Using Other sims with bsnl 3G data card

I know many want to know how to use other Sim’s with bsnl 3g data card (usb modem). My review of bsnl 3G will be coming soon. Bsnl 3g data card is the only one that allows the bsnl sim to be removed. If you remove the back you can take out bsnl 3g sim and use any other sim even non 3g sim. You can even connect using the bsnl 3g software, no hack required.

Just change the settings to the settings of the particular sim and connect as you would with bsnl 3g sim. I tested this with aircel.For aircel the settings are

Telephone Number : *99#

Username & Password : Leave blank

APN : aircelgprs

I got pretty good speeds, these speeds were as good as the 2g data card speeds. So when you need cheap internet connectivity use your aircel, airtel or any other sim to connect to internet using this method.

It only cost 97 Rs per month to get internet on aircel sim. This method could be a good back up when you don’t have internet through other means or when you don’t want to pay for one full month.It even works on mac’s


Here is a video i recently made to prove to everyone that it does indeed work.


Here is the bsnl software for bsnl 3G data card.

Click on the link below which will take you to Google docs, from there click the file menu and download the original file which will be a zip file with the software.

Bsnl 3G software Windows Version, Mac Version, Linux Version

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  • joginder

    hello dear mujhe is bsnl 3g software ki need h plzReply from PrasanthYou can get the software on the usb modem itself. I don’t think its available for download anywhere else.

  • sri

    Prasanth;Can we use any unlocked 3g cards other that what BSNL sell?please let me knowReply from PrasanthYou can use any sim’s even gprs sims. They don’t have to be 3g. i used aircel which is a 2g (normal mobile) sim. And it worked, once you know the settings for the sim its as easy as replacing a sim on your mobile.

  • sri

    prasanth,Thanks for reply but I asked you about unlocked datacards which are not from BSNL like 3G datacards used in USA and unlocked like AT&T Sierra wireless 881U …etc or any other 3g PCMCIA or USB. Can we use the bsnl 3g sim in that cards and get connected to BSNL 3g?Reply from PrasanthIf you can take out the sim from data card it can be used with other sims.I am not sure if the above mentioned data cards can be used this way.These are the settings for bsnl 3G simNo: *99***1#APN: bsnlnetUsername: leave it blankPassword: leave it blankthis should work with any datacard if you know where to use them.

  • sri

    thanks prasanth, I will try. I tried using TATADOCOMO with their settings on their website with the unlocked datacard. It is connected but could not able to browse even a single page. Called their customercare but they cant help any if it is not the thru mobile phone connecting.Reply from Prasanathits hard to diagnose this problem without knowing you settings. Here is a solution i can think of, try putting a bsnl sim and use the internet if so your settings are fine, and its the problem with tata docomo blocking the pc’s from using their sim.If you can’t connect with bsnl sim then make this connection the default connection and try if that helps.Or use a aircel sim which i know works and has no issues.

    • sachin

      download and use VISIONTEK 3G software first install that software then put bsnl 3g data card with any sim ul not get 3g speed but u will b able to get speed up to 40 to 50 kbps sometimes 70 kbps depends upon the city m using in belgaum jarnataka m getting upto 40 kbps m using docomo in bsnl 3g data card

  • sri

    Thanks prasanth;I will try that. Lately BSNL launched unlimited 3g for blackberry for 999 rs. we are lucky if we get 3g unlimited for 999 rs per month. I wait your review on this plan to move for good is the link from PrasanthI don’t think this will be useful for you because it will be only for blackberry and you will not be able to use it on the pc. Blackberry’s suck at browsing, they are good for email but not for multimedia and internet browsing.Tata photon and MTS Blaze offer similar 999 Rs unlimited plans for pc. But you will not get 3 mbps its 256 kbps unlimited. To get broadband speeds you will have to pay 1800 Rs and 1500 Rs for 15 GB. Only real unlimited 3G plan is offered by BSNL 3G. But it costs you 2750 Rs including taxes per month.I am using this and you can get very good speeds like 10 mb per minute with this plan.

