Month: September 2014

How to bend iPhone 6 Plus


I am the first to admit that iPhone will bend when enough force is used. Its made out of metal and it is thin.

But the way its being demonstrated in the video you can clearly see, where his fingers are etc.

If he tried bending galaxy note similarly, he would get the same result.

The metal band around galaxy would help a little but it too would show the same result.

So stop trying to bend your phones and start using them. Phone are not meant to be bent.

Apple watch home screen on an iPhone


This was a line in the comments i found while reading about apple watch. It was written by Razilla.

Also, suppose the home screen app-universe could be a peek at the iPhone and iPad evolution?

This would make for an interesting interface on phones and tablets. Why would you want to scroll 10 pages to open one app.


I know you could search for the app easily.

But most of the time you don’t remember the apps name because they are usually spelled weirdly.

This interface would make it quicker and easier to open apps on iPhone. It will also differentiate them from others like android and windows mobile etc.

via Not a Hobby โ€“ Rands in Repose.

Why Apple watch has no self charging mechanism


I found this comment on this very interesting review of the Apple watch by hodinkee.

No one talked about self charging, so these rough calculations will give you an idea why its not possible.

By Eugene Kim G Y on hodinkee

With the amount of charge a smart watch would have to hold, it would require some serious “self charging” to keep it going.

Here is some very rough napkin math that might not even make sense but let’s try since I’m curious.

A normal automatic watch requires about 6 hours of activity to keep going? 6 hours is a lot (for a desk worker), but so is the recommended 3000 steps per day so let’s say they are roughly equal. A watch running on a button cell will last 2 years at roughly 300 mAh, which equals to 730 days of 3000 steps or 2.19 million steps. Again, it’s probably not correct to say that they are equal, but let’s say they are for the sake of napkin math. The newly released Moto 360 also has a 300mAh battery, but goes through the battery in a couple hours but let’s say one day to be fair. In order to keep a 300mAh battery charged daily, it would require 2.19 million steps per day using a normal automatic winding mechanism.

If Apple created a mechanism 10 times as efficient as a normal automatic watch wind, that would still be 219,000 steps per day. Let’s say you still need to charge it, and the self charging mechanism just helps prolong your battery life. A 3 day battery life will require 657,000 steps but 219,000 of those steps will already be accounted for due to the full battery. So over three days, 438,000 steps need to be accounted for. which is a little better, but not by much. In reality, with a 10 times more efficient self-charging mechanism, a full day of activity (6 hours of active motion) will only charge your battery by about 1.5%, or about 7 minutes of battery life.

Maybe I should have gone with solar?

Now go on and comment about how ridiculous my calculations are, it was just for fun anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰

I haven’t asked Eugene Kim G Y permission, but hope he doesn’t mind it. Very interesting…

Why donโ€™t we have some of these features in our cars yet

Ford 021C Concept Car

This was designed in 1999 for ford company by Marc Newman. So many good ideas and still no one has implemented them even after 15 years.

Why build such innovative concept cars, when you have no plans of using those innovations.

Can you imagine how many they could have sold if they actually build that car in 1999.

Even now we see, so many concepts with amazing ideas. Why waste such innovation.

I think every one of these features can be implemented easily and cost effectively now.

Every car you see on the road has the same basic looks and features, so disappointing.

See more pictures of the Ford 021C Concept Car here