Notifications are the new Spam


Now everyone is on mobiles, so companies are using notifications to spam people.

The old email spam still exists but the notifications are becoming the new spam.

Every app from games, shopping and social networks are pushing so many spam notifications. That many are actually turning off notifications all together.

But unlike the email spam with the notification spam user has so much more power.

If companies don’t use notifications carefully they will pay a heavy price for it.

Lets take a small example.

I have installed about 5 shopping apps on my mobile. I downloaded them to see how easy it was to use them compared to their websites. Most are very good compared to the websites.

So good job there, but then they started bombarding me with notifications everyday.

But unlike email notifications which are harder to unsubscribe. Now all i need to do is stop notifications for the app.

But its so much easier to just delete the app especially on iOS.

So if companies don’t use notifications carefully, they will pay a heavy price.

They are wasting an important tool like notifications, use it wisely before you lose your customers all together.

Mobile spectrum auction should be about cheapest price

If you don’t know Mobile Spectrum auction is going on at the moment and it has reached 1 lakh crores so far.

Its good that Government gets a one time big payout when the auction ends.

But it also makes the mobile data and call prices higher as the companies have to charge higher prices from consumers to make profits.

Shouldn’t the auction be about which company can provide faster and cheaper data and voice service.

For example

The auction guideline should be who can provide 10 GB of data usage at 8 Mbps data speeds per month. They also should set a base price like 250 Rs per month. This is just an example these can be set by whats reasonably possible.

Now companies bid on how much cheaper they can provide the service etc.

Once the cheapest price is found, multiply it by the total mobile users in that area. You get the price the government gets for spectrum every year. It also could be a percentage of that price like 75%, leaving 25% profits for the mobile companies.

This would get cheaper prices for mobile users and also regular money for Government.

With mobile usage being cheap more data related apps and services will come up. Which in turn will provide more jobs and prosperity. Everyone wins in this situation.

No wonder we have to pay 250 Rs for 1GB of mobile data in the current situation.

This is the future i dreamed about


Just saw this new animation video of how the Falcon Heavy rocket of SpaceX will work. Its straight out of sci-fi movies. If this doesn’t inspire a generation of scientist, i don’t know what will, just breathtaking.



You only seen guided rockets used for destruction, these are being used to take the species to other planets.

Its not just animation videos, they have already tried to land a rocket vertically and it was pretty close. They should be able to perfect it within in few years.



All this is going to happen pretty soon.

When Falcon Heavy lifts off later this year, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. Thrust at liftoff is equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft operating simultaneously.

If you don’t know about SpaceX, its Elon Musk’s company. Which has already launched many successful rockets and even done cargo missions to International Space Station.

When ever you lose hope on our species, just watch this and be inspired.


This is a comparison of stats and info about top youtuber and an small youtuber from India.
Marques Brownlee did a AMA on Reddit recently and he answered quite a few questions. All the info in this post is from there.

Before i begin i am a big fan of MKBHD, love all his videos.

MKBHD channel is called MKBHD but username is marquesbrownlee
Prasanth K channel is called Prasanth K, but username is prasanthblog (all this problems because of google+) (i Think this was after youtube success) (started before youtube channel)

MKBHD started 6 years back, he does everything
Prasanth K started 2 years back Same here

MKBHD has 1,998,958 subscribers and 185,787,674 views
Prasanth K has 3,159 subscribers and 1,788,165 views

MKBHD has 701 videos posts roughly one or two every week
Prasanth K has 1200 videos post 1 everyday two sometimes

MKBHD top video is iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display! has about 8,053,970 views
Prasanth K top video is How to disable the Shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S2 has about 65,778 views

MKBHD shoots with

4-Bank of Lights (Fluorescent) x2: $500
Canon C100.......................: $4,375
Panasonic GH4....................: $1,999
13-inch Retina Macbook Pro.......: $1,899
Epson Artisan 730 Printer........: $375
Nexus 10 Tablet..................: $349
Sony RX100 Camera................: $410
Manfroto Monopod.................: $75
Manfroto 504HD with Tripod.......: $750
Manfroto 502HD x2................: $380
iFootage Shark Slider............: $730
RED Scarlett.....................: $14,000
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 x2............: $1,600
Anton Bauer Battery Pack x2......: $700
Canon 17-55mm F2.8...............: $880
Canon Tokina 11-16mm.............: $500
Canon 70-200mm F2.8..............: $1,430
Philips Hue LED x6...............: $180
BlueLounge SUMO..................: $18
Various Phones x9................: $5,400
Hi-hat Tripod....................: $280
iPad Mini 128GB..................: $660
Nexus 5 Wireless Charger.........: $50
Fuji X100S.......................: $1,200
Colorware Apple Keyboard.........: $175
Magic Trackpad...................: $75
Logitech Performance MX..........: $100
Perixx Mousepad..................: $12
OFC Express Stands...............: $100
Asus PQ321Q x2...................: $3,000
iKey-Audio M505V2 x2.............: $330
FocusRight Scarlett 2i2..........: $160
Audio-Technica ATH-M50...........: $180
Sennheiser MKH416................: $1,000
Zoom H4N.........................: $200
Mac Pro..........................: $8,099
BlueLounge Cable Box x3..........: $90
Various Battery Chargers.........: $100
Total............................: $52,361 3141660 Rs

Amazon link (This is MKBHD’s Amazon link)

Prasanth K shoots with

iPhone 6:........................: $883
Manfrotto Pixi Tripod............: $41
Zoom IQ5.........................: $133
13-inch Retina Macbook Air.......: $1,200
Foldio Photo Studio..............: $50
Various Battery Chargers.........: $100
Total............................: $2407 or 144420 Rs

(I used to do videos with Canon 550D, but much easier setup now.)

