Month: July 2009

Akshay earns 65 crores more than Tendulkar


I was really surprised to see that Akshay Kumar is the highest payer of income tax among actors. I would have thought Shahrukh khan would be the one.

He pays 31 crores of income tax. So i was curious to see how much he is earning. After using the calculator on the income tax website. I came to conclusion that he earns 90 crores per year. That’s a huge sum of money for a really hard working actor.

In comparison Sachin Tendulkar only earn around 25 crores every year and pays tax of 8 crores. People were saying that Cricketers are richer than actors. This proves that is not the case.

Top 10 income tax payers among actorsand Cricketers.

Proof reading what you write

imac text to speech feature

Like many internet users, i too am not good at proof reading what i write in emails, blog etc.

Even when i read what i write, i will miss the most obvious mistakes because i am reading it.

So how to solve this common problem, here is a cool trick i use to proof read what i write in my blog, emails etc.

There is a nice feature in mac that lets you text to speech any text you select. So once i finish writing something i just select the text and make the computer read it. This way i can catch the mistakes easily.

I have even added a shortcut for this feature its cmd+shift+s (speak). Now once i am done i just press these keys and mac starts reading what i have written. Then i correct the mistakes and post it online.

Hope this tip will help you in writing more online without mistakes.

Aircel is my new mobile provider

Aircel recently came to our city Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. They have some unbelievable offers.

Here are some of the reasons i shifted to Aircel from Airtel.

1. No roaming charges in south India for states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

2. Triple the recharge amount. For example if i recharge for 300 Rs i will get 900 Rs, talk time of 300 Rs for std calls and 600 Rs for local calls. The calling charges are as per other carriers 1 rupee per minutes. This could be an introductory offer but still nice.

This is the big one for me

3. 98 Rs for unlimited internet for 30 days  or one month.

This is the cheapest rate any carrier is offering for unlimited for one month. Airtel were offering for some time but they have stopped unlimited offerings all together.

So i have changed my Sim to Aircel and its working perfectly with my iphone.

Here are some the things you should know about using it on iphone.

Gprs Settings for Aircel on Iphone

You have to put in the gprs settings for the internet to work. To do that on iphone go to settings-general-network-cellular data network and there type APN as “aircelgprs”. Leave the user name and passwords as blank.

And it will start working, if it doesn’t restart your phone and try again.

Other numbers of Aircel

To check balance type *125#

To get more detailed call report dial 123

To get to the call center dial 121

So far loving the service, the gprs speeds are on par with other providers. I was going to get Bsnl 3G Sim but they are charging nearly 3000 Rs for unlimited usage. So for now i will stick with Aircel.

Touch screen phones for every budget

I am an iphone user and i am loving it.I know many can’t afford iphone in India. So here are other touch phones that are a but easier on the wallet that are available in India.Even though none of the are as good as the iphone, they are still better than non touch screen phones.The cheapest one starts at around 6500 Rs and is called Ray T65 and look really interesting.Read this to know more about Touch screen phones for every budget with their prices & features

Longest flyover in India is in Hyderabad

This flyover will connect Airport to the city of Hyderabad.

Its about to be completed at cost of 490 crores. That’s a lot of money for a small stretch of road, hopefully it will help traffic congestion in the city.

I am proud that its in my state.

Is Stig the German F1 driving legend

In the recent episode of Top Gear they revealed that stig was the German F1 driving legend Michael Schumacher. But at the end of the episode they even made remarks saying that it may not be him.It would be very cool if it really was Michael Schumacher.Here is a wonderful clip from top gear of an American driving talent called Ken Block.

I wish i could drive like that.

Ndtv and Cnbc you guys suck

News is not what i am talking about, that’s another blog post altogether.What i am talking about is your Tech shows like Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Tech Toys etc.I really want to find out about the price of gadgets and what is happening in tech industry in India.Your shows suck at showing that information. All you have is guys who talk about anything but gadgets. Finally when they show the gadgets its like a commercial its over before you see it. They have four host to show a 20 minutes program, in that two girls.Thank god for tata sky plus now i fast forward most of the show, like their introduction jokes etc. Out of a 21 minutes show i watch around 5 minutes of content.Then there are show that are like infomercials. On cell guru there is a Nokia n96 widget section that i don’t understand the point of. And for the host of Cell guru you are on Tv man fix yourself up.Even i can do better than this, if Tv guys are reading this give me a call.Until then watching web for my gadget news.

Stop imitating iphone please

I have seen one after the other take the iphone challenger label and fall by the way side. Its really sad to see how bad they are.I have used most of them and i will explain how each one falls by the way side.Nokia came up with Nokia music express which looked cool and everything but it has the same windows mobile problem. The interface was not designed for touch input. The have put a pretty layer on top of symbian and it doesn’t work that well.The scrolling is not smooth and the rotation doesn’t work well. Even the new interface looks like it was made for stylus use and not a finger use. Its so bad that it comes with a stylus to use.The next one is Samsung 3GLess i say is better about this phone. Some time a feature can be the problem of the phone. The sidebar which gets activated by just a click anywhere on the screen its a bad idea. The touch interface is either too sensitive at times and some times not sensitive enough.There is no way to disable the sidebar so every time you move from one scree to another you end up put more widgets on to the desktop. You will end up more time cleaning the screen of widgets than actually using them.Most of the widgets are pretty use less they are shortcuts for web sites.Now the phones interface, scrolling some times works and some times doesn’t. The have a photo zoom feature similar to iphone. But it takes 10 times more time to get the photo to zoom on the samsung star 3G. They also have a wonky way to zoom. You have to keep a finger pressed on the screen and move it upwards to zoom. Which is really ugly to use and it takes ages to recognize the finger and start zooming.These are the two i used, there are plenty more that are giving touch interface a bad name. So why are all these companies still imitating iphone. Stop trying to imitate and start doing something new.Things have to reinvented from bottom up and not the other way around.Palm tried something similar but they never were known for their media capabilities. So don’t expect a music and video phone like the iphone from them no matter how good they get.Same goes for Android, its a phone for geeks not casual users.So what is the future of iphone challengers, only good one i can think of is Microsoft windows mobile. Their next version of the windows mobile will be really different and mainly touch oriented.After looking at windows 7 i am really hoping it will give iphone something to fight against.So the best thing for other phone companies to realize is forget touch apple, has that in their pockets already.Aim for the next big thing and start innovating.