  • sri

    sorry, here is the link

  • mahi

    hi prashanti want to use Airtel sim card in bsnl3g data card can u plz help me to get the settings for it? thnksReply from PrasanthAirtel has some strict policy where you can only use their sims on phone. If you use it on pc they will charge you data charges. Which can be pretty high at 10 Rs for 1 mb.So i recommend you to get a bsnl or aircel sim for which i have mentioned settings already.These are the settings if you still need themNumber: *99#APN: airtelgprs.comUsername: leave this blankPassword: leave this blank

  • sathish

    hey will u give the telephone number for the airtel & vodafone to use in datacardReply from PrasanthAs far as i know its *99#.Both these carriers make it quite hard to use their sims in this method.

  • sri

    prasanth;I just got the 3g sim today and installed in unlocked data card and the signal seems to be too week but connecting. the strength of the signal is -93dBmis there any way to improve the signal, please let me knowReply from PrasanthSome data cards come with a small antenna that can be attached to the device. If your data card has a hole for the antenna, you can get just the antenna on for 150 Rs. That helps a bit in improving the signal.Move around the place where you are using your 3G sim and find the best spot and start using your computer there.prasanth

  • sri

    prasanth;I think you are the right guy to answer my question. I am unable to mail to mobile directly from email account . my mobile is airtel and i tried sending, .com and lot of options, but never got message to my mobile. Some years ago i used to get messages directly from email account but from last few months i am trying and always bounced to my email account. Please help me on thisReply from PrasanthI don’t know how to do that or why you might want to do that.But if you want to get some information from your computer on to your mobile the best option is to use way2sms to send sms to yourself.OrUse google sms service to send information to your mobileprasanth

  • amit

    i have unlocked my airtel data card and trying to use bsnl 3g sim but while i am connecting it, i am getting error 619please help to connectReply from PrasanthI have only done it with bsnl data card. So i am not sure how airtel data card works.Even if you unlock, it might not be possible to use it with other sims.

  • Ashish Raghuvansi

    Prasant u r genius. i wanna to ask you about the settings ofTata docomo. i wanna to use it in my bsnl 3g data cardReply from PrasanthThese are the settings i found onlineNumber: *99#Apn home page proxy server <>port <8080>Try these if the above one don’t workNumber: *99#apn: Hope these work. If you find others try putting those settings and see if they work.Since there are no official settings its mostly trial and error.good luck

  • prosesaha

    Hi Prashant! I use an Apple MacBook 13 inch too. Was wondering if linktop LW272 and LW273 (current offering of BSNL supplied USB data cards) would work seamlessly with Mac? By the way which data card is the one on the pic in this article?Reply from PrasanthIts the Linktop / LW272 – 3.6 MBPS and works flawlessly on my 13inch macbook. I am using it in mac os x and its pretty cool. Now bsnl has dropped the 3G unlimited charges to 1450 Rs. So this is the best option out there to get 3G speeds.

  • dvprasanth

    Hi, i have got BSNL 3G Datacard with a sim from TamilNadu & found it not working in mumbai. The software is showing connected while the Laptop is not connected to the internet. Also the connection doesn’t lasts for more than 2 minutes. Can you help me in this regard.Thanks & RegardsV PrasanthReply from PrasanthI thought bsnl is mtnl in mumbai and delhi.If you are staying there for a while i think its better to get a mtnl sim and use it, through the same data card. It could be because you are using mtnl when roaming in delhi.There are no tricks or tips i could give you because its a network issue. If it was speed issue i could have asked you to change the dns to google dns.

  • himanshudora

    Is bsnl 3g datacard works in 2g network. I mean if 3g is not there in any location. can this card work with edge/gprs connection. Have you tried this.Reply from PrasanthYes it will work with 2G sim. The aircel sim i used is a 2G sim. It will also work with bsnl 2G sim, you just have to change the settings to bsnl 2G settings.

