Some interesting TV shows

Since everyone talks about the popular shows. I will tell you about the ones that you might not have heard of.

List below is as i am remembering them not rating

8 Out of 10 Cats – Funny panel show about polls, its on youtube

Absolute Power – Comedy about a PR company with Stephen Fry

Archer – Animated spy show for adults

Bob’s Burgers – Quirky animated show

Benched – Comedy show about Public defenders

Better Off Ted – Comedy about a R&D lab in a fictional company and its workers

Episodes – Matt LeBlanc’s fictional life

Grand Designs –  Building houses from start to finish its on youtube

Fresh Meat – Fun show about college roommates

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell – Funnier than daily show, its on

The Thin Blue Line – Funny show by Rowan Atkinson as an inspector, its on youtube

The Thick of It – Comedy about inner workings of British government

Would I Lie to You? – Funny panel show its on youtube

Yes Minister – Comedy about A Government Minister

These are the ones that come to mind now. Yes i watch lot of shows and love comedy.

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