Month: March 2013

Designs of the Year 2013 my picks from it

Design Museum has announced their list of 99 nominations and India design firms have also won spot in it. Full list of Design Museum can be see here.

The Telegraph has some picks from the Design Museum list. My favourites form it.


Colalife is a clever way to transport medicines into remote part of the world piggy backing on commercial products like coke cola. This is what design should always be, find a new and easy way to do things.


Mando Footloose a bike without a chain designed by Mark Sanders. Its electric bike that recharges when you peddle and that how you move.

Very clean and unique design, it can be folded up for easy storage. If all that wasn’t enough, it even works as an exercise bike inside the house and keeps charging while you exercise.


This table looks beautiful. Its made of acrylic so you can actually this as a table. Its designed by Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher. They work for Zaha-hadid architecture more pictures are available there

Artsy’s Zaha Hadid page

LiquiGlide is desgined by Kripa Varanasi an Indian, who runs MIT’s varanasi group Lab for Nanoengineered Surfaces, Interfaces, & Coatings. Amazing stuff more videos about LiquiGlide can be found here…



Dekho is a book on Design inspirations from India. Its Designed by and Indian firm called CoDesign. Its good to see such small design firms doing world accolade producing designs in India. More work by CoDesign can be found on their website, looks impressive work. This book can be purchased here…

Tell me you heard of Popatrao Pawar, amazing Indian


Popatrao Pawar the village head of Hiware Bazar in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Who has accomplished amazing feets for his village.

Before he took over the reins, the village suffered many problems: there was hardly any agriculture in the village from a lack of water, causing villagers to migrate elsewhere as daily wage labourers; the school was non-functional; domestic violence and village fights punctuated lives as alcoholism was rampant; and the surrounding eco-system was seriously degraded.


His village had all the problem any other village in India has and this is how he improved them.

Now there are decent-looking houses all over and villagers look content, glowing with happiness. The monthly per capital income has crossed Rs. 30,000, and in a village of 235 families and 1,250 individuals, there are 60 millionaires!

Thats an amazing accomplishment, he did all this while dealing with major issues like water, caste, religion etc.

Its a welcome change to know about people like Popatrao Pawar. Who are trying to improve India like this. We need people like him in national politics.

The most amazing thing is after all this

In addition, Pawar has stepped down from the village headman’s position (remaining as deputy sarpanch) to allow a woman to replace him.

This is unheard of when people so hungry for power a man is willing to give it up.

Read more about how he transformed his Village to 60 Millionaires! and also Popatrao Pawar profile here.

Google reader was bound to fail, just too much

I have been using google reader on and off for a few years now. I know why the usage was down, and why stuff like google reader was never going to survive.

There is just too much news out there.

You might say there was always too much news out there. Let see how i used google reader.

I had about 30 feeds in my google reader. Everyday i had more than 1000 stories to read. No sooner i finished them more were coming in.

Here are some examples

Techmeme before you would only get about 10 stories a day. Now it crosses 200 Stories per day.

Before just reading engadget or gizmodo was fine. Now you have to add Verge into that list and all of them have tripled their stories per day. Each one publishes nearly 100 stories per day.

Even if i just hit mark all as read next day there will be 1000 more stories. Unlike regular webpages, Google reader remember every story until you read it.

This is the reason why people were using less and less of google reader and why flipboard and other apps have become popular.

Flipboard if you miss one day, new stories are ready next day. You don’t have to worry about old stories. But in google reader they will be waiting for you to read and clean, which is one more chore people had to do every day.

This is why facebook and twitter are also popular. You can hop on when you want to read few stories and just ignore when you don’t want. There is no unread tweets section etc.

With so much information out there google reader was bound to fail.

Now that google reader is going away i will just stick to few sites and read them on the web. No more feeling guilty of not reading..

Anil ambani’s new house is a good thing for India


We don’t have rappers or celebrities who live extravagant lives.

So we have to settle for ambani’s.

Anil ambani’s house is warming on March 12th. Many celebraties from all film industries are invited for the event.

It’s 120 metres long and has a race track and a stable for horses. Also a big garage for his Ferraris.

The total cost of the house is 4000 crores. But less than his brother Mukesh Ambani’s house.

Unlike others I am happy for them, Indian youth need role models and their life style mighty inspire many youth to do much better in life.

I want a cribs like show in India so that we can see how these houses look and all the facilities inside.

If we can’t afford that life style at least we can live vicariously through them.

At least invite some bloggers and let them cover it via blogs, invites please…

How to zoom text using mobile video review

By using this trick you can zoom any smaller text. This tip seems quite obvious but because its too obvious we will not think of using it.

And that the reason for doing this video