Month: February 2010

Google Buzz is what i was looking for

I had a strange problem, i am guessing others also had.No matter what i do i can’t get my friends to join, twitter or face-book etc.┬áBut all of them have GMail.I want to share information about what i am doing or what i find online with them.

This could be very useful for all your family members and friends, who don’t know how to see you on twitter or face-book.

One less thing they have to sign in to keep track of me now.Get my buzzes here

Ustad Zakir Hussains full concerts online

You can find full concerts of renowned Indian musicians on you tube. Its really nice that they are putting the old concerts online.Ustad Zakir Hussains full concerts online.Even some of the old movies are online in full, legally. It would have been nice if it was just one file rather than divided into 14 videos.Watch the classic movie Sankarabharanam etc.

iPad and my view about it

I am a gadget afficinado, so like everyone else i too was watching the apple ipad event at 12:00 am eagerly. Trying to get all the details about it etc.After reading few hundred blog posts about it. Here are my view about the device and if i will buy one or not?First the price, its really hard to justify its pricing in India. It will cost as much as normal laptops in India.iPad wifi only version will cost16 GB will be 32135 Rs,32 GB will be 38575 Rs,64 GB will be 45015 Rs.Apple add 40% extra on things they sell india. 499$*46Rs+40%iPad wifi & 3G version will cost16 GB will be 40507 Rs,32 GB will be 46947 Rs,64 GB will be 53387 Rs.Apple add 40% extra on things they sell india.This would have been fine if it had multi tasking. On my macbook i always multi task, like downloading something while reading a web site.All we do on our computers is multitask. So going back to older times is hard for me.Not all indian sites work on safari and these sites have no plans to change the situation soon.This was the main reason for me to switch from iphone to HTC hero. There are some sites that don’t load well on safari. i need other browsers, for example stock trading sites don’t load in safari. But they load in chrome and firefox. On a laptop i can switch to those browsers, but on iPad i have no such option. Apple will never allow other browsers on iPad. Even with banking sites this is an issue.You could say this is a computer for other members in your family. That’s a good point but not at this price. I could buy them a good laptop at this price. Even a good netbook would be cheaper than this.

The iPad is a half inch thick device, with multi-touch, forever connected to the internet, simplified, focussed, affordable, and most importantly, can be superbly productive.

This above point is the only reason i might think of buying one. But it will largely depend on the price i will have to pay for it. If i can pay 20000 Rs for the device and 1000 Rs per month for unlimited 3G. i might get it, but that will never happen. Current unlimited 3G prices on BSNL are 3000 Rs per month.So lets see how it will be priced and that is what will decide if i buy it or not.

Samsung Ultratouch 8300 super slow motion video

This video was shot on Samsung Ultratouch 8300. It shoots some amazing slow motion videos. Even though the phone sucks at other features like browsing and calling etc. It has a good camera 8 mega pixel camera and video recorder with super slow motion.

YouTube – slowmo

Indian stock trading should be easier

I have been trying out my hand in stock trading for the past few months. So far i have not made any profits.But its so intimidating to use, even simple things are made so complicated.Here is some of the problems i faced and how i solved them using google docs.I want to know how many stocks can i buy for a particular amount money?All the stock trading platforms i used ask me to provide both these details. How easier would it be if i could say buy RCOM for 10000 Rs. Instead i have calculate 10000*RCOM stock price. Then put the resulting number into the trading system to buy the stock.So in order to make it easier, i have made a google spreadsheet. Which will give you these details. Enter the amount of money and stock price, and the spreadsheet will tell you how many stocks to buy. Also by putting the selling price, it will tell you how much profit you made.If i can come up with something so simple in a spreadsheet. These trading platforms can definitely make it easier on their sites.There is no easy way to find how much profit you are making etc.More on that later…With my spreadsheet you can figure that out easily

Nature still keeps surprising us

After all these millions of years, nature still can surprise us. Even after so many years of development, we still can’t achieve something like this.All our research has told us that, the tip of a flying object should be thin in front and should be aerodynamical, to fly well.Then how come a bird like owl, can fly so well with this kind of shape when flying. Hope someone gets inspired with this and designs something that can fly as well.