mb in 15 minutes or so. Which is really fast and easy.

They even had an offer so I got a 2 GB pen drive free. So give this a try a very nice service to get your photos printed in India at very reasonable price.

Things I would like them to improve

Offer laminated photo frames or other frame options. Also put a illustration that show the different photo sizes you offer. Its not like all are photographers and understand how big a 4×8 size would be. Why not put a faq that would show how big a photo would be with real objects. like a 4X8 size photo would be as big as a postcard etc. If you can do a pictorial comparison it would be easier for people to order and also this will encourage them to get bigger prints. rather than saying 16X12 if you say as 40 inch TV etc it would be easier for non photo experts to understand.

All in a very neat service which I will be using quite often.

Quantum of solace movie review

image1475110217.jpgNew bond movie is here. It’s an interesting one with more brutal fights and some good action. The story continues from where it was left off in the last movie. It’s bonds time to take revenge now, and he does that with style and brutality that only the new bond is capable of. I like how the bad guys are rooted in reality and not in fantasy like other movies like snow castles etc. This makes it even more interesting. Like everything in bond movies the bond girls have also changed. They are not drop dead gorgeous like previous movies they have more substance to them. All in all a fun entertainer and the new bond Daniel Craig is really getting better and better with each movie.

So it’s worth a watch.