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Nee Nenaindal best of indian singing

Just found this video on Youtube recommendations can’t stop listening. Indian singing at its best pure vocals.

If any tamil kid refuses to speak tamil show them this. So blissful and calming…

Indian cricket fans are really angry

Just read the comments to these stories We also won 2-0 in India & No need for anyone to retire – Sehwag

Here are my views

Sachin had the better average of the series of all Indian batsmen. So dropping him is out of the question.

He should be exempt from dropping.

As someone from cricinfo comments said

“I feel that the decision to pick players should be purely based on form. I agree that laxman and dravid haven’t performed that well this series, but has everyone forgotten dravids heroics in England? Yes, I believe that lax should be dropped, but not dravid. I wont even mention sachin being dropped, thats not possible. He has looked the best this series, and has averaged higher than most batsmen this series. The day Sachin retires from cricket, that’s the day i’m done watching Indian cricket.”

The day Sachin is done, that is when i am done with Indian cricket but not cricket in general.

I think many are paid more than they are worth, when you look at other cricketing nations some times it gets to their head.

Sachin should retire but not for this series, but for a more sentimental reason. I want him to stay at 99 centuries. Like Bradman batting average 99.94, Sachin should leave it at 99 as a tribute to Bradman.

But now everyone might say he did it because he couldn’t score, so not sure about that now.

As Gangully was recommending during the match let India youth go and play English county for a season. My suggestion is 11 young players should be selected and sent to play in english county and pick the best who perform there. It would also be helpful to send Kohili and other players.

Give them a break from home series and send them overseas.

Don’t just remove players do something practical that will last.

Xbox 360 new strategy do this in India

Xbox 360 is still a costly console to own for many Indians.

They are offering a free xbox with Nokia Lumia purchase why haven’t they did something like this in India. This will give them a big marketshare in India.

There was a lot of talk about xbox live allowing to rent games in India. Which as far as i know was never implemented. It wouldn’t work because most game are over 4 Gb to download and not many people have high speed broadband connections with unlimited data for this to work in India.

I got the xbox before wifi was standard feature, so i didn’t connect it to internet. Just did recently via network cable, demos are big 1-2 Gb download.

Offer a game renting service similar to gamefly in India. This will get people into looking at gaming as a budget friendly service. This could a big revenue for Microsoft gaming in India.

There is a big market for netflix like service in India. With broadband adaptation so slow a service like netflix or gamefly could really take off in India.

Hope someone at Microsoft’s xbox india team is listening to this. Its not like you will loose much, the 360 is on its last legs anyway.

If it works you could bring the new console on day 1 and have a big market share in India.

People all ready are paying 500 per month for DTH. So if you can provide game rental service at those prices you could really make some money. Gamefly $7.95 (350) and netflix $7.99 (400) charge similar prices in US.

One console to rule them all

After reading this article in which John Davison on why Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony may not stay in the console business much longer

It got me thinking, I can’t afford to buy 3 console every few years like everyone else. Even if i buy 3 consoles buying all the games on them to play, you need some serious money.

It cost 20000 Rs to get each console and 1000-3000 Rs per game. That make this hobby cost more than 1 lakh rupees. Not counting additional services like the xbox live etc.

How nice would it be if we had one console, the software on the console will be designed by Microsoft. But the hardware the console will be made by Sony and Nintendo will only do games for this console. No console of their own.

We as consumers get the best from each of the companies.

Microsoft’s software platform building capabilities and developer tools

Sony’s Hardware expertise and high quality hardware

Nintendo’s fun games to play.

All at a reasonable price because you will not be paying for 3 consoles, instead just 1 console and all the games.

Will this ever happen no it will not, we can always dream right.

My favorites from CES 2012

These are the things that stood out for me at this years CES.

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop this is the future of cooking for me. It costs around 4 lakhs. But it will come down in price and will be adapted by all. Future of induction cooking.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale its simple and uploads all your body data to the fitbit site where its beautifully visualized. Its cheap also.

Lenovo IdeaCenter A720 its the all one that look like imac with a flexible body. Love the fact that you can pull down and use it like a big tablet. It has a touch screen and its cheaper than imac. Hope imac goes this way too.

Samsung inTouch camera you can attach this camera to your tv and get internet and video chatting on tv. This is will good device to buy until you get wifi enabled tv which will be cheaper only 2 to 3 years from now. Until then hook this up to bring your old tv to internet.

