Apple could make it even better

Just saw the Apple Better Video. I love that a company as big as Apple is putting so much effort into being eco friendly.

But i can’t wonder how much more they could do if they just launched a solar product.

Imagine if they could release a solar rechargeable pack.

Here are some suggestions.

They could release something as small as iPhone, when you leave it in the sun for full day it could recharge the iPhone for few days. It could even give notifications when it needs to be charged or when its full.

You could also join few of these and charge your iPad, Laptops etc.

I bet there is a big market for a good solar powered battery product.

With the kind of R&D they have they could get better power conversion rates every year. And with in a few years time something the size of iPad could give you enough power to run your home on solar power.


They all ready sell a rechargeable battery product. But its just AA batteries.

Even just making the iPhone solar powered they could make a huge dent in power consumptions and global warming.

Apple entering the Solar market place could be the revolution the solar industry needs.

They have enough cash to even go and acquire companies that are doing some amazing work in this field and integrate it into their products.

So Apple can make it even better if they want to.


  • LW

    I don’t understand, your opinion on Apple is very naive. Apple doesn’t care about being durable or eco friendly AT ALL. Their products are designed in such a way that you’ll want to buy a new one every two years or so. Also the only reasons their products are affordable is that they are made by oppressed minimum wagers, having horrible lives with no prospect of improvement. You should take a step back and realize that Apple is a perfect example of a company taking advantage and even encouraging greed and indifference in people, with profits being the sole purpose.

    • prasanth

      I only buy them for these reasons below

      First about the products I use them because they are reliable. My current laptop is an apple laptop and it’s been working for 4 years now. Before that i used laptops from other companies and had to buy 3 in 2 years because they broke down.

      How good are they the 1st generation iPhone is still working after 6 years, still using it on a regular basis.

      So as you can see their devices are durable and cheap when you consider how long they work. No agenda here, just a user looking for best product.

      About bad conditions at manufacturing, you only know about these because of apple. They are doing auditing and stopping contracts to the people who are not following their guidelines. Again more can be done and they are trying unlike other companies.

      Do you know it’s not Just Apple many manufactures like Samsung, Sony, all of them manufacture in similar condition. But Apple is at least doing something about the situation.

      It’s a company why wouldn’t it try to make profits. Tell me about a company that doesn’t make products for profit. I will buy products from them.

      I have no agenda here, I am not asking you to change your opinion I am just saying why I use their products.

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