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Rubberband Customer Care Love it

Love the Rubberband customer care. Its hard to see customer care like this now a days. Keep up the good work Rubber band.

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Moleskin Notebook video review in India

Moleskin are the famous hand made notebooks that are used by many well known creative people. These notebooks are on the pricier side at 750 Rs each. But for many they are a worthy investment.

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Encode videos into audio files on mac

When you want to convert a video into audio just double click on the video file and at the bottom of it you will get a encode this option, no special software is needed.

If you select it you will get all these options. From the drop down list select audio only.

First mac will convert the video into apples specific audio files.

You can use these audio files with your iPad, iPod or iPhones. But if you want you can also convert them into mp3 files using iTunes.

The best part of this features is you can do this with multiple files at once. So batch processing works.

Nokia 101 Video Review

Nokia 101 is a basic phone from Nokia available for 1450 Rs. Its has many nice features like fm radio, mp3 player and flash light etc.

Nokia 101 Unboxing

Nokia 101 review

Nokia 101 games

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Tata Safari STORME cheaper Indian land rover

First thing that struck me when i saw the newly released Tata Safari Storme is how similar it looked to the Land Rover.

Both the brands belong to Tata motors so no problem there.

Tata Safari Storme looks like cheaper indian version of Land rover.

Change the front grill and you get the same vehicle.

Land rover has many more luxuries than Tata safari Storme but still at the price point you can’t complain i guess.

Tata Safari Strome – 10 lakh to 14 lakh gives 10-14 Kmpl
Land Rover – 1 crore 5 lakhs – 1 crore 6 lakh

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Staedtler pen sets video review

Staedtler fineliner office pen set

Staedtler fineliner office pen set has all the things that you need for your office or desk. Comes with three pilot pens, a ball point pen, a pen pencil and a marker. Also comes with post it note. The case can be used as stand. This set costs about 640 Rs.

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Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens set

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens set comes in many colors and a nice case which converts into stand. This set costs about 690 Rs.

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IAC is a political party?

Indians Against Corruption is now a political party.

First every party asks Anna Hazare movement to get into politics now they complain that the IAC is acting like a political party.

I really think IAC should not get into politics.

They should be a organisation that keeps all the parties inline and raise any such allegations before they have happened.

How cool would it be if Prime Minister of India come out and ask supreme court to setup a special bench and look at every political party and its leaders and ministers and report with in a months time.

Then take action against all the individuals who are found corrupt.

At least we can dream of an out come like that. It will be only a dream i know…

Indians were richer than Chinese

Rediff interviwed Michael Silverstein and Abheek Singhi, co-authors of The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India

Some of the amazing facts from the interview.

In China, there are 1.2 children per family, while it’s more than three in India.

We really need to control our population more people need to educated about this problem.

Twenty-five years ago both countries had similar percentage of people who lived in rural areas, but China created new cities, invested in infrastructure and today more than 50 per cent Chinese live in urban areas, while only 30 per cent Indians live in urban areas.

Over the course of next 10-20 years, that number in India will be around 35-37 per cent, while in China it will be close to 70 per cent.

This is a big one, we need to better plan our cities and stop all the nonsense about immigrants from other states, for God sake we are all Indians. Also do a better job of getting more struggling rural people into urban areas.

About 80 per cent women in China are in workforce, while in India it’s significantly lower, so that’s a major difference.

First we need better protection for women, we all should be ashamed with all the rape cases showing up in the news. Secondly make it requirement to hire a good percentage of women in all companies especially for office work.

It will take four years for Ikea, a Swedish home products company, to open its first store in India – and that says a lot.

If a big conglomerate takes this long to set up shop in India. What hope do regular Indians have. All the necessary steps should be taken to improve the situation.

We should make it easier especially for Indians to get loans to setup shops etc. Much more need to done in this area.

Kind of mind boggling facts, hope our politicians and industry leaders know about these facts and are trying to improve the situation for a better India.

If only they had time left from scams and elections…

You can read the full rediff article about ‘Indians were richer than Chinese’ here

Stylus for iPad, iPhone and other Capacitive touch screens

This is a cheap Stylus that works on any capacitive touch screen device. You can find it on eBay for 115 Rs.

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