Month: August 2009

Love Aaj Kal movie review

loveaajkalA interesting take on Love of this generation. Movie is very well made with a casual look and feel. Saif feels at home in the role as a boy friend for Deepika. I was not a big fan of Deepika before this movie. But after watching this movie i am liking her as a actress. Rishi kapoor also plays an improtant role in this movie. He seems to be there in every movie i am wathcing now.Story of the movie is about two couple who fall in love. But their careers come in the way and they happily break off their relationship. They realize how into each other they were after their break up and come together in the end. In between Rishi kapoors side story offers the inspiration for the two to get back, and to see true Love.This is the second best of Saif i have seen the first one was Dil Chahta Hai.I would have liked a bit more of the old stuff, but a good movie none the less. All the songs are also wonderful.

Samsung Hdtv power board problem

Samsung HDTV

A year back we bought a Samsung 40 inch HDTV.

Recently it had a problem where it would not turn on. The power light would come on the TV but the screen would not turn on. Luckily it was a week left in the one year warranty.

I did some googling about the issue and found that these Samsung HDTV had a power board problem.

We had to take to the service center and they had to keep the Tv for three days. After which they fixed it.

I am writing this post to let you know these things.

1. HDTV’s cannot be fixed by local Tv repair guys. There is not much to fix in them you just have to replace the boards inside the Tv which can only be done at a service center and that too takes time because they have to specially order boards for your particular Tv.

2. Don’t throw the box that these Tv’s come with, its quite handy to take them with the box.

3. Don’t expect your Tv to get fixed immeditely it will take time.

I am glad my Tv got its problem during the warranty period otherwise i would have had to pay big money.

Tata Sky seems to be winning the DTH race


It might seem like too early to call this but so far Tata Sky is offering what no one else is offering and their customer service and recharging facilities etc are really fabulous.

I started my DTH experience with Dish Tv, but recently moved to tata sky for their Tata SKy+ service. Which lets you record live tv and nearly for 30 hours or so! And that too two shows at once, more about it in my review later.

Dish TV narrows Q1 loss to Rs 692 million – that’s a pretty big loss when you see that its cut throat competition in DTH now.

Tata Sky crosses 4 million subscribers – In the same time Tata Sky has taken in 4 million user with their super service and easy recharge options. Users will not leave them unless they do something really bad.

Airtel Digital TV mops up one million subscribers – Airtel is offering so many freebies it’s no wonder people are jumping on them too. They are even offering free mobile talk time for DTH customers.

Its good to see this much healthy competition in the DTH market. Then next big winner will be who ever brings HDTV DTH boxes to India first. There are lot of HDTV’s with no HDTV content. People who are paying in excess of 50000 Rs for their HDTV’s will be more than happy to spend 10000 Rs on an HDTV box. So please bring it already.

August 6th 2009

A nice free file sharing program for nokia that works on mac and pc’s

Windows 7 review looks good, even though the speeds are not stunning

But so far from what I have seen, there are plenty of nice changes to the UI that make it really a good operating system to upgrade and use. Not as hardware hungry as Vista was.

7 habits of highly creative people, i don’t agree with most of them.

iPhone Toggle Switches for forms on websites, this would make it a lot easier.

s1000pj Nikon's new digital camera comes with a projector

Nikon’s new digital camera comes with a projector.

Real Madrid done with their signings

Real Madrid went on a big spending spree this season.

Real Madrid New Players

They bought Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United . Kaka from Milan and Benzema from Lyon. They say they made their last signing with Xabi Alonso.

They will be selling some players to get some money back.

All the three Dutch players are expted to be gone. I hope Huntelaar doesn’t go to other clubs.

This is how the team look now.

King of Real Madrid

This makes for a exciting team for the coming season which will begin on Aug 30 with a match against Deportivo.

Read more about real madrid transfers.

New phones you should watch out for

Iphone is perfect but i need something more. I am looking at some new phones these are the one on my wish list now. Keep reading the blog and you will know which one i will pick.

HTC Hero


Its and andriod phone with HTC’s own customization.

So far from all the videos i have seen of it, i am loving it.

Go here for the spec of HTC Hero

It is expected to be priced around 30000 Rs in India when it launches.

LG BL40 (Chocolate)


This is the new chocolate phone from LG. Its looks really amazing in design and ui. Watch the official teaser of this phone from LG.

G BL40 Chocolate will run on the latest S-Class interface, sporting an extraordinary 4″ touchscreen display with cinema aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 800×345 pixels. With a waistline of only 10.9mm, the LG BL40 will also have a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G support.

Go here for the spec of LG BL40

No launch date has been set so far but it will also be priced around the 30000 Rs mark.

Palm Pre

This is palm’s answer to iphone. It has a wonderful operating system and design. But the multimedia capabilities are the one that are bothering me a bit. But i love the design of the phone and the ui.

Go here for the spec of Palm Pre

It will also be priced around 30000 Rs.

Mobile phone scene has never been this interesting.