  • prosesaha

    Hi prashant! Eagerly waiting for your reply. Also wanted to know if we can use MTNL 3G sim with the BSNL USB data card, since the BSNL 3G does not work in Delhi n Mumbai because of the presence o MTNL there.Also, how would having a triband 7.2Mbps data card prove an advantage over the single band 3.6Mbps data card?Reply from PrasanthIt should work i don’t see why it will not work. I don’t know the mtnl 3G settings, but if you know please post them in comments sections if it works. I couldn’t get the triband usb card because they said it out of stock. I think its just future proofing yourself, when bsnl gets their network ready to delivery 7.2 mbps, this might be helpful. I don’t see it happening in the near feature. i don’t think you can get those speeds at the moment.If you find out any information regarding this from bsnl keep me posted.It could be helpful to someone else.

  • Ravi

    NDIS option is not available in new Idea E1550 device, any solution to this pls let me know? Earlier it was coming but in new data card it is not available & while using bsnl 3g into this with apn BSNLNET ,error 619 is coming.Reply from PrasanthI think all the other datacard providers have locked their devices pretty well. So i don’t see them working with bsnl 3G sim. I think bsnl doesn’t know this is possible and that is the reason we can use bsnl data cards with other sims. I have tried using bsnl 3G sime with tataphoton & MTS etc but none of them worked for me. They didn’t even get detected.

  • Barath

    Dude you sure it works on a mac book? I bought the 7.2 mbps model data card (made by huawei) and it has only exe files on it! only windows drivers! It gets mounted with a cd icon named!Reply from PrasanthI am using it and replying to this post, from my mac using the bsnl3G data card. Mine is bsnl 3G 3.2 mbps card. I am not sure if the 7.2 one works with mac as i have not tested it.The BSNL 3.2 mbps data card comes with mac drivers on the usb. Once you open the cd’s that appears on the mac. you can see a folder called mac in it. Download it on to your mac and install.Here is the link to download mac drivers for BSNL 3G. These were the drives that came with my bsnl usb datacard.Install these on mac and see if it works your 7.2 mbps data card.

  • Ajeet

    I hv a BSNL 3G modem. I want to connect airtel operater, i give theAccount Name- AirtelAPN- airtelgprs.comUser Name- BlankPassword- Blankbut not connectedplz solve my problemReply from PrasanthIf the number you are dialing is *99#. then all the settings are good. May be airtel have blocked it from working with bsnl. I have only tried aircel and it works fine.Aircel has a unlimited data plan for 97 Rs per month, so give that a try.

  • abagadia

    Dear Prasanth,i am sure it works on your mac which will be Mac OS X 10.6 snowleopard or higher, but doesit work on mac os x 10.5 leopard. If it does pls tell me how.Reply from PrasanthI am using it in leopard 10.5 on mac. All the details i wrote in the post are for 10.5 leopard. i haven’t updated to snow leopard yet. From the looks of it i will directly go to Lion rather than upgrading to snow leopard.

  • abagadia

    O.k. Pls tell where shall i look it for. ThanksReply from prasanthI didn’t understand you. If you are asking for the bsnl 3g data cards they are readily available from bsnl offices.If you are asking about where to see the sim, open small cover on your bsnl 3g data card and you can see it there.

  • dhrubajyoti nath

    sir, what is the procedure to use vodafone sim(non 3g) in a 3g BSNL data card. and what is its settingReply from PrasanthI am sorry to say that i don’t know vodafone settings search in google and find out vodafone settings and try them. That’s how my aircel sim also worked.

  • suresh

    I bought bsnl 3g 7.2 mbbs modem in TN circle. It is working with bsnl 3g and 2g sim well. But I put aircel sim and pluged in and it gives a pop up message that Invalid sim card, modem will close. Then I tryed to pur aircel gprs settings you mentioned in this blog, but nothing possible happened, I hope you can help me to come out from this perturb,Reply from PrasanthThe only reason i can think of is if you have set the network selection to manual. Please go to the settings and make sure in the network settings both “Operator selection” “Preferred mode” to automatic.Then continue with the procedure i mentioned on the website.Also make sure your aircel sim is activated if its a new sim, and the gprs has also been activated.Just a few suggestions good luck.

