Month: September 2013

India is not chaotic – Devdutt

If you haven’t heard of Devdutt Pattanaik, you should learn more about him. He is a mythologist, who is trying to look at India’s problems and issues through mythology. And trying to figure out if there are any moral solutions to our problems.

via India is not chaotic : Devdutt Pattanaik at TEDxYouth@DAIS.

Every entrepreneur or politician or just regular folk like us should listen to him before we go and disrupt the Indian way of living. This video gives you a good example of what he is trying to do. There are plenty more on Youtube if you are interested.

PS: He is the creative head of the new Star Plus Mahabharat Tv series. Only 9 episodes in he has done so many insightful moral explanations all ready.

Watch the series to see Mahabharat through a new moral view. He has some amazing insights into Mahabharat. He always says this is what they are saying and now you decide. Just like how Krishna does the expositions every other episode ending them with “aap swayam vichar kijiya”, loving those by the way…

Redesigning Mailbox for iOS 7

When app developers think they have been given the freedom to make a beautiful simple app. I think Apple is doing its job right.

Simplicity is not the absence of clutter — it’s getting to a place of almost naive obviousness, where what you need to do seems clear and inevitable.
Jony Ive

When the operating system designer, thinks like this. Its only going to get better.

Redesigning Mailbox for iOS 7 — What I Learned Building — Medium

Apple vice presidents still prefer notebooks over iPads


Apple’s Jony Ive and Craig Federighi are seen clutching and holding to notebooks in this photo. While they are recommending iPads to rest of us.

I am not complaining, i love how even the people on the bleeding edge of tech, still prefer old technology to keep their thoughts organised.

Its kind of cute to see the world leading tech companies vice president still use notebooks rather than iPads.

Craig Federighi looks like he is clutching to a moleskin notebook. I don’t know what type of notebook Jony Ive is using. Love the colour of Jony Ive’s notebook. If anyone can figure it out, i would also like to know what pen he is using.

What is Deja Vu?

I first learned about Deja Vu from the movie The Matrix (the first movie or the good one). When Neo sees the cat twice just before Morpheus is caught.

I have experienced this my self quite a few times even though it was not as dramatic as the movie, its really a strange and wonderful feeling.

Kind of amazing that after all these scientific advancements we still can’t explain this phenomenon.

Our brain is more complicated than anything out there in the real world. Its humbling even when we have advanced so much in our scientific knowledge.

Aerial Laser Tag by Top Gear

I have stopped watching Top Gear this year, can’t stand their antics anymore. I prefer the car shows like this now PetroliciousCo and Rosenthal Automotive

Still top gear sometimes does some outrages stunts that only they can do.

Aerial Laser Tag by Top Gear.

My dream home by Tengbom architects


Tengbom architects design is like my dream home. I want this home on a small piece of land with a small garden.


I know people usually go for extravagant houses as their dream homes. But i want this simple small home.

I bet it doesn’t cost that much to build this home.

When there is less and less space available in India, houses like this are a great solution for everybody. If you can manage to live in place like this.

More pictures of tengbom architects small house designs are here

I Forgot My Phone sad reality of our times

I have to admit, i have tried to escape from many such situation using my phone.

The good thing about these phones is that you will never be bored again. But you will also never experience anymore.

The phone are here to stay, we will have to better manage our time with them.

Nissan’s Nismo watch is as good as apple design

Sadly its tied to its motor sport’s car line. But has some nice features, especially for daily travellers.

Nissan’s no stranger to conjuring up ideas outside its wheelhouse, but we still didn’t expect the company to join the smartwatch fray. The device, if and when ready for commercial release, won’t be a staunch Galaxy Gear competitor, though — it’s being developed specifically for the Nismo motorsports line. Since it’s meant for use by racers, it’ll monitor and analyze a vehicle’s performance, and, as a nice bonus, even a driver’s heart rate and social media presence.

If Nissan can make something like this, can you imagine what apple’s design team can make.

Worlds Greatest Drag Race 2013

Every year MotorTrend does this drag race with all the top cars in the world.

These are the cars for this year. I have added their indian prices for your consideration from (nice site for indian car prices)

Nissan GT-R Track Edition – 62 lakhs
SRT Viper – (Not available in India)
Jaguar F-Type V-8 S – 1.62 crores
Aston Martin Vanquish – 3.85 crores
Mercedes-Benz E63 S AMG – 1.29 crores
Bentley Continental GT Speed – 2 crores
Porsche Cayman S – 94.51 lakhs
Audi R8 V-10 Plus – 2.14 crores
Mercedes-Benz SLS – 2.52 crores
AMG Black Series – 2.52 crores more
BMW M6 – 1.64 crores
Ford Focus ST – (Not available in India)
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S – 1.39 crores

I will not spoil the winner, all i can say is Sachin Tendulkar has one of these.

Apple puts customers first Samsung ?


Just look at this simple cable to see how both companies see their customers.

This is the new USB 3.0 cable for newly released Galaxy note 3. It looks awful, they could have put customers first and designed something thats easy to use. Instead they go for this ugly cable.


Where as Apple introduced their new cable last year saying they could not make their phones smaller with old cable.

Some of the features of Apples lightning cable

It is non-directional and can be inserted into the device with either side facing up
It gives more power for charging than USB 3.0
It gives a nice click feedback when you insert the lightning cable, unlike previous 30 pin cable
It only has a small port on the device which means smaller and nicer designed phones.

So with this simple cable you can see how both companies think of innovation and customers. There are many such examples, i am using this easy example to show the difference.

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