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Websites for mobile Internet use

If you are using the web on your mobile through gprs or if your are using web on a dial up connection check these sites out they are made for mobile. So they will load fast and will get all the news and other information you want quickly. If you are using mobile try turning off the images to keep cost low. There is that option on all phones so check it out. Here are all the links. The first link is like a portal it has all the link divided into categories like news, e-mail etc. es/ /links.html ~plinkit/ /bookmarks.html /treo600/ /PDAfriendly.htm

Microsoft giving free vista beta cd’s in India

I went to their site and they give you a quiz and I was taken the quiz and i got 6 of the 8 questions right and when the results were shown above them there was link that showed would you like to receive vista beta cd’s. When i clicked it asked all the address details etc and said thank you we will send the cd’s soon. But you need a Hotmail account or Microsoft passport and be careful there are plenty of place they are asking if they could contact you just remove the ticks before submitting. So now i am waiting to get the cd, i cannot download it because its around 2 gb or something like that. Even if it get i have no powerful systems to install them on but it will be cool. Go here give it a try

Desktop has come long way


It has come a long way has it not. Man would we have been using the net this much if we were still typing command and doing like 10 steps to write a note. So its a welcome thing. Vista I heard is really beautiful, when you run it with all the effects turned on. go here to see all of them…

moto Razr gold for 25000 Rs


There are ads airing for this in India on channels like star world and others. I found a picture of it. Guess how much it will cost. 25000 Rs that’s quite reasonable when you see that its gold plated. But I think it will be twice that in India. If you can find one…

Stay home that’s safe

With things like this only home seem to be the safe place. This gun is not only small but it can kill you too. What will they come up next grenades that will be so small that they will fit in mouthfresh packets that can be thrown at will.

TV news channels are nuts

Yesterday when there was a bomb blast in Sri Lanka. There were quite a few causalities. But the Indian news channels were not worried about that they are more interested to know if the tri series cricket tournament will continue or not. Come on guys there are much more important things in life. While they were showing that news below the news scroller said “BCCI is in contact with the team management” and not about the casualty or something like that. There is something wrong with that isn’t it

Safe browsing in office

rediff for office browsing

If you want to browse from your office without getting caught here is another link you should try. It Removes everything but the text and make it look like word document. Sometime it better to read some sites like this than go to the actuall thing. Som of the site have so much clutter that this is the best way to read them. This could also be used for doing cut and paste because it will remove all the junk its easier to copy ad paste. Click here

Check this link out. play station magazine editor wants xox 360 and not ps3 that is really surprising in the article she goes on to tell that they don’t get free hardware. You would have thought they get free stuff, come one sony look into pr too.

You will use 104 mobile phone before you die.


How do I know this. Here is the simple calculation it could go few here on there.

average lifetime of a mobile : 6months

average human life time : 70 years

age to get your first mobile : 18 yrs

Thats 52 years of mobile using age so   52 X 2 = 104 mobile.

Now calculate that comes up to 104 mobile in your life time no wonder then mobile companies are coming up with new models everyday. So many new models that unless you are in some kind of contract you change you mobile in six months. I have kept mine for over a years now but not because i don’t want a new one but because i cannot afford a new one. So even if you change half as less and live half the time you will still be using around 50 mobile. So go figure, So its okay drop your old phone and get a new one. you will in six months so why wait.

Is he the best thing behing any wheel

He has won seven championships in formula one and still going strong and yesterday he completed a hat rick of wins in this years championship. This guy is so good that the governing body for the formula 1 had to change the rules just keep others competitive. This could be the first time something like this has been done in any sport, changing the rules so that others could compete. You still don’t know whom I am talking about, I will give you one more clue he is the highest payed sports person. Still nothing okay then he the one and only Michael Schumacher. What a driver what a person and what an human being. Enjoy the legend while you can. Don’t miss the last few races of this season because this could be his last year.

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What is the life time of a mobile in reality

Many analysts and marketing guys have different view but how many days does the mobile last in real world. From what i have looked in person, i managed to keep the phone for 2 years but that’s not because of choice, because i couldn’t afford the new one i want. Many people i have seen are changing their phones in six months time. So as far i can think six months is the maximum i have seen people keep a cell phone. And the biggest reason for people to change the camera is, new features it could be either a better color screen or even better camera etc. Its always wanting phone to do more things. The biggest push now seems for the music player. So people, do want many features in their phones and they are willing to change their phone quite often. There are cases where people keep it for more than six months that usual because they are bond by the contract or they have paid too much like a PDA or a phone that’s cost more than the average one around.

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