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Waterfall between Hotel

Built into the side of a former rock quarry, the Shimao Wonderland Hotel takes full advantage of its unique location. Situated a short drive from Shanghai and scheduled for completion in the near future, the hotel will feature 380 rooms spread across 19 stories

Source: Shimao Wonderland Hotel

The rooms next to the waterfall would be so relaxing, but how safe would this be from floods etc. I guess a dam is a wasted space, this is a unique way to use it.

You can now do Latte Art

In 10 seconds, the machine will turn the top of your fancy coffee drink into the image or phrase of your choice.

Source: You Can Now Take Any Image And Make It Into Latte Art

Print ads on the coffee and give the coffee away for free.

Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen design flaw

It’s important to note that the S-Pen can go in backwards with zero force. The pen is the same shape for its entire length, making backward insertion just as easy as forward insertion. It’s something that a person could conceivably do if they weren’t paying attention, and it’s definitely something a small child would do.

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I am always skeptical of such design flaws. This looks like the same thing they said about iPhone 6 bending issues. Its not like people will actually bend their phones.

Having said that i will say i am more likely to put the stylus backward than accidentally bend my phone.

Literally walking toward better ideas

The creative habits of Demetri Martin


I like to go for walks, ideally in places where I can daydream without getting hit by a car or anything like that. I do my more stationary work at home—on a treadmill desk. It gives me the experience of walking without having to turn around and come back. It feels productive and futile at the same time, much like my career.

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This works both ways you get the excercise and the free time to think. Don’t forget to take few walks outside too.

The missing nutrients

A vegetarian diet is not just low on proteins, it may lack other nutrients too. Here’s how you can change that


Iron is required to make haemoglobin and its deficiency may lead to anaemia. Plus, our immune system is dependent on it for smooth functioning.

Get enough: Since most good sources of iron are non-vegetarian—chicken, eggs, sardines—it is hard for vegetarians to get adequate iron. The issue is compounded by the fact that the body does not absorb iron from plant foods as well as it does from meats. To get iron from plants, you need to consume a larger amount of vegetarian products. Sprouts, beans, seeds (sesame, sunflower and pumpkin), mushrooms, iron-fortified cereals and nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts) are good sources.

To improve iron absorption, consume enough vitamin C alongside. Ideally, pair them together: Add lime juice to pomegranate juice, add orange along with seeds and nuts to your salad. Have more broccoli and potatoes (they contain both vitamin C and iron), suggests Tandon.

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With Fresh vegetables becoming costlier and harder to find. You need to put in extra effort to make it a more complete diet.

Some interesting TV shows

Since everyone talks about the popular shows. I will tell you about the ones that you might not have heard of.

List below is as i am remembering them not rating

8 Out of 10 Cats – Funny panel show about polls, its on youtube

Absolute Power – Comedy about a PR company with Stephen Fry

Archer – Animated spy show for adults

Bob’s Burgers – Quirky animated show

Benched – Comedy show about Public defenders

Better Off Ted – Comedy about a R&D lab in a fictional company and its workers

Episodes – Matt LeBlanc’s fictional life

Grand Designs –  Building houses from start to finish its on youtube

Fresh Meat – Fun show about college roommates

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell – Funnier than daily show, its on

The Thin Blue Line – Funny show by Rowan Atkinson as an inspector, its on youtube

The Thick of It – Comedy about inner workings of British government

Would I Lie to You? – Funny panel show its on youtube

Yes Minister – Comedy about A Government Minister

These are the ones that come to mind now. Yes i watch lot of shows and love comedy.

My picks of games and trailers from E3 2015

No Man’s Sky

This is the game i am most excited about. Can’t wait to play, and explore. Sadly no release date yet.

UNCHARTED 4 – A Thief’s End

This games looks really good, have played uncharted before so excited to play this one too.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The demo was amazing, i will never play that seamlessly. Looks quite fun.

The Last Guardian

Looks epic and very interesting


The CGI video looks very good wonder how the game looks.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal

Amazing reveal trailer

This Is Just Cause 3

So much fun stuff to do in the game

South Park- The Fractured But Whole Reveal

Very funny reveal trailer

HoloLens Minecraft Demo

Nice demo but wonder how it will work while playing

Nothing excited me from Nintendo’s press event.

I think Playstation won this years E3.

My Real Madrid team for next season

I miss those days of Real Madrid, when there were stars like Raul, Iker, who were amazing but relatively unknown outside Spain.

Real madrid was more about team performance than Individual players.

When a player came in to the team he was there for few years and some times decades.

Now its like a bus stop every season so many players come in and so many leave.

I want the old madrid back. After this years horrendous season we have a chance to rebuild. Here is my team for next season.

GK Iker Casillas

DF Raphaël Varane
DF Marcelo
DF Dani Carvajal
DF Sergio Ramos

MF Luka Modrić
MF Isco
MF Toni Kroos
MF Martin Ødegaard

FW Karim Benzema
FW Jesé

The list is what my current squad would be. Even is they don’t succeed, one thing is for sure they will definitely play as a team.

Hala Madrid

Notifications are the new Spam


Now everyone is on mobiles, so companies are using notifications to spam people.

The old email spam still exists but the notifications are becoming the new spam.

Every app from games, shopping and social networks are pushing so many spam notifications. That many are actually turning off notifications all together.

But unlike the email spam with the notification spam user has so much more power.

If companies don’t use notifications carefully they will pay a heavy price for it.

Lets take a small example.

I have installed about 5 shopping apps on my mobile. I downloaded them to see how easy it was to use them compared to their websites. Most are very good compared to the websites.

So good job there, but then they started bombarding me with notifications everyday.

But unlike email notifications which are harder to unsubscribe. Now all i need to do is stop notifications for the app.

But its so much easier to just delete the app especially on iOS.

So if companies don’t use notifications carefully, they will pay a heavy price.

They are wasting an important tool like notifications, use it wisely before you lose your customers all together.

Mobile spectrum auction should be about cheapest price

If you don’t know Mobile Spectrum auction is going on at the moment and it has reached 1 lakh crores so far.

Its good that Government gets a one time big payout when the auction ends.

But it also makes the mobile data and call prices higher as the companies have to charge higher prices from consumers to make profits.

Shouldn’t the auction be about which company can provide faster and cheaper data and voice service.

For example

The auction guideline should be who can provide 10 GB of data usage at 8 Mbps data speeds per month. They also should set a base price like 250 Rs per month. This is just an example these can be set by whats reasonably possible.

Now companies bid on how much cheaper they can provide the service etc.

Once the cheapest price is found, multiply it by the total mobile users in that area. You get the price the government gets for spectrum every year. It also could be a percentage of that price like 75%, leaving 25% profits for the mobile companies.

This would get cheaper prices for mobile users and also regular money for Government.

With mobile usage being cheap more data related apps and services will come up. Which in turn will provide more jobs and prosperity. Everyone wins in this situation.

No wonder we have to pay 250 Rs for 1GB of mobile data in the current situation.

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