Month: August 2013

Kaun Banega 7 Crorepati

Now Kaun Banega Crorepati prize money has gone up to 7 Crores in its 7th season.

I personally haven’t ever seen a full episode of the show so far. But i have sent in sms once or twice because of pressure from family members. Never went past that round though.

The big reason for me not watching the show is, it takes so long for the quiz show to start.

I prefer my quiz shows like the mastermind one. Where its all about quiz, not people praising the host, story about the participants life etc. Search youtube for bbc mastermind to see the show i am talking about.

DIdn’t know what Ndtv meant until now

NDTV means New Delhi Television.

I thought it was something like News Direct to Viewers or something like Nayi Drish Tumari Vikas 🙂 etc.

You learn something new everyday.

What happens when 3D fails Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo just announced that they will be launching a newly designed Nintendo 2DS. Which will remove 3D from the Nintendo 3DS games.

Its not always good to jump on the bandwagon too quickly, like Nintendo did with 3D. None of the newly announced next generation consoles even talked about 3D.

Nice info graphic about indian currency and movie earnings


Only three movies so far have crossed 200 crores mark in Indian film History even with inflation adjusted figures.

Inflation-adjusted 3 Idiots beats Sholay, Mughal-e-Azam, Chennai Express as Bollywoods biggest blockbuster ever.

Comments are not that bad after all

Some times the comments are more fun than the news story.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch is real, and it’s not a phone | The Verge.

Read some of the comments of this news on The Verge.

I’m so ready for the war of watches

It’ll be well worth watching.

I clocked what you did there.

It was well timed

So many good puns.

Counter app idea someone please make it


Just like the name says, it counts stuff.

Here is the idea

You take a picture of what you want to count. Then draw circle around what you want to count. Now app tells you how many similar shaped items are in the photo.

App uses image recognition technology and figures out how many similar shaped items are there in the photo.

I don’t know how much more tech is needed for this app. You can all ready do facial recognition live, so i bet you can do pattern recognition in a static photo pretty well.

This app could come handy when you want to count people in a photo, books in a shelf and items on a table etc

If you have change in your pocket you can just spread it on a table and take a picture, the app does the rest.

So many more uses for this. You can point it at a building and count the number of bricks, floors, windows etc.

You are free to take the idea and make it, i would love an app like this.

Sabrina fossi’s minimally clock


Sabrina fossi’s minimally clock is a really interesting product you can buy it from here. It costs 6300 Rs.

I have done a small change on this brilliant and minimal design. If Sabrina Fossi is reading this, please copy this and make this version too.

Here is my design


Some amazing facts about Indian coffee shops


Cafe Coffee Day is the leader with more than 1,500 stores in India
Barista has more than 100 stores
Lavazza has more than 100 stores
Costa Coffee has more than 100 stores

Starbucks has 18 stores in India (they only started in 2012). They plan to build 100 more by next year and are planning to invest 150 crores.

How big is Indian coffee market its 1,400 crores annually. All these coffee facts are from here

Will this make the coffee shops more competitive bring the prices down?

Will the local coffee shops close down?

Only time will tell, but when you are charging 50-100 Rs per cup of coffee, local coffee wala’s don’t need to worry.

I have only ever tried the Cafe Coffee Day, i am not a big fan of it. I still prefer the local coffee shop.

Why can’t some Indian brand start a franchise of local coffee Indian style with no cream and foam bull shit. Just plain Indian coffee with some good Indian snacks at a reasonable price, throw in free wifi. The market is quite big enough for big profits…

Dhoni’s Fitsoul sports stores


Indian cricket skipper is starting a new sport store and website for sports equipment called A similar type of site was launched by Mahesh Bhupathi Indian tennis player who started

Unlike other sports start promoting stuff. These two players are actually putting the money into the venture.

Dhoni’s sports store has very big plans for India.

Fitsoul will have about 2,000 stock-keeping-units in categories such as apparels and sport-related products including footwear. The company hopes to clock revenue of over Rs 300 crore.

Most of the brand stores will be in sizes ranging from 500 sq ft to 1,200 sq feet to keep the investments low. Singh said a 500 sq feet store would be set up with an investment of about Rs 20-22 lakh. Fitsoul also has a store in Brisbane in Australia.

Its really a good time for sports enthusiast in India. Now there are so many good places online that sell sports equipment like, and

Who will win time will only tell, i have only ordered from playgroundonline and it was a nice experience.

Mahabharat on September 16 on Star Plus

I have been eagerly waiting for the series to start. I still remember those memories of Childhood when i use to sit and watch Mahabharat every sunday morning on Doordarshan.

Even though many series have come after that, nothing felt like it was up to mark of the old one. After seeing the promos for the new star plus Mahabharat i am really excited.

After working at it for four years, producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary is all set to launch his grand TV show, Mahabharat, on September 16. Touted to be the most expensive project on Indian TV so far, the show has apparently been made on a budget of Rs. 100 crore.

via Mahabharat: the most expensive Indian TV show at Rs 100-crore? – Hindustan Times.

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