Month: October 2009

Space Mission From the Last 50 Years on Map?


Here a beautiful visualization of space mission conducted for the last 50 years. This should be the image they should be taking to get funding for space programs. Look at the space crafts that were launched in 1950 and 1960. It would have been costly at that time, but they are such useful things to do for the advancement of human race.

Hope images like this will keep the funding coming and we will have a good space program.

Download this photo for yourself, it would make a lovely wallpaper.

Ever Wonder What Every Space Mission From the Last 50 Years Looks Like

Indian cooking videos and plenty of them

A friend gave me this link to indian cooking videos. When I went and looked, he had so many recipeis that it was unbelievable.

You name a dish and he has a video of it.

He has detailed information on how to do it. He was also featured on the bingo funny cooking commercial.

Watch more of his videos here

Dell Adamo XPS

delladamoThis looks like a very cool laptop, but the prices freaks me out. Even though it has the same configuration as the apple macbook air laptop. Its priced well above it. The most disappointing thing about this laptop is the battery performance. It only lasts about 3 hours compared to the 5 hours of apple macbook air.What’s the point of having a really cool laptop, if you have to plug it in every few hours.Here is one of the cool features of this laptop.

The Dell Adamo XPS isnt only ridiculously thin, but it opens like no laptop ever seen before. Its propped up keyboard can only be opened by sliding a finger on the lids heat sensing strip

Dell Adamo XPS Can Only Be Opened By Rubbing It

Tata sky+ Review after six months

I am writing this after using Tatasky+ for six months.


I upgraded to Tatasky+ so i only paid 5000 Rs which was reasonable. They took my old tatasky settop box away.


The installation came as a surprise because i thought, and was told by the customer service that there is no installation. I thought i could just swap the settop box, but that’s not the case.


A red led glows when a recoding is happening.


This is the remote for Tatasky +


Only these buttons are the extra from the regular tatasky +. Just hit the R button to record anything.

The installation guy comes and installs new hardware near the dish and also put a second cable to the dish. He was only just able to put the second cable because of the tight space inside the wall.

So be aware that there is an installtion for this box and it can only be done by a qualified professional. He also calls in to activate the service one the installtion is finished. So don’t think you can do the installtion.

Now the good part, once you paid for the box and the annual package. You can start using the service.

Before i begin once you use the service you will never go back to normal tv ever again.

Here are the feature of the device


Record Tv (You can record two channels at the same time)

Pause Tv (You can pause any channel you are watching and rewind back upto 45 minutes or the moment your started watching the channel which ever is higher)

Record Tv

You can record up to 30 hours of programing. Which is more than a 10 full lenght movies. Once you set the hard disk management to automatic, it will automatically delete the old show and keep recording the new once you choose.


Only settings you can change for tatasky + plus are these shown above.


You can schedule recording up to two days in advance.

You can record two channels at the same time. And watch another recording while this is going on.




When you are playing a recording a blue led light circles around the round dial on the set-top box

You can even set series link which automatically records a show every week or every day. But this feature is not supported on all channels. Only few of them have this feature, but really useful when it works.


The info bar show the time remaining in the recording while playing back, when you press info button.


You can even fast forward the recorded shows to skip ad’s or the boring parts.

Pause Tv

You can pause any channel you are watching it automatially buffere up to 45 minutes or whenever you started watching the show. You can change this in the settings menu.



This indicates how far behind you are from the live Tv.


Once you get to know all the features and start using them, you will really love your tatasky+. Now i can’t imagine watching tv without a Tatasky+.

Here is a Trick to do a slow motion on tatasky+. Pause the recording and then click forward button to do slow motion, this is not in the manual.


Its priced around 9000 Rs if you are not a Tatasky subscriber. But well worth the price.

I really recommend you get one, it will change your life style enormously.

Sun brings Hd to India


Sun direct is the first DTH player to bring High Definition to India.

Even thought they are just offering two channels at the moment. It will surely get bigger once others start launching their own system.

You have to buy a new HD capable box and pay for installation charges which means new Dish.

According to their website the HD settop box will be priced around

6200 (HD box) + 2750 (Installation charges) + 1200 (Two HD channel charges) and extra for other channels.

Look forward to paying 10000 Rs to get two HD channels which are in Telugu and Tamil.

I am not rushing out to buy this, i will wait for when Tatasky will bring Hd settop box with recording capabilities.

At the moment i am happy with my Tatasky+ which will cost you same as this. But will give you lot more features.

Find out more about Sun HD here

Pazhassi Raja is brilliant Rediff movies

pazhassirajaCan’t wait to see this movie that everyone is raving about.Its about freedom fighter from Kerala read more from the wiki until you can watch the film.pazhassiothers

But this movie made on a budget of average ten Malayalam movies, has a quality that has never been seen before.

Pazhassi Raja is brilliant Rediff movies

The Best 16:9 LCD Monitors

dell18inchIf price is your main concern go for the dell monitor or buy the samsung 21 incher.

Supposedly one of the best 18.5″ monitors currently available, this is one Dell monitor that’s not so hard to find unlike its older siblings. Sporting a very modern design, the feature set remains pretty much the same like TN panel with 1366 x 768 resolution, 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, 250cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time and VGA with tilt adjustability. This is one of their more popular models that should easily be available.

The Best 16:9 LCD Monitors

How Tech Companies Got Their Name


Here is an interesting article about company names and how they came about. Finally and interesting article worth reading from Techtree.

Jobs was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if his colleagues didnt suggest a better name. As you can guess, they didnt come up with anything better and the rest is history. Other theories are that Jobs wanted his company to feature before Atari in the phone book, while yet another suggestion is that it was a tribute to Apple Records, which was the music label of the Beatles.

How Tech Companies Got Their Name

Michael Pollans Favorite Food Rules

foodrulesI am a big foodie, so anything relating to food i am into.These rules are really interesting.I especially like this one.Read all the other food rules here

Diwali mosquito blast rockets and crackers


I love Diwali and so do many others who light a huge number of fireworks that day. Many say its pollution but that not going to stop any one from bursting crackers. So why not make it into something helpful.

Most of the cities in India are filled with mosquitoes which bring all kind of diseases etc.

So why not pay the fireworks companies money to develop fireworks that when burst would produce smoke that could kill mosquitoes. If some money was put into this we could develop a safe mosquito rocket that would be fun to burst and also kill mosquitoes.

That way you get the best of the both worlds. Whenever a customer buy fireworks for a few hundred rupees one or two of these could be given freely.

Let the people celebration do the work for you.

This could be late for this Diwali, hopefully this idea will catch on and i will be able to burst Mosquito rocket next year.

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