101 to do

My 101 Things to do before i die. I will be adding more as time goes on. If you think i should add anything more to this list please comment.

  1. Do bungee jumping – It has to be more than 10 feet
  2. Do sky diving or Base jumping doesn’t count it has to be from a plane.
  3. Visit CES –  Consumer trade show
  4. Visit E3  – The gaming expo
  5. Visit a Disney theme park – Preferably the one in USA
  6. Visit Las vegas
  7. Visit Taj Mahal – DONE
  8. Look at himalayas – in person, climb if possible
  9. Ride a harley bike – Rented one would be fine
  10. Get into a ferrari  – Don’t have to drive just a ride would be fine
  11. Ride a golf cart – It doesn’t need to be on a golf course
  12. Play a round of golf on a golf course – Just one round would be fine – DONE
  13. Go to spanish league football match – Preferably a Real Madrid v/s Barcelona match
  14. Go to english league football match – Preferably a top 4 team
  15. Watch a test match cricket overseas in stadium – Preferably Australia v/s India
  16. Use all gaming device from 1 generation – Portables would be a plus – DONE
  17. Donate a house – Has to be half decent one, preferably in metros
  18. Donate a car – Has to be a working condition one preferably a new one
  19. Visit one olympics as a spectator – Watch at least one event in the stadium
  20. Visit one football world cup – Preferably knock out stage of the tournament
  21. Visit one cricket world cup – Preferably knockout stage of the tournament – DONE
  22. Get a toned body with muscle – Preferably a six pack
  23. Do a long motorbike journey – Has to be a minimum of 500 kms in a single day – DONE
  24. Do a long car journey – Has to be a minimum of 500 kms – DONE
  25. Do an all-nighter playing games – DONE
  26. Do an all-nighter watching movies – DONE
  27. Play in one local sports event – DONE
  28. Watch one rocket launch – Has to go above stratosphere
  29. Own a home of your own – Not inherited
  30. Buy and finish a Lego set with 2000 or more pieces
  31. Finish one full game in single player mode – minimum 10 hours play time – DONE
  32. Be part of television show as audience – as a character would be a plus
  33. Watch a Stand Up Show – DONE
  34. Visit Singapore – DONE
  35. Visit Tokyo
  36. Visit HongKong
  37. Visit Bali
  38. Visit Maldives
  39. Visit Paris
  40. Visit London

Not Interested in them anymore


  • sinha

    u should add wish to meet a football player donate a gaming laptop to someone

    • prasanth

      Nice ideas, i met an medal winning indian olympian Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, he is an Indian shooter who won the silver medal in Men’s Double Trap at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. He was a very humble person more than happy to take pictures.

      Most of the time you will be disappointed in meeting superstars. They are never as good in person as they are in your imagination.

      So will have think about it.

  • anandvarma

    i have same type of Gadgets with few exceptions i have WII, Iphone 4, Mac book Air, Mak book, Dell Zeno attached to 31 inch samsung TV, 5TB hard Disk full of English Movies, Apple TV.

    i like the 101 things. i will also incorporate in my blog.

  • L

    500+ km on a bike in a single day seems unlikely, as the longest tour de france races are about 240 km and it takes the professional racers almost all day to complete such a distance?

  • Alissa

    My list has 32 things on it. Among them: Be an extra in a movie, read the top 100 best books, have a photo published in a book or magazine, learn to meditate, run a marathon, attend a major music festival, pay for someone else’s meal at a restaurant, learn to play a musical instrument (well). 🙂

  • Fred

    That’s a nice list, Prasanth! All I can think to add may be more travel destinations if that interests you, and perhaps another aviation related adventure or two besides skydiving, such as sailplane or ballon ride if any interest in those areas. I’d love to complete many of those items on your list, myself, if I could.

  • Ross Cassidy

    If you ever come to
    Florida, let me know. I can get you in a Ferrari. I work for a dealership.

  • Ryen Bothur

    Perhaps, on one of your travels, try Indian food NOT from India. Just to see the world’s interpretation. I’d imagine there would be differences in terms of spices used and that sort of thing, however, I think it’d interest you to find out the other changes different cultures make.

    • prasanth

      I am kind of curious to try out, especially the Japanese curry. Which apparently is inspired from India but tastes nothing like an Indian curry. I heard that they make Indian food less spicy and sometimes even sweeter too. I want to try some, some day soon hopefully

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