Sharp Tv not the big ass tv. In the middle of the video they bring out battery powered tv that you can carry around. Love the idea, hope it comes to market and has 10 hours battery life. There is Toshiba power tv now in the market but it looks as big as regular tv not carry-able.

Samsung and LG OLED TV these cost a bomb now but in future, they will be as cheap as the LCD’s now. So this is the future of tv and loving it.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga unbelievable industrial design. I don’t think this will take off but love the design and the idea.

There were some phone announcements like the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan 2 etc. Also more demos of Windows 8, Nintendo Wii U, Sony Playstation Viva etc. These have been see else where before.

It was tablets galore i don’t think android tablets will take off. It will take release of Windows 8 tablets to compete with iPad.

Google tv will happen but no one will use it at least in India. Unless they some how get on to DTH set top boxes.

Sad trend of remakes and sequels

In hollywood this trend has been going for a few years now. But its starting to take off in India too now.

Its surprising the number of remakes being made within few months of the original.

I don’t mind seeing movies that are dubbed into other languages, don’t remake them again and again.

One such example, many more are out there

in Malayalam as Katha Parayumpol (2007)
in Tamil as Kuselan (2008)
in Telugu as Kathanayakudu (2008)
in Hindi as Billu (2009)

Ghajini, SingamKakkakuyil (made into Golmal) etc

There are many such incidents, either movie makers are out of ideas or getting lazy.

Sequels are also becoming a trend. But most of them have not worked so far luckily.

As a moviegoer we are the ones responsible for this trend. Let us all stop watching sequels and remakes, may be then they will start making new movies with original stories.

Here are some ideas for new movies, just take a history book and look at the number of kings and queens in them. Make movies about them.

Jodha Akbar, which was beautifully made was a big hit. We have such a great culture why are more movies not being made about that.

Audience will appreciate a movie if its made with care. Stop making sequels and remakes and you stop watching them.

Gavaskar criticizes lack of practice, finally

Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out against India team for their lack of practice after their 2-0 loss against Australia.

“Christmas is big in Australia and it’s understandable for Australian players taking off after the first Test. But what were our players doing? Why were not they doing practice? Have they gone there for sightseeing or play cricket?” asked a furious Gavaskar.

Good to see someone finally make a fuss about this.

In 2003 when i went to see a one day match in Bangalore, it was Australia v/s India.

I was in the stadium 2 hours early.

As soon as the teams arrived Australian team came on to the ground systematically started warming up and some fielding as a unit.

Then batsmen and bowlers divided into groups and started practicing their disciplines.

On the other hand Indian team came on the ground just few minites before the match and  their practice was not as structured or as intense as Australians.

No wonder Australians routed India in that match

Would just more practice help their cause, i don’t think so more attitude change is necessary to improve the situation.

Even in the recently concluded test match, when Zaheer was batting in the second innings, Win for Australia was almost guaranteed.

But even then Ben Hilfenhaus dived to save a four which wouldn’t have mattered that much, mind you he just finished his 3 over spell.

I can remember many Indian players who didn’t dive or even put in an effort to stop the ball in Australian first innings. Laxman and Ashwin to name a few that didn’t put any kind of real effort in fielding when Australia where scoring every other ball.

Some big decision have to be made by the BCCI to improve the situation, i don’t think they are capable of those.

Bajaj Auto RE60 could be huge

It’s a new car being developed by Bajaj, even though they claim it’s not a car. It look like a car, has four wheels like a car. Don’t think Nano think more in the vain of Mahindra’s Reva.

They claim it has a mileage of 35 kmpl, if this is true. This car could be huge in cities and metros.

If they price it right under 1 lakh, there is a big market for such vehicles. With parking becoming more and more an issue, vehicles like this could take off.

A good mileage will only help the matter, If they can keep the price under 1 lakh. This could sell in big numbers.

The only issue I have with it, is the style of it. It looks ugly, check out the Tata Pixel the new concept car from Tata. If nano looked like that it could have been a huge hit.

Click here to know more about Tata Pixel

Why does RE60 look so ugly, why can’t it be designed like the Tata pixel, it’s not like people are going to drive this on highway. It will be mostly used in cities under 50 kmph speeds.

So they can add full fibre glass body and not worry about the structure or safety of the car. It will be much safer than the two wheelers.

Can you imagine the sales of a car that looks like Tata pixel costs under 1 lakh and give you 35 kmpl.

Read more detailed review about Bajaj Auto RE60

2011 a personal year review

Last year in every sense was a bad year, personally for me.

