Month: February 2011

Aircel 3G plans disappoint, no unlimited plans

Aircle yesterday launched their 3G service in Chennai. Soon it will be expanding this to other states.

I was disappointed that they didn’t have a unlimited plan in the 3G plans. They have the cheapest 2G plan at 97 Rs per month. I was expecting them to announce a 3G unlimited plan for 250 or so. But they didn’t, may be in coming months they will announce as I don’t see anyone taking their current costly plans.

I might switch to BSNL, the only reason I still stayed with Aircel was for their data plan.

Indian guy controls Tata sky using Kinect

I am surprised we don’t see more stuff like this on the net from India. India is know for it IT services most of the worlds big companies have offices here. Many talented people are working in them. So really surprised that we don’t see more of these videos.

Hoping from now on it will change.

How cool would it be if Tata sky made this into a real product. I am guessing most people who have tatasky’s will have an xbox too at least 50% would have both. They could make this official by refining the gestures a bit.

They are launching apps for recording programs on mobiles. If they offer this they will have something even more unique.