Why don’t we have some of these features in our cars yet

Ford 021C Concept Car

This was designed in 1999 for ford company by Marc Newman. So many good ideas and still no one has implemented them even after 15 years.

Why build such innovative concept cars, when you have no plans of using those innovations.

Can you imagine how many they could have sold if they actually build that car in 1999.

Even now we see, so many concepts with amazing ideas. Why waste such innovation.

I think every one of these features can be implemented easily and cost effectively now.

Every car you see on the road has the same basic looks and features, so disappointing.

See more pictures of the Ford 021C Concept Car here


  • cineman

    Pictures link not working.And a draw like boot is a joke it will take away rear leg room.

    • prasanth

      Its fixed now.

      It wouldn’t take extra room inside the car, than a regular boot would. It will just slide out making it easier to load and unload. It will occupy the same space a regular car boot would, but it will be on rails allowing it to slide out to load and unload easily.

  • Alissa (greenconverse)

    I love the swiveling seats. That would make it so much easier for people who have mobility issues. Although I’m sure it would have to have a lock on it so that you wouldn’t drive around a corner and suddenly be facing backwards 🙂 haha

    I also love the colors. Cars are always the same old boring color combinations, inside and out.

    • prasanth

      The chairs would have similar auto mechanism as the doors, which get locked when engine starts.

      I agree with the colors, millions of colors are available, why is every car in the market available in 3 or 4 same colors.

      Thank you for Checking it out and commenting.

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