  • Hitesh

    Sir, I need softwar in your post picture tayp.
    I have teracom softwar so give me othar softwar in your pop up images.

    Reply from Prasanth

    Didn’t understand what you are talking about.

    If you want my software, it doesn’t depend on the software you can do it with any you are just changing the sim and changin the dialing numbers and network that’s all. It doesn’t depend on software.


    • pankaj

      Now , we can successfull unlock/crack bsnl 3g data card model teracom LW272/273 . after it supports all major gsm operator sim. it simply and smoothly works.

  • Kushal

    Whenever I inserted Airtel or Docomo SIM, the BSNL software closed with a warning “Invalid SIM : BSNL 3G Modem will close now”

  • pankaj

    now BSNL 3g Data card successfully cracked. after cracking it will support all major gsm operator sim. for cracking BSNL 3g teracom data card one software required which is available @ 300.00 Rs only.

  • pankaj

    now we can successfully unlock bsnl teracom 3g data card. after this bsnl Teracom 3g data card now supports all major GSM operator sim card.

  • malar

    With increasing dependability over the internet, everyone is looking for the most reliable Broadband internet connection. Airtel Broadband internet connection is the most preferred internet access solution because it is being offered by Bharti Airtel Limited, undisputed leader of telecom sector. Like other services of Bharti group, Airtel Broadband internet connection also offers many extra features being anticipated by the people who trust our capabilities.

    • prasanth

      Since i don’t have the airtel sim, i can test so try these settings.

      Number – *777# OR *99#
      APN – airtelgrps OR

  • deepak

    Dear Prashant

    i have unlock mts data card,currently i am using Tata photon Sim

    i want to to know can i use another tata photon sim & Relience net connect sim in my unlock mts data card
    if yes then what will be the settings for them ?

    Please reply

    • prasanth

      Sorry man i only know about BSNL data cards. Using the regular settings you would use with Tata photon sim should work even if its on different data card.

      • suresh kumar yedi

        hi prashanth.. i have bsnl 3g data card i bought it for 1700rs
        i would like use it with other sims like aircell,docomo,relience etc..can i be able to use them..tell me how..if i can..please..need it.. please mail me..the details of how to do it.. my mail id is
        thank you

  • Prathvi

    When i try to connect BSNL 3g to internet….it show PPP link protocal control terminated….can anybody help me out with this error…..tghe customer care of BSNL is unsound and horrible….nobody is technically sound….pls somebody help to resolve the error

    • prasanth

      This could be because of BSNL network issues there is nothing much you can do other hope they fix it soon. When ever their network is busy or is down this error comes up.

      Some times 3G data network could be down even though 3G mobile service is working.

    • suresh kumar yedi

      it means that u have no more data left to use…so u have to reacharge..with some amount and will work
      i tried it worked

  • sammy

    I recently bought a BSNL 3G data card Modem Problem is It only works with BSNL SIM …when we use different sim it says “Invalid Sim” plz te me ???

  • Shivendu

    Hello Sir,
    I am using the unlocked modem with the docomo sim. I have a 2g sim. I thought that i would set the network mode to HSDPA/UMTS and receive 3g speeds. However the net connects that too in HSDPA mode ie 3g mode but yet i dont get speed. Its not that i get 2g speed , i get 0 kbps speed. One more strange thing that sometimes the network shows me HSDPA Vodafone and sometimes HSDPA TATA IND. How can i get HSDPA Vodafone when the sim is of docomo. PLease help me. As soon as possible. Its a roaming docomo sim.

    • prasanth

      set the network settings to manual mode and select the network you want. Don’t select the automatic option. That is why its jumping to other networks especially while roaming.

      Smaller carriers automatically push their users to other networks when roaming. that way they make more money when you use other network.

      Aircel also does this, its try to jump to idea while roaming because aircel roaming is free. So when you use other networks while roaming they can charge you.

