Global Entity for Human Race advancement


Why don’t we have a global entity that is doing research not for profit but for the advancement of human beings.

Sadly so many advances in the market are driven by economic’s rather than real advancement.

We could make cures for many of the diseases, but sadly there are no economic incentives to do it.

Pharmaceutical companies have more incentive to treat cancer than cure it. So they will never advance to curing cancer or any of the major diseases.

So we need a global entity that can do research for the advancement of human race as a species and not worry about profits and economic feasibility.

For example if Elon Musk was given a few billion dollars, he could make the colonisation of Mars reality. But sadly he first has to build a profitable company before he can achieve this.

Once they find a break through they could license the technology to couple of companies to bring it to market at a reasonable price.

This could be funded through a patreon like a campaign. Where each month you could donate $1 for this cause. Even if 10% of the population funded it, we could generate 1 billion per year.

If we get more funding we could create contests where first person or company, to come up with an invention that is required could get a huge prize money.

Those who fund could even vote on the projects that needed to be worked on.

So is anyone up for it.


  • Greg

    What you’re saying makes a lot of sense – unfortunately it seems that every innovation we make as a species is tied to profit in some way.

    I think there are good things about this system and many bad things. My hope is that as automation replaces many jobs – people are able to spend more time working on the things they truly care about.

    Have you seen this?

    This is a really great idea – and could be a good review for your channel.

    • prasanth

      Hoping automation is the answer we are looking for.

      Didn’t know about the edible spoon. Saw few edible bowls and glasses. Very interesting product, but not on sale yet.

      I contacted the makers and all they could say was ask me to contact again in May. Hope it comes to market soon.

  • Robert

    That is a really genius idea! An invention contest where the invention has to be useful but not profitable.

  • JS

    The volume level in all your new videos since the beginning of this year has decreased so much that it’s almost impossible to understand what your saying. Please go back and compare and hopefully you can fix this issue. Thank you.

    • prasanth

      I was traveling so the place I made the videos was noisy so reduced it a bit. I have done quite a few videos with this setup. Can’t do anything about it now. It will change back to old volume by the end of the month. Sorry this is the problem with making videos so far in advance I can’t make any changes.

    • prasanth

      Thank you for letting me know

  • JS

    Hi – Just to let you know that every video posted has been almost impossible to listen to since I last mentioned. The volume level is way too low & I must admit I literally switch off within seconds. Hopefully yo can adjust the volume back to what it was soon. Good luck with it.

    • prasanth

      Thank you for letting me know

      There was buzzing sound so I had to reduce the volume, sorry.

      It will be back to normal around middle of march

      I do videos quite far in advance so can’t make any changes to them now, again sorry.

      Now I am almost finishing the videos for April, hopefully they will not have any audio issues

      Thank you

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