Month: October 2011

Rugby World Cup app video review

Rubgy World Cup should be a standard for every live sporting event app from now on.

This app is available on all major platforms. I take a look at three platforms, links to that at the end of this video. And it is really well designed to work with even slow mobile connections.

Good job rugby world cup app team

India mourns Steve Jobs

All the major English newspapers lead with this story. And it was featured on the front page. For a company that has no official store this is remarkable.

Save these newspapers you will not be seeing anything similar for any CEO in a long time to come.

Apple still is a luxury brand only the wealthy in India can afford, but every middle class family dreams of day when they can afford a apple device like the iPhone or the iPad etc.

Even though the mp3 players are quite popular in India, there are very few takers for the pricey computers and laptops.

This post and the story in newspapers only goes to show how big of an impact Steve Jobs has had all over the world.

For me personally he was a design and marketing genius i admired very much. I have followed all the live apple events, through live blogs all through the night since 2003.

And again saw the full press event video in the morning, hoping i would one day afford one of these devices.

Now i am an apple fan boy with iPad, Macbook air, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iMac that i am still currently using. Didn’t buy the iPhone 4 because of the jail breaking issues.

Twice every year it was like christmas for me when apple announced their press event. Even though i was not going to buy all the products. I loved waiting for that date and staying up late to watch Steve deliver his pitch perfect presentations and his magical products.

For me personally my Santa Claus has died so there won’t be any Christmas any more.

RIP Steve we & I personally miss u and your presentations and products. It will not be same with your…

Micromax X40 Review

This is a dual sim projector phone from Micromax. It costs around 4800 Rs – 5500 Rs online, depending where you buy it. The phone features are what you expect from a basic phone with one big feature, which is projector.

This phone only has Bluetooth, no WIFI. You can connect it to your computer with the provided USB cable. It also supports Micro SD but only up to 4 GB, it also comes with 80 MB internal memory.

It has a basic 2 mega pixel camera that can take pictures and also record video.

You can use dual Sim’s with this phone on a 2G network. It has all the basic phone facilities, you can only store 100 contacts in the address book which is a downer.

Its interface is quite simple but don’t expect to install apps. It comes with some java apps like, Opera, Facebook, Mundu radio etc. But using them with the 2G speeds can be quite painful.

So why would you buy this phone then, Its a projector phone at 4800 Rs didn’t you read the top of the blog post. At that price you will accept any problems it has.

Taking photos with the 2 mega pixel camera and projecting them and showing it off, how cool is that. Even iPhone can’t do that. You can also project the video taken by the phone. You can also project simple word and excel documents with this phone but don’t expect to open big presentations.

Videos in 3gp format work well with the projector. Images under 1 Mb work well with the projector.

It can project a screen as big as 55 inches TV at 5 feet distance.

So don’t buy this phone thinking you can watch movies with it, you can’t. Even though you can put some videos into the micro sd card and project it. Finding the small size videos which play perfectly well on the phone could be a problem. They should have provided a software or online solution for this problem.

You can show off your photos and videos taken by the phone. If you shoot them at the right condition videos and photos look quite okay.

The battery lasts two days with the just the phone usage and around 1 1/2 hour with the projector turned on.

Using this phone almost feels like you are in future wonderland, just for that if you can afford get this phone.

Click here to see my video review of Micromax X40 projector phone

You can buy Micromax X40 for 4800 Rs at