Month: September 2011

Micromax X40 Projector Phone Unboxing

This is a projector phone from Micromax available for 4800 Rs on Watch the unboxing video, review will follow shortly.

Vimeo – Micromax X40 Projector Phone Unboxing

Cheap android tablet video review

You can find these cheap tablets online and on ebay, they are from no name brands like Like Vizio, Binatone , Fuje and Black. They are priced around 5000 – 9000 Rs

Take a look at some of these android tablets at

Vimeo – Cheap android tablet video review

Tatasky mobile accessory review

Tatasky mp3 infrared accessory unboxing. Its available for 300 Rs from tatasky

Vimeo – TataSky Mp3 accessory Unboxing

How to setup up the universal remote with the mp3 accessory & tatasky mobile app

Vimeo – How to use TataSky Mobile remote

Comparison between Tatasky settop box remote v/s Mobile app universal remote

Vimeo – TataSky Remote Speed Test

Tatasky mobile universal remote is the best option if you want to control multiple devices like tv, dvd and amplifiers etc. If you just have a tv and set top box its not worth the hassle.

There is a few seconds delay which can get annoying after a while. They also need to improve the app ui interface. now you have to fumble 3 screens to get all the set top box controls.

There is not much they can do technology wise, so all we can hope is a iPad app and a better remote interface. I do have to give them credit for thinking forward with such an audacious idea.

Click here for for info on tatasky mobile remote

Listening to music in India

What are the options for listening to music in India at the moment. Here are the sites, apps i found for Indian music.

First source has to be YouTube, just search for any song from any language and you can find it on YouTube.

They also have YouTube app for all the mobile devices. Even if they don’t have apps, their mobile site works well on all the devices.

So YouTube is the first place to look for any song, especially if you are looking for a music video.


This should be your ultimate destination for bollywood music. They have the most cleanest website and app for bollywood music.

They have apps for android and iPhone.

You can save and share your playlists. You can also tweet or like the songs so that your twitter and Facebook friends can find new songs.

Their app is the best around. Its simple and quite easy to use. they even have the low bandwidth options. It works flawlessly with 3G or WiFi.

The only bad thing about Saavn is that they don’t have other languages at the moment.

Hopefully they will add them in the near future.

Vimeo – Saavn app for Android

Click here for Saavn Android app & iOS app


This service has music from many more languages than Saavn. They have all the songs from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and many more languages.

Their website is filled with ads but is useable. They could cut down 1 or 2 ads which could improve the service quite a bit.

Their app is quite buggy at the moment, hopefully they will improve it in future. If you want a app with music from most of the Indian languages then you only have Raaga service there are no other options.

Site is filled with ads and app is quite buggy, if they can do anything to improve both these things their service could be a must have for many.

Vimeo – Raaga app video review

Click here for Raaga Android app & iOS app

Music India Online

This is a website only service, again filled with ad’s why can’t these sites just stick to 1 ad and charge a premium for it.

They too have music from most Indian languages and its easy to use.

They don’t have a mobile site or any mobile apps.

Most of these sites rely on flash so even if they want to they can’t implement mobile friendly sites. Which is quite sad situation, hoping they will bring apps soon for all the major mobile os and compete with Raaga.

Which will be only good for consumers.

Google music India

This is a search function but it presents the music results in a very clean format from where you can also listen to music in a pop up.

If you just want to listen to one song and don’t want to worry about sharing and playlists. This should be your first option.

There is no mobile feature which would have made discovering music on mobiles quite easy.

Nice to see so many music service which are legitimate. If only some one could bring iTunes like purchasing for Indian music at Indian prices. No one is going to pay 45 Rs per song but may be 10 Rs like Manoramic tried. Sadly that site is shutdown, hopefully apple or some other media company provides such service soon. Until then enjoy free streaming music from these services.

Raaga app video review

Raaga is a Indian music streaming app for Android, Its also available on iOS

Vimeo – Raaga app video review


Saavn app for android

Saavn is a bollywood music streaming app for android. It also available for iOS.

Vimeo – Saavn app for Android