Month: November 2012

Apple build quality thats what you pay for

Apple products in India cost 2 to 3 times as much as other brands. But why you should still pay and get an Apple products.

MacBook air costs as much as 3 times the regular laptop. But why would anyone pay that much money. You might think it’s for the design etc, which is beautiful by the way.

But why I paid so much money to get my Macbook Air was the build quality and endurance. My last 3 laptops have been from other companies like Compaq, Acre and HCL. None of these laptops lasted more than 1 year of my heavy usage.

I use my laptop at least 8-12 hours per day. So the laptops needs to be very well build. Even after two years my Apple Macbook Air is working wonderfully, touch wood. It’s still has the amazing speed and battery life.

This laptop is the first one where I never had to carry adapter. If I want to just browse for a few hours I never take the adapter. I take the adapter only if I want to watch videos for few hours. Which is amazing, never been able to do that with other laptops.

Even after two years of heavy usage the laptop and the battery life is intact.

This is not just one of case I have had similar experience with other Apple products. My previous Apple laptop is working in full condition even after four years. I just needed to replace the battery after 3 years. The Macbook is successfully running in its 4th year.

iPhone I bought the first one and after 5 years it’s still working. It has changed hand so many times. But still works and even the battery on the iPhone is as good as when it was bought. The two years I used it I was very rough with it. Never had any screen protector or case for it.

iPod Nano been using it for 2 years and even after a glass cracking fall it’s still works. I think this too will last for a few more years. It even had many falls after the glass breaking fall, still works without any issues.

I even know a guy who has his 5-year-old white polycarbonate Macbook still working. Its has been so roughly used even I felt sorry for it. But still its working…

So when you buy an apple product think that you are paying extra for the build quality and it’s totally worth it in the long run.

Siku Refuse Truck video review

This is a toy dump truck made by Siku. Siku makes amazing replicas mostly of construction vehicles. They are well made and heavy. The collection is quite big.

You can get more info about Siku toys

These toys are also available in Hamleys toys store in India

India’s highest paid women bosses for 2012

Fortune magazine came out with the list of highest paid women bosses in India, and these three women were the highest paid women ceo of 2012.

First place goes to Kavery Kalanithi of Sun Tv with a whopping 57 crores. The Sun tv Group earned a profit of 1,831 crores during this same period. So its good to see she is being rewarded for her work.

It’s good to see Indian women doing so well in managing these companies.

But top 4 women on the list are family members of the majority stake holder of the companies meaning their family owns most of the company. First independent ceo comes at 5th place and she is Vinita Bali, MD, Britannia Industries at Rs 5.7 crores.

Would have loved to see more independent women in the top 5.  Another thing to note is that ICICI Bank MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar scored 8th on the list with pay of Rs 4.24 crore, is named as the most powerful woman in Indian business for the second consecutive year by Fortune.

One World Futbol give one if you can

Similar to the One laptop per child program a group has developed One World Futbol.

Here is why the One World Futbol is so special

The One World Futbol can be played on any surface, anywhere not just grass or regulation soccer fields. Unlike other sports balls, the skin of the One World Futbol won’t wear off no matter how abrasive the playing area. The ball requires no pump or needle and will never go flat even if punctured.

See the ball being tested by kids and true to its name its works as advertised.

They have a buy one give one oneworldfutbol program. It costs 2200 Rs to give a football and get one yourself, if you can afford to give one please do.

It will bring joy to many kids for years to come. Planning to do this myself for my birthday…

Nerf Lazer Tag is this the future of toys

Nerf Lazer Tag toy gun costs 4,172 Rs on Amazon. Before you ask why is this toy so futuristic take a look at the video below of the toy gun.

Just a few years back this technology was seen only in movies now its even in toys. You can use the phone screen to play virtual games, even multiplayer games.

The phone screen transforms the toy gun in to a virtual super toy. If only they would port real shooting games with this toy.

Still kind of amazing tech for just a toy gun. Future of toys looks very, very interesting.

This toys is not available in India at the moment.

Also good to see how Apple is allowing others to use it platform to do interesting stuff.

One families struggle against the system

One families struggle against the system, Mr. Luo Baogen and his wife have refused to move out of their home saying the relocation compensation offered would not be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding.

It’s amazing that a family can stand against local government even in a country like China. How many countries can this happen, not India or many arab countries etc.

But is it worth it?

AZ: Top 20 Coolest Anime Characters

I am not into Manga or Anime of any sort.

But this video countdown of the top 20 Anime characters is the best I have seen of any video countdown.

The amazing commentary by gigguk is funny and really entertaining. I watched the whole 2 hour series which was split into 8 parts in a single go.

Now I am a subscriber to gigguk youtube channel even though I have no interest in Anime or Manga.

He is really entertaining and if you are into those stuff its a big plus. His commentary is so good I wish he would do top 20’s for movie characters, music, etc.

I watched almost all of his videos on youtube in a single sitting which shows how funny and entertaining this guys is.

Do check his videos out.

The Dark Knight Rises special effects revealed in dvd

This clip show how the spectacular stadium scene was done in The Dark Knight Rises.

More details about the special effects when the movie Dvd releases in few days times.

Buy The Dark Knight Rises DVD from

Buy The Dark Knight Rises Blueray from should get more news time

Found about this wedding portal for Indian brides and grooms who are against Dowry. Its kind of sad that we need a specific wedding portal that says I don’t want dowry to solve this age-old issue.

It’s good to see at least IdontwantDowry.Com is doing this great service. This website is run by NKG INFO SERVICES PVT.LTD, Hyderabad. And its free to register your profile on the website.

They are also organising meet up events which is a great thing. Every parent in India should look into this portal and try to abolish dowry. This custom has no relevance in this day and age.

Shame on all the other wedding portals. They should have done something like this long ago. At least ask their members to report if any marriage proposals were stopped because of dowry issues. And then ban and report those users who asked for dowry.

If you are planning to buy a Tv here are some suggestions

1. Don’t go for the biggest size, look at the space you have and see what size tv do you need. (40 inches needs at least 5 feet viewing distance)

2. LED tv’s are thin compared to LCD but once you put it on the wall it doesn’t matter if its 2 inches or 10 inches.

3. Now above 40 inches are all the rage, if you go for a 40 or below you will get a good price almost half the price.

4. In most showrooms brightness is set to maximum which you will never use at home, it’s too bright. So reduce the brightness to half and see if it looks good and then buy.

5. If money is not an issues go for LED or stick with LCD. If you have HD set-top box LCD is more than enough.

6. Don’t get stuck by all the specs, look for what you need and if its good and in your price point buy it.

7. Think about the HD content expenses too. You need a HD set-top box to hook up with your LCD or LED tv. HD set-top boxes from Tatasky, Reliance, Dishtv etc cost around 5000 Rs. You will have to pay around 4000-6000 Rs per year as subscription fees for HD channels package.

8. Bluray and HD dvd players are also priced around 5000-10000 Rs. Blurays costs 500-1500 Rs, so take all this into consideration before buying.

9. USB content playback is a plus on tv, make sure it plays usb videos too.

10. More the HDMI ports the better, Wifi is also a good thing in tv’s now a days.

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