Month: January 2011

No cheaper way to speed up internet connection

Many people ask me how to increase speed. I am using my mobile as modem on a 2G sim. That’s a dial up connection which you can’t make much faster.

Changing the dns on the system or your mobile could help a little but not much. If you want good speed you have to get a faster connection like the 3G data cards or wired broadband connection which are becoming cheap now.

Dial up – 20 kbps – 100 mb takes 2 hours
(2G sim, Mobile Internet etc)
100 Rs – 250 Rs per months
Broadband – 40-50 kbps – 100 mb takes 1 hour
(Wired Broadband connection, 2G datacards)
250 Rs – 750 Rs

3G data cards – 150 kbps – 100 mb takes 1/2 hour
(New 3G sim and 3G data cards)
750 Rs – 1500 Rs

When not busy you can get up to 1-3 mbps in some areas.

There are other tricks like using opera browser and using their turbo mode etc. But most people want to increase speed in seeing videos and downloads.

Which can’t be done cheaply, So get one of the cheap wired connections or pay little premium and get 3G data cards.

That is the only sure way to get good speeds.

This has to be the best 2011 calendar in India

This calendar was sent to me by Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA). It has very beautiful paintings done by foot and mouth by some disabled artists in India. So by buying this calendar you will be helping them. What a nice way to start the new year 2011.

But that is not the reason why its the best calendar in India for 2011. It has a very special feature that makes it unique.

Once each month finishes you can tear the numbers off and send the photo as a post card. How cool is that, why haven’t other calendar makers thought of this.

That way you will be using the calendar even after its use is finished, how cool is that. It also has some very beautiful painting, see some of them below.

They are charging Rs. 395 for this calendar. So for a 12 month table calendar which can be turned into 12 greetings you only pay Rs. 395. Which i think is a bargain and you are also helping people make a decent living.

So go get your calendar here. I payed for mine and can’t wait for the month to end. So that i can use the postcard. These calendars will be my yearly calendars from now on.

How nice would it have been if Kingfisher calendars were used for doing some good in India. Can you imagine the money they could get for the needy.

Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Headphones video review

Check out the video review of Nokia BH-905i Stereo Bluetooth Headphones.

Youtube – Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Headphones review

BH-905i are the new top end bluetooth stereo Noise canceling headphones from Nokia. The build quality on the product is really good. It feels like you have bought a good product. Everything about the product is top end.

Even the case in which it comes is really cool. Looks like a CD case. You can carry all the wire and the charger in that case which is a nice thing.

Now about the head phones, it has good leather that surrounds the head band and the ear muffs. So it feels very comfortable when wearing. It flex and flips at two places on each side of the headphones, so any one can wear it comfortably.

Switching the headphone is simple, just hold the power button until the light comes one. To make it discoverable and pair with other devices just keep holding and it will start blinking blue. Now you can pair it with any device.

Pairing it to ipod touch, or PC is as simple as just selecting the device no numbers to enter etc. Ones its paired it works flawlessly. You can use the buttons on the head phones to play, skip and replay the music.

Now the noise canceling part, it has a buttons which you can toggle to turn on and off the noise cancelling feature. I like this because you don’t have to keep it on all time. You can use this feature only when you want to.

Even without the noise cancelling these headphone pretty much block all the noise. With noise cancelling turned on its pretty amazing to listen to just music.

These head phone worked up to 10 feet pretty well, but past that there was some lag.

You can also use this device wired to any gadget, even without a charge. You get all the necessary cables and pins with the device.

Now comes the most important part the battery. It last 25 hours on music, yes that’s right 25 hours. That a lot of time, more importantly you are not worried about the battery at that point. It also only takes 2 hours recharge which again is amazing.

I bought the Jabra halo which gives pathetic 6 hours. So i never use it. Yesterday i used the Nokia BH-905i for 8 hours continuously while i was travelling from Chennai.

It never had any problems all the way. I couldn’t say that for the jabra halo.

If you are in the market for a high end noise canceling bluetooth stereo headphones Nokia BH-905i are the ones to get.

If they were a little cheaper i would have bought my own. At 17500 Rs it a costly product but with all these feature on offer, its a must buy if you have that kind of money.

You will not regret it. I have added this to my wish list already. If only i would have known about this device before i bought the Jabra Halo.

This demo unit was give by wow world, i have to return it in few days. I really want this one, i should start saving for it.

Do this Increase speed on Bsnl 3G data cards

These are not hacks they are more like tips.

By default the BSNL software choose the preferred network automatically. What does this mean, when ever there is a problem with 3G network it will automatically go to 2G network.

It might happen just for a while some time, but could take longer too. It happens automatically you will not even notice it. But the speed difference is quite big.

So diable automatic and choose 3G only which can be done by going to the settings when its disconnected.

Don’t forget to put it back to automatic when your roaming or when you are in no 3G areas.

Also changing the DNS which also can only be done when disconnected helps too.

Use the google DNS which is faster, the settings are.

Using these trick you could increase your speeds quite a bit.

One more thing to keep in mind is as more and more user start learning about the 3G network and start using it will eventually get slower.

Hopefully BSNL will keep adding more bandwidth.

I sometimes get 3 mbps when i am downloading stuff. Most of the times its around 300 kbps. Which is faster than their broadband.