MKBHD does 4K Video
Prasanth K I do 720p video (because of bandwidth issues uploading)

MKBHD video file size was 8GB in size (his highest i think)
Prasanth K is 750 MB (my highest nearly 20 minutes in length at 720 p)

MKBHD has Wifi from Optimum – 135 down, 35 up pays less than $100/mo.
Prasanth K has broadband from BSNL – 2 down, 512 kbps up pays $20/mo.

MKBHD pays his bills and some out of youtube (he buys all his gadgets)
Prasanth K I barely cover my costs, just about make it every month (I buy all my products too, which are quite cheap. I only received about 10 products in 1200 videos, i have a playlist of all of them)

I think he does it because he loves doing videos, same here its just a fun hobby for me.

All this to give you an idea of how the top of the youtube and the bottom of the youtube looks.

How can we be buying fossil fuel motorbikes in 2014


If someone said to me in 2000, that even after 14 years you will still be buying pretty same motorbikes as today. I would have thought you were joking.

Seriously how can we be still have no electric or solar option. Most of India has sun through out the year and still we can’t make a solar bike.

I bet almost all the city bikes need range of less than 50 Kms per day. Can’t we get that with solar even after all these years of innovation.

Each company is selling roughly 100000-200000 units per month. The leader Honda sold 4,38,521 units in just one month.

Why isn’t government making it illegal to sell bikes that use fossil fuel. They should set a date of like end 2015 no more regular bike can be sold.

Then see these companies innovate.

Unless something drastic is done pollution in cities is only going to get worse.

Give two to three years time for cars too. Only give license to auto and buses that are solar or electric. Subsidize if necessary, you can make that up in healthcare benefits you will save.

This is 2014, just remember that

John Wick a must watch movie



If you are a fan of action movies this will make you happy. If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves you will love it.

Its been a while since a nice action movie came along. The fight scenes are something special.

I especially love this movie because there are so many sceens where you are expecting them to do something. But the resist the temptation, and do something even better.

Like for example when you two people are fighting near a big glass, you are expecting them to break it like every other action movie. But they resist and do something even better.

There are so many such scenes where you are expecting the scene to go like all the other action movies, but it goes the other way.

During the gun fight scenes if the characters start using hands, they will forget that they still have the gun. But not in this movie.

Just the way Keanu Reeves hold the gun, feels so authentic. Why can’t other actors do some research and training before doing movies.

There is even a good enough story to make it a good movie. If i had to find a fault its the villain actor Michael Nyqvist, i wish a better actor played that role. That would have made this a classic.

There is a chance for a sequel too, hope it comes sooner.





Tablet and phone combo idea


The tablet will be a regular 7 or 9 inch tablet with just wifi module in it. It will have a big battery too. But the phone is where all the magic is.

It will magnetically connect to the side of the tablet. It will charge like this too.

Phone will be small like the current iPod nano size. Big enough screen to use comfortable when away from tablet to make calls and use camera.

The phone also has all the important modules like camera, sim, gps etc.

When you are going out just snap the phone off and go. It has the modules so you can have all the necessary tools when you are away from home.

When its connected to the tablet it uses the connection to charge and also allows tablet to use the sim and camera modules if needed.

Also tablet can use the phone screen to show notifications. If you want to bigger look at them you can swipe them on to tablet to open the app, or dismiss them from the phone itself.

The place where the phone and tablet connect will have edge to edge screen to make it feel like one screen.

When the tablet is turned on you could use the phone screen to show additions stuff like twitter feeds or something else.

All the technology is available right now, hope some one comes up with the combo soon.

How to bend iPhone 6 Plus


I am the first to admit that iPhone will bend when enough force is used. Its made out of metal and it is thin.

But the way its being demonstrated in the video you can clearly see, where his fingers are etc.

If he tried bending galaxy note similarly, he would get the same result.

The metal band around galaxy would help a little but it too would show the same result.

So stop trying to bend your phones and start using them. Phone are not meant to be bent.

Apple watch home screen on an iPhone


This was a line in the comments i found while reading about apple watch. It was written by Razilla.

Also, suppose the home screen app-universe could be a peek at the iPhone and iPad evolution?

This would make for an interesting interface on phones and tablets. Why would you want to scroll 10 pages to open one app.


I know you could search for the app easily.

But most of the time you don’t remember the apps name because they are usually spelled weirdly.

This interface would make it quicker and easier to open apps on iPhone. It will also differentiate them from others like android and windows mobile etc.

via Not a Hobby – Rands in Repose.

Why Apple watch has no self charging mechanism


I found this comment on this very interesting review of the Apple watch by hodinkee.

No one talked about self charging, so these rough calculations will give you an