      • Shivendu

        I didn’t understand as to what you wanted to say. Can you explain a bit freely as to how I can get the speed that Docomo provides and remember that its a roaming Docomo sim. Also why am I getting 0kbps speed. I should get around 300kbps as I connect to HSDPA mode. Should I recharge a internet pack and then check the speed. Will it make a difference? PLease help me Sir.

        • prasanth

          You have to be on the same network as your sim. Only then the internet will work, on other networks only voice will work.

          So first select manually the correct network and then see if you have the correct data recharge.

          The lack of internet connection could also be because of low balance. On a 2G sim you will only get 2G speeds not 3G.

          Even if you select 3G network only voice will work. You can’t get 300 kbps on 2G sim the best you might get is around 140 kbps.

          • Shivendu

            One thing more Sir that when I search for operators that is when I do manual searching for network I don’t get the Docomo network listed in the network list. In that case what should I do. Which sim would be the best for me? I live in Kanpur UP. Please assist me. Can’t we talk more freely as I think this issue would take long on places such as facebook or orkut or even on Email chatting accounts like gmail and yahoo. Please reply soon

          • prasanth

            May be your area has no docomo support. That is the only reason i can think of. if it doesn’t show up in the list there is not much we can do.

            Trying to fix computer problems through chat is really impossible because there could be so many issues.

            try and get help from some local tech guy, its hard to fix something over the internet without seeing all the settings and configurations.

        • prasanth

          Before removing the bsnl sim select the network as manual mode. then try and change the sim.

          Also try and select the aircel network manually once you put the sim.

          As you can see in the video i got aircel sim working on bsnl data card

  • karan

    hi prasanth…….i have a bsnl data card but it only supports bsnl sim……….i have also made settings for aircel sim as u have told but when i connect my data card on computer it says invalid sim card and modem gets closed…….. so please tell me how to use another sim

  • Rana

    Prasanth as per u I can use only aircel or bsnl sim for internet through BSNL data card. That means we have only 2 options? Is there any data card through which I can access any sight by inserting any sim of any company.

    • prasanth

      Other sim will also work because you can manually select the networks. i don’t have other sim and don’t know their settings.

      Other sim should also work if you know the correct settings.

      Get a datacard that supports all sims and is not locked to any one network. you can buy them at any computer store, you can put any sim you want and use it with any network.

      They also cost the same, if you don’t want to commit to a particular network you can get your own datacard and put any sim you want.

    • prasanth

      2G speeds, this trick only useful if you want to use internet on the cheap not fast. You can only get about 30-40 kbps which is only good for checking mail and browsing some sites slowly. Don’t expect 3G speeds, but if you use aircel sim you can get on internet at 90 Rs per month.

  • Shardul Kulkarni

    I was using airtel net free card about 1year through my mobile but my mobile got damage so I want to take a usb modem of vissiontek 2000rs. But just I was looking it online I got this site if I brought bsnl 3g usb stick then can I insert airtel card in it. I know all settings of it.

    • prasanth

      You can but i don’t know the airtel settings, as you can see from the site i got aircel working on my bsnl data card.

      Aircel is cheaper and has more bandwidth per month too around 3 GB limit where as airtel only offers 2 GB limit

  • surya narayan singh

    Hi prasanth,
    Before i’m used vodafone 2g sim with my beetel 3g unlocked dongel,speed is good.after that one of my friend suggest me for aircel 3g sim and recharge with 2g pack,then definitely get 3g per my friend’s suggestion,i did that but now i got very slow speed even i’m not able to open my mails also.
    help me…

    • prasanth

      You can’t get 3G speeds with a 2G pack. Even if it would have worked for a while they would have fixed it by now.

      3G is quite costly in India at the moment. The cheapest option to get good speeds is to get a broadband connection with a land line.


      To get a 2G sim which have below 100 Rs internet @ 2-3 GB per month, but this connection is slow and you have to be patient with it.

