Month: August 2011

Memory Stick PRO Duo adapter video review

Memory Stick PRO Duo adapter video review. it costs around 150 Rs. If you want to buy it search eBay. You can have a 8GB Memory stick PRO Duo for 600 Rs with this adapter. Where as it would have cost you 1800 for the sony one.

Vimeo – Memory Stick PRO Duo adapter video review

Nokia X7 screen comparison

Nokia X7 screen comparison with iPod touch. Nokia X7 has a AMOLED screen and iPod touch has something similar to retina display.

Vimeo – Nokia X7 screen comparison

My favourite songs for august 2011

This is my favorite English song at the moment, its a comedy song but love it. feel like this about everything that is going around me at the moment.

Youtube – F**k Everything

This is my Hindi favorite, how can Shreya Ghoshal ever go wrong.

Youtube – Saathiya Singham

This is my Malayalam favorite at the moment, catchy

Youtube – Kurutham Kettavan

My Telugu favorite at the moment

Sonu nigam singing in telugu, its a 2008 movie just found the song.

Youtube – Endhuko Chintakayala Ravi

My Tamil favorite at the moment

Soft and nice, second of recent tamil favorite featuring jeeva, other song was kacheri kacheri from Kacheri Arambam

Youtube – Ennamo Yedho Ko

Nokia X7 app converts it into Nokia N9

This 1 MB download from Ovi store makes the Nokia X7 into a Nokia N9 look-a-like. It also improves on the three screen Symbian limitation.

It even has widget support, only three widgets are supported. You can even download more skins.

The app is called vHome, If you don’t like the interface just quit the app and you are back to your Nokia X7

Youtube – Nokia X7 vHome app

Nokia X7 Video Review

Nokia X7 has a amazing capacitive AMOLED screen. It also has a 8 mega pixel dual flash camera. It has a great battery life, and symbian on this device is quite well implemented. Costs around 20000 Rs in the indian market.

Youtube – Nokia X7 Review Screencast financial website Screencast. This is by far the easiest site for tracking your portfolio, i have seen out there on the web. And the best part is its free.

Youtube – Screencast

Nokia X7 mobile review

Just received the Nokia X7 few days back from Nokia. At first i was skeptical about this device, but as the days passed by i kind of liked this phone. I wish i could keep the phone as my main phone. It has amazing battery life. Can last almost two days with wifi turned on.


The Nokia build quality was amazing as usual. It felt solid in hand and the curves make it comfortable to hold it your hand for extended use.

It comes with capacitive AMOLED screen which is just amazing. Video and photos look spectacular on this phone. It also has a 8 mega pixel dual flash camera. Which can also record high def video.

Memory card slot and dedicated camera button make it a compelling device for anyone.


This phone runs Symbian anna which is the latest version of Symbian. This goes a long way to make the device easy to use with touch unlike other previous versions. All the app that come standard with the device work rather well with touch interface.

The phone part of the device works quite well. Voice is clear and speaker phone is also quite loud. It comes with caller id pre installed which is really helpful.

If you long press the call button on the device voice control comes up which will allow you to call your contacts, open applications etc. It needs a data connection to work but as they inform when you use this feature for the first time it uses very little data.

Messaging and twitter are integrated into the phone with apps designed for the device. The email apps has automatic setup for all providers, including indian ones like rediffmail etc. Email app is similar to the messaging app and its quite simple to use.

You get free Ovi sync to sync your contacts, calendar, notes etc to the cloud for free.

Web browser has been improved a lot on this one. If you don’t like it, you can always install opera and use that as your main browser.

The app store is filled with all the apps you find in other apps stores. Games like Angry birds, Fruit ninja etc are available for this device and work amazingly well on it.

Videos and photos look crisp on this device. With loud speakers you can really enjoy your videos. By using the Ovi music store you can buy bollywood music, the only legitimate way to buy digital music in India at the moment.

Camera is also quite good with dual flash its even easier to take good pictures in bad light conditions. You can also record High def videos on this device with good quality.

By using a hdmi cable you can watch the videos on your HD TV. There is a free app to make this process easier, which will guide you step by step.

The home button on the device also acts as a task switcher and its implemented quite well. To quit apps and go to the main screen you can use this home button. Which simplifies using the device quite a bit.

You will love using the device with its gorgeous screen and nice widgets and apps.


This is a very good Nokia phone, it has the trade mark Nokia build quality and stylings. And the interface is also much improved from previous versions.

I don’t mind using this as my regular phone, the battery life on this is just amazing.

Nokia X7 is priced around Rs. 20754