But when I look back there are some amazing things that I did even in a bad year. May be this will help you look back at your life and realize that it wasn’t all that bad after all.

Some of the highlights this year for me were.

Attended two world cup matches 

This was a dream of mine, to attend at least 1 world cup match. I saw both of the matches in Chinnaswami Stadium, Bangalore. It’s a 5 hour-long journey for me to get to the ground and was totally worth it.

I saw India V/S Ireland & Australia V/S Canada

For India match I went with friends and for Australia match I went with family. It was really an amazing experience. Glad I went last year, I would have had to wait at least 20 years for next world cup in India, if I missed this one.

Drove car for 450 Kms in a single day.

My biggest drive ever. It took 7 hours. I went to Maruti driving school for a week and then did this drive. Had my license for 6 years but didn’t have the confidence for a big drive.

I did a bike ride of same distance 3 years back. But 4 wheels is the way to go given the Indian road conditions.

It was so liberating, there is nothing like going for a long drive to put your life in perspective. The vehicle was Maruti SX4 by the way.

Been waiting for this at least 6 years.

Watched a new movie on the release day 

I was always afraid to go to movies on a release day because of the crowd. But this time i made an exception and tried it.

I still don’t recommend it, if you want to watch the movie peacefully, too much noise from fanboys. I wouldn’t go for one again.

I am not writing about the movie because it was a shitty one. And I don’t want to give it any more publicity. This was three months back.

But glad I did it once to see what the fuzz was about. But I prefer quietness in theaters so this experience is not for me.

Started stock trading 

I always dreamt of doing trading. Thought it would be a good match with my personality. Even though it didn’t go the way I wanted.

Could not have chosen a worst time to begin trading, but you have to start somewhere right.

Glad I started trading.

Started uploading videos to YouTube

I always wanted to review new gadgets and mobiles. Luckily Nokia started sending a few review units Nokia N97 MiniNokia X7Nokia BH 905i.

Luckily my youtube channel was approved for advertising this year.

More videos coming in 2012…

See even in a bad year there were so many good things. What were yours comment away.

Hoping both you and I will get to do many new things this year.

My 2012 predictions

Many said the world would end. But we are still here… Yay for human race.

How will the coming year be…


It’s such a failure in India that even after 1 year no one i know has 3G, not because it’s not available. But many still think its very costly.

Even I have not yet taken 3G because it cost nearly 1000 Rs per month to get a decent bandwidth connection.

Hopefully the telecom carriers will come to their senses and reasonably price the service in 2012.

There is always the rumor of getting 4G from reliance (Mukesh ambani’s company). Hope it comes soon and give the 3G a run for it money.


Akash tablet was launched last year, I still think if you have the money iPad is the tablet to buy.

That will be the same in the coming year too. There will be plenty of chinese and local tablet manufactures. People will buy them and be disappointed and never use them again.

Apple will not launch a smaller version, but it will launch iPad 3 with double battery capacity of the current model. Retina display is also a sure thing.


More new car models will be launched this year. Reva from Mahindra will be an interesting thing to watch out for this year. If they plan and price it well this car could take off this year. Also new improved nano will see some good sales.

petrol prices will stay the same or could go up, as more problems seems to come up in middle east everyday.

Stock Market

By the end of the year both nifty and sensex will reach their all time highs. Most of the damage has already been done. Its time to go up, but slowly…


Nothing special will happen no new bills will be passed, until the next elections don’t expect any big reforms.

Sooner or later Indians have to realize that local parties can’t be given power. Coalitions governments will never be successful, it will become true as the year goes on.


India is expected to pick up some gold medals at olympics this year. They will but not in major sports like Hockey or athletics etc.  China & America will dominate.

Cricket will see India dominate at home but suffer overseas. I wonder if winning is because of lack of competition from other countries. No other country has genuine match winners.


No new os releases this year, just few updates here and there.

Android will dominate, Apple will keep continue making profits. Kind of dull year mobile os wise. There will hardware excitement through out the year mostly from android.

And apple will release its 1 model. I don’t expect the price of iPhone 4S in india to come down, it will stay they same.


It’s about time for new consoles, Nintendo has already shown its hand, now its Xbox and Sony’s turn. They will showcase their new devices this year but might not release them this year.

Portable gaming will never reach its heyday as iPod touch & iPad will give them a stiff competition.

Sony’s portable viva will be more successful than Nintendo’s 3Ds

It will be interesting to watch, I will do a year-end review of my predictions…

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