    • prasanth

      All the devices are good. But 3G plans are costly, i don’t think docomo plans are cheap.

      What is the use of getting a 3G device if you can’t use 3G.

      Its best to go for a third party 3G modem in which you can put any 3G sim. With docomo one you can’t change to other
      networks when they offer better 3G plans etc.

  • Krithi

    hey,i got an aircel sim an did d settings u suggested on my bsnl 3g it works just fine..tnx 4d info :-)
    gr8 blog;-)

  • Hariprakash-Erode

    Hi Prasanth,

    Actually am havind Reliance Netconnect, i bought for my Pc its speed upto3.1mbps.but am getting 230kbps only in my home any possible to get higher speed?
    but am getting outside 3.1mbps speed Pls reply.

    Best Regards


    • prasanth

      Makes sure you select the 3G network, the data cards can go to 2G network when the 3G network is not available that is the reason for low speeds.

      In the network settings select only 3G network and don’t set it to automatic.

      If the signal is weak in the house the data card might be switching to 2G.

    • prasanth

      I have only tried it with aircel, it should work with other sims if you know the settings. Use the regular gprs settings for your sim and it should work

    • prasanth

      All i can offer is few suggestions

      Is you sim still under validity
      Is bsnl 3G down in your area
      Remove the sim and put it in your mobile and see if it works

  • Pintu

    hi Prasanth, i bought a idea Net Setter(Huawei E1732), and the 3g signal i am receiving is reeeeeal WEAK. Guy from whom i bought said it is the best for kolkata, and if i wish he will break the sim lock after 2 months. i would like to know if i let him break the sim lock, would it be possible to use it with any other sim. Or it is all an addition to the already wasted money???????

    Also are there any plans to get arond 600kbps unlimited speed on these data cards for about 600 bucks per month??

    I would appreciate your reply…Thank you.

    • prasanth

      If you get it unlocked make sure it works with other sim’s before it, i don’t think it can be unlocked.

      Before you buy a datacard you can call up the carrier and ask them to give you a demo at home that way you can see how the signal is.

      At the moment no one is offering unlimited 3G data. You can get unlimited data on 2G at 150 kbps for 500-900 Rs. MTS, Reliance, Tata photon etc offer this.

      The best option for your price point is bsnl landline broadband, which costs 750 Rs for 512 Kbps unlimited.

  • sudheer

    hi sir,
    my bsnl datacard is accepting tata docomo card and even calling is also possible but its not getting connected to the internet…can u tell me the settings for tatadocomo 2g sim card

    • prasanth

      These are the settings i could find.

      Numbers to dial *99# if this doesn’t work try this *777#

      Try these settings

      Enter User Name : Blank
      Enter Password : Blank

      Hope it works try other settings you find online, don’t know the exact settings

  • neal

    hey dude….i used aircel sim on bsnl 3g data card bt when i use aircel 3g they deduct from my main balance…….i recharged my sim with pocket internet RS 98 unlimited plan Is there any trick or method to use aircel 3G in normal gprs plan……….PLZ HELP………..

  • abhinav

    dear prasant please send me dialer software link which one you are using. link which you have given is bsnl data card software link which i already have.

  • Vinoth

    Hi…….. i am using “Airtel Broadband” with airtel sim……..
    but i like to use with other sim (Videocon/Vodaphone) plz tell me to unlock code for me.
    my product details:
    device name: Hawei Technologies
    version no:11.300.05.15.284.
    Plz plz send me some unlock code. i am waiting for ur reply..plz plz


    I have BSNL 3g data card and it try with TATA DOCOMO SIM but when i trying to connect internet it show message “invalid sim card”. Please suggest how I can solved the problem.

    • prasanth

      In windows some registry hack is required to make it work, google it i haven’t tried it in windows. On mac it works with any setting changes.

  • balram

    hi sir, mere pass idea net setter e1550 hai . to kya ye 3g datacard hai ..or kya isame 3g sim laga kar 3g net chala sakte hai kya …plzzzz help meeeeeeeeeee????