Month: February 2013

Lemon Kitchen Timer video review

This kitchen timer doesn’t look out of place in your Kitchen. It costs 150 Rs (3 dollars).

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Invisible Ink Pen video review

Things written by this pen can only be seen with the help of the light on the cap of the pen. You can get three of these pens for 90 Rs (2 dollars). It will make for a cool kids toy.

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Knife ball point pen video review

A must for every guy out there. Will make for some interesting writing. You can get 3 of these for 90 Rs (around ).

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Sony blew ps4 announcement by streaming it


If Sony was smart this is what they would have done.

What is the point of showing next generations games on pixelated ustream.

Couldn’t they have done live tv coverage in HD. Even if they had to pay channels to telecast the event.

That would have given the gamers a better sense of how high quality these games are.

As the user will be watching the footage on his big screen HDTV and he can be easily convinced of the benefits of next generation gaming.

They wouldn’t have to worry about pixelated view which most people saw while streaming on Ustream.

If not live they could have prerecorded and shown it at the live telecast time.

They were the first to do it so they had a great chance to get a few gamers on their side.

Unlike other events gamers have to see on big screens how good these games are to put their money down in this tight next generation console War.

Sony just missed a good opportunity, what will Microsoft do.

Peach Memo Pad video review

Memo pad shaped like peach fruit. Makes for an interesting item on your desk. It costs about 60 Rs (around )

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Tic tac smaller pack video review

The new Tic tac smaller pack is really cute. Its the same candy in smaller pack. It costs about 4 Rs (7 cents) compare to bigger pack 12 Rs (22 cents).

The plastic container for the smaller pack also comes handy in saving sim cards, and micro SD cards etc. Its quite sturdy and safe. I tried to put the lego mini figs inside it but its a little smaller for that.

No more press event unless you have something to show


All the tech sites and news sites should grow some balls.

All of these sites in single voice should announce that they will not cover any future events. Unless the itinerary is announced ahead of time.

No more hyping and covering every event the company puts up. This is the second time this is happening. Samsung did this at CES and now Sony with Playstation 4.

What is the point of announcing such events if you have nothing major to show.

By doing this you are leaving many question in peoples mind about why you couldn’t show the console.

Is it not ready, was this event just to buy some time. Who is this helping, not Sony i think.

So stop these unnecessary press conference before you lose your actually customers.

Stapleless Stapler video review

This stapler needs no pins. It can hold together few pages quite easily, don’t expect pin stapler like hold. Quite a unique idea… It costs around 250 Rs.

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Crowd source education hope this becomes a trend


Heard of this guy called Shubhashish Nichani, who is doing crowd sourced funding to fund his MA degree in the UK

He has been working as a journalist for the past 5 years, and want to go abroad and finish MA degree in the UK.

He is even promising to return the money with interest once he finishes.

If I knew even a little bit of coding I would have built a site similar to kickstarter for education in India.

There is a gem of idea in there someone polish it and we might have a very good thing on our hand.

This way anyone can study what ever they want even if they can’t afford it. We can help each other out, without worrying about banks.

Try to contribute to Shubhashish

Silicon Sports Watch video review

This is the cheapest watch i have found so far. For 100 Rs ($2) i got two watches. No watch straps to worry about just wear it like a band.

This item is available on eBay

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