How to show long text on iWatch


There is a lot of talk about iwatch or smart watches etc. But the big problem all these devices have is the screen can’t show too much information.

It can show you a notification but not the full text. What is the point of getting a notification if you again have to pick up the phone to read it.

So what is the solution, its quite simple. No new inventions necessary.

Imagine a smart watch with speed reading as a way to show text on it. That way you don’t have to show a lot of text on screen. Just one word at a time, so reading a small sms or a breaking news headline is easier this way.

Check out how Speed Reading works here

But limiting to one word even a small screen can be used to show a lot of text. Small screen means great battery life.

Imagine this scenario, when you get a breaking news alert. You will get a notification on phone which will be a small icon based notification.

When you click on the screen it will show the breaking news headline one word at a time. That way in seconds you can read the whole headline no scrolling or any other touches necessary.


  • Shivam

    Visiting after 2 yrs , some major changes but its still as good as it was and its 2 yrs and u still have the same dp

    • prasanth

      Welcome back, i occasionally blog so haven’t taken time to change it. I am more into doing youtube videos now, you can get to them from videos on this blog.

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