Month: July 2010

Sachin book costs 30 lakhs each

Just read this story on Forbes that Sachin’s book cost nearly 30 lakhs. And its already sold out. The are only making 10 of these books. More about this book hereHere are the features of the book

  • 852 pages edged in gold leaf
  • Each page measures 50cm x 50cm
  • 37kg
  • Over 300,000 words
  • 1,500-plus images, each individually varnished
  • Four 200cm x 50cm gatefolds
  • Silk-covered clamshell box

Luxury publisher Kraken Opus mixed in a pint of Mr. Tendulkars blood with paper pulp to create the signature page for a book celebrating the renowned batsmans career. The 10 limited-edition copies, which comes out in February, cost $75,000 each and have already sold out.

via Taschen, Kraken and More Publish Luxury Limited-Edition Books – WSJ.comThey even have a ferrari book which costs 1800000 Rs.

Indian Rupee symbol look crappy

If you remember i wrote about this earlier here.Now they have finalized the design which looks like crap. Compare this to other currency logo and you will see why.I just don’t get it how this was approved, why not just put R fully that would have made more sense.You will be seeing this ugly thing a lot so have fun….Here are my designs, if i knew something this crappy would have been selected i would have too part.IIT post-graduate gives Rupee its symbol.

19th Fifa world cup and my views

This is my most watched world cup. I watched all most all the games. i might have slept during one match that i can remember.Matches were at my time during the night which was helpful. And Internet also helped keeping interest in this world cup going. Loved the guardian world cup daily podcast and twitter comments.My team all through the tournament was Spain. I am real madrid supporter so that was a natural choice. Argentina looked like they could upset Spain’s plan. But that didn’t happen, surprisingly i was never worried about Brazil.Germany looked stunning beating Argentina, but Spain made them look really bad. That semi final between Spain and Germany was wonderful to see. But the best match of the tournament goes to the third place match between Germany and Uruguay. What a match till the last minute it could have gone either way.Best player for me was Xavi of spain, it looked like no one could take ball away from him. He controlled the game against germany so well. The whole mid field of spain was wonderful. He showed  the brilliance of Zidane in this world cup.Fifa’s website was the one i visited most this world cup not for the news. But for the games, FIFA WORLD CUP FANTASY & World Cup Predictor. These games kept me interested and made me check the all through out the world cup.Check out my score from both the games.FIFA WORLD CUP FANTASY out of 496619 players i came 32389 that means i am in the top 6.5%World Cup Predictor out of 909029 players i came 37531 that means i am in the top 4%Here are the numbers from this world cup. pretty interesting that spain players dominate three stats.All in all a wonderful world cup, i would have enjoyed more if there were more goals.

Royal familes and Rolls Royce

This is one of the bizare stories i read in recent time. After reading this you will realise why kings and queens in India are extinct.

The Rolls-Royce owned by Maharani Sethu Parvati Bai of Travancore in 1933 had a small stool on the floor where a dwarf used to sit and massage the queen’s legs remaining invisible to people around.

If they could have used that money to help their people, they would have still been here today ruling their people.Royal familes and Rolls-Royce.