How can you buy iPhone, don’t you know about suicides

I really like to know what you use.

Hope its not from one of these companies

Acer Inc
Apple Inc
BlackBerry Ltd
Motorola Mobility

Also hope you don’t own any of these BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

All of them were one time Foxconn Major customers.

How many other manufacturing companies working standards do you know about.

At least in this case you found about these practices and Apple is doing something to prevent it.

How many other companies are even talking about doing anything…

Google samsung manufacturing cancer.

The workers had to take samsung to court before they even apologised.

I am just saying that all the companies are guilty of doing it.

At least in my opinion Apple is doing something about it. Auditing, cutting contracts etc. If we start looking at stuff like this, we should stop using oil, clothes etc.

Don’t even google how many issues oil has.

So i am trying to pick the lesser of the evil out there. I am willing to pay 20-30% more for my iPhone if all the workers were well treated and well payed.

But sadly that is not how this modern economy works. Thats the sad truth we all have to live with no matter which company we use.

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  • Fannypack

    I’m glad you touched on this. The prices of some things scare me, and yet I’m so accustomed to how “low” they are. I guess the sad truth is cheaper manufacturing needs to come along before any real change is made. Affluent trends to buy more expensive goods can only really stay trends if the lower class cant afford it. Or maybe we need to improve and better integrate how technology enables and individual to be their own producer/assembler/distributor so that it no longer makes sense to mass produce as many things. But then my thoughts go to transhumanism and downloading knowledge matrix style lol.

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