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Writing from the 128k broadband country.

I am a gadget freak. i die for is the list of the gadgets i have.Mobile: Sony Ericsson T630(i know its due for a change)Mp3 player : Non braded 256 mb player(dreamin of an ipod)Camera: Nikkon 2100( It will do for now)Computer: It’s an intel branded one watch for a review.By the way i run an internet center so i get to use the net all day. It’skind of my dream job and i am doing it.

Nokia 2100 my first mobile phone

This is my first mobile, i bought it in 2003. I bought it for nearly 7000 Rs which would have been 25000 Rs now a days.

It was pretty big deal to have a mobile. It had a monochrome display and very little memory. I used it for 8 months, during the last few months, i got pretty good at navigating the phone that, i could go into any menu using just numeric keypad.

The best feature about this phone was its size, it was so small.

This was my humble entrance into mobiles.

Digital Dairy

Palm m100 РMy first pdaThis PDA I bought in 2003. It cost me around 8000 Rs, which was quite a bit of money in those days.It had a monochrome screen, I use to keep my calendar and contacts on it. I used it to read stuff and keep to-do lists etc. It ran on two AAA batteries, which lasted nearly a month of good use.Other than the broken battery cover surprisingly, it still works well today too. I am not using it anymore, its in storage.Casio Business Navigator BN10 РMy first pdaThis was my  first digital diary. I went to buy a thin client or a laptop, but they were costly. So i went and bought this thing. The amazing thing is after nearly 10 years it still works. Runs on

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