Month: December 2012

Cheapest mp3 player you can buy in India

I bet you can’t find cheaper mp3 player anywhere. This one costs 160 Rs.

You can get it at eBay

Vishwaroopam DTH release nice idea but

Kamal Haasan is releasing his new movie Vishwaroopam a day earlier on DTH. Its made with a budget of 95 crores (most tamil movies are made with budgets below 50 crores) by his own production company Rajkamal International. Hope its a success and many more movies go this route…

So, Sun DTH, Dish TV, Airtel DTH, Videocon DTH and Reliances Big DTH will offer subscribers the Tamil version of the actors movie at 9.30 pm on January 10, though the theatrical release would only happen the following morning.

It will cost you 1000 Rs to rent this movie for a day. Thats costly to me, i am not sure what price i am willing to pay for a newly released movie in my home.

If they want me to do it every week it has to be below 100 Rs. People can’t keep buying 1000 Rs movie every week. When they go to cinemas it’s a different matter because they are getting a bigger picture and a different atmosphere.

Most tv’s at home are small and no way match that experience so can’t except viewers to pay the same price or more.

It’s a nice idea but with this price point, I think it’s designed to fail. It’s sad because it’s a nice way to watch movies without going to cinemas.

I am on tatasky so I can’t watch it, never planned either too costly for me…

via DTH plans for Vishwaroopam

Tata Housing sells 150 luxury homes in 2 days

Tata Housing new project called Primanti sells out in just 2 days even with 2-3 crores price point.

All the news about Indian real estate business being in bad shape are not true i guess. At least in the premium luxury segment of the real estate market.

The odd part is the facilites on offer are not even that great. I guess its the location, check out the video to see the project and its features.


White tiger ecologically irrelevant animals


Only humans can do this to animals for their own pleasure. They are inbred and a disorder is exploited to make more white tigers…

White tigers are white because they have two copies of an extremely rare recessive gene found in Bengal tigers (the gene has never been seen among pure Siberians or other subspecies). A very few white tigers were seen in the wild in the early 20th century. On the face of it, being a white object in the Bengal tigers’ tropical habitat of India and Southeast Asia can’t be good for a predator that needs to be camouflaged.

via White tiger: Zoos shouldn’t raise these inbred, ecologically irrelevant animals.

Candy portable speakers video review

Candy speakers is a portable speaker with 6 hours battery life.

It costs about 800 Rs and is available from

PS3 game rentals in India by Moviemart video review

You can use this service to rent PS3 games in India. It costs about 250 Rs per month per game.

With prices of PS3 games going at 1500-3500 Rs per games this is a nice way to try out few games.

You can even get two games at a time by paying higher membership.

Get more information at

Mobile charge holder video review

This small piece of plastic comes in quite handy when charging mobiles or any other gadgets.

You can get two for 99 Rs on eBay.

Small price to pay for the utility they provide. A must for travellers especially with mobile which have small charging cords.

This video review is brought to you by

Victorinox 7 function pocket knife video review

Victorinox makes some amazing pocket knifes. This one costs around 700 Rs and has some nice tools to make it the best travel companion.

Its has amazing build quality for its size. I highly recommend this knife.

If nail cutter was also included this would have been the ultimate travel companion.

Buy Victorinox 7 function pocket knife from Flipkart

Beware of Mosiquito repellers video proof

This video was an accident. i was using my laptop and saw smoke coming from the plug thought it was my charger. But after removing the charger, found that smoke was coming from the mosquito repeller.

Thats quite a bit of smoke that we inhale every night.

Enter Neckband mp3 player Unboxing


This is the perfect mp3 player for work outs and wire free audio entertainment. The best part is it costs less than 500 Rs.

Review coming soon…

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