Month: September 2015

Here’s the best way to guess correctly

But I remember times when I made a correct choice, then changed my mind and was wrong.
This happens for two reasons: First, humans naturally have something called an endowment bias, where we feel strongly attached to things we already have (our first instinct, in this case).

Often, you’ll hear people say that you should “trust your instincts” when making decisions. But this isn’t necessarily true.

We don’t want to give it up, and we feel especially bad when we give it up and it turns out later to be correct. We remember these instances vividly and thus they seem to be very common, even though all research shows that they are less common.

Source: More here Here’s the best way to guess correctly

Its interesting to see how brain is so selective about memories. Even knowing these facts will not help in fixing it.

3D Touch from Apple is for advance users

I think 3D Touch is for advance users. I am surprised apple didn’t market it that way. Listen to my theory first.

If you are a normal iPhone user you just use your iPhone like before, nothing changes. But if you are a advance user who is willing to put in more effort to learn you could do things much quicker.


Open the camera app and click on the front facing camera icon to switch the camera. Then take a selfie. This is how most users use it.

Or 3D touch the camera app to get a menu to go to selfie camera directly.

This is a clever way to add more complexity to iPhone, but still keeping it simple for regular users.

How Apple Built 3D Touch

Ive would rather be sentenced to life with a flip phone than subject his designs to focus groups, so when the company makes a change like 3D Touch, its business plan, basically, is to trust that he and his team are right.

Source: How Apple Built 3D Touch