Month: July 2011

BSNL high speed 16 Mbps broadband internet review

Bsnl has been offering high speed broadband internet for a few years now. I ordered my connection few weeks back.

Here is what you need to know before you get the connection.

There are 2 types of High speed connections one is 8 Mbps & 16 Mbps.

8 Mbps you get 60 GB limit  – 2799 Rs

16 Mbps you get 125 GB – 4999 Rs

You can find the charges and other details from BSNL broadband site here

With this connection you have to keep one thing in mind. You have to be within 1 Km range of your nearest BSNL exchange office to get this connection.

You need a land line connection before they can provide you this service.

You will also have to buy a new type of model called VDSL modem (Its not available for sale, so buy or rent the modem from BSNL)

It costs around 3000 Rs, its better to go for a rental one from BSNL. You will only have to pay 100 Rs per month for rental modem. That way you can get free replacement if your modem has any issues.

The procedure of using the connection is similar to getting the bsnl broadband connection. The technician from BSNL will do all the necessary stuff.

So how fast is the high speed BSNL connection.

It depends on what you are using. If you are browsing regular websites its almost instantaneous. You can watch youtube vidoes without waiting for them to load.

Don’t expect to download 1 GB per hour it more like 400 – 600 MB per hour.

The fastest speed i got on my 16 Mbps is around 9 Mbps. It took me 3 hours to download the recent 4 GB lion update.

Most of the services limit their speed so don’t expect same speed everywhere. But compare to anything thats available out there. This is the fastest and the cheapest way to connect to the internet.

Since the modem is a wifi router also, you can connect all your other devices to it. If 2-3 people use internet in the same house its becomes quite economical too.

If you don’t use that much of internet and videos you can get the 8 Mbps connection. i recommend you go for 16 Mbps if are a heavy user like me. You will get 125 GB bandwidth limit which is quite good, nearly 4.5 Gb per day.

You can use BSNL self care site to keep track of your bandwidth usage. Once you create an account it takes a day to get updated from then on you can check the site to see your bandwidth usage. Check the unbilled usage details know your current bandwidth.

Visit this link to see my BSNL speed test results

Tip : By changing the dns on your router to Google dns you can increase the speed.

Convert Pages app in Lion into a distraction free writing tool

Since Pages doesn’t allow document background to be changed there is little hack. Just make a text box with black background and white text. Remove the margins, and expand the text box to fill the screen.

Now you go to full screen you have a distraction free writing environment.

If you don’t want to go completely black you can change it to what ever color you want.

By using black you can save quite a bit of battery power. By using black on white it looks good even in the lowest brightness which in turn preserves the battery.

You can even set this as template and use it anytime you want.

When apple starts the iCloud service you can even have your important file synced by using Pages. So there is a big benefit in using pages for all your writing needs.

No with this hack it becomes distraction free.

Nokia X7 video unboxing

Unboxing of Nokia X7 which has a Capacitive AMOLED touch screen, its based on Symbian, It also has dual flash 8 Mega pixel camera with 720p HD recording. Priced at 22800 Rs

Youtube – Nokia X7 Unboxing

Tatasky Universal remote is the way to go

Just a few days back tatasky updated their iPhone app which allows remote recording. Now with this update they have changed the whole app.

Now you can use the app with a 350 Rs accessary into a universal remote that controls all your devices. Tv, Dvd and Tata sky set top box etc.

This is a cool way to do it because they can keep updating the software when ever they want to change the features add devices etc.

They have also integrated Twitter and Facebook so that you can update your status with which program you are watching. You can talk to other users who are watching that same program via Twitter or Facebook through the app.

I have ordered the accessary, will review the device once i get it.

To get the device

Just SMS ‘APPLE’ to 56633 from your Registered Mobile No. (RMN), and the MP3 Mobile accessory will be couriered to your registered address. The amount will be deducted from your Tata Sky account.

More details about Tatasky Universal remote accessory can be found here 

This accessory works on all iOS devices except 1 generation iPhone. It will even work with iPad’s. They say android version of the app is coming.

I got a call from tatasky and they said it could take up to 30 days to deliver the device.

Its free for some customers i am guessing it is free for customers who have Tatasky HD+ and mega annual plan.

I will do a video review of the device once i get it. Check back

How to Clean install Lion os

In order to clean install Lion there are few steps you need to take. If you already installed Lion and want to go back and install Lion as a clean install that too can be done.

Follow these steps

Make a bootable dvd or usb drive. 

You can only do this after downloading the Lion operating system from app store and before installing it. Once you install Apple deletes the file.

So do this after downloading and before installing.

Making a bootable Lion disk will come in handy in future when you want to reinstall Lion without downloading it again.

The only way to clean install Lion is by using snow leopard.

So find the free snow leopard dvd or usb recovery disk you received and install snow leopard again. This time when at the installation screen make sure you erase the hard disk by using disk utility. Which can be found in the menu bar during installation.

Once you install do a software update. You should get mac os updates which will be around 1 GB (the size of the update will depend on which version of snow leopard you have). Once you download and install that pop in your newly created Lion usb or dvd and install Lion on this clean version of snow leopard.

If you are doing this only on one machine you don’t even need to make the bootable disk. Just clean install snow leopard and do the updates and download and install Lion from app store.

Why would you want to make a clean install ? Thats a good question

I have had my mac for the last three years and only upgraded to the new os so far. I install every new program that comes around so. So there is lot of junk on the machine now, so i wanted a clean start

BSNL data card with Aircel sim

Since my post about using BSNL data card with other sim. Many have complained that it doesn’t work etc. So i am making this video to show that it indeed works.

Youtube – BSNL Data card with Aircel sim best way to track your investments

Just found out this new site called which allow you to track your investments like stock and mutual funds.

The first thing you notice about this site is the clean interface. It just takes 30 seconds to sign up for the service. just give email & password and you account is created.

And investments is as easy as typing the details.

It has such clean interface. And comes with some cool extras that will help you invest better. It will show you in a graph you daily profit and loss etc.

If you want to dig deep it will give you more details in a much cleaner interface.

Loving the site so far, hope they keep the interface as clean as this. I am even willing to pay for this if they can keep it this clean.

I have used to track my investments before but their site is filled with so many ad’s that its hard to even use it.

So go sign up for and help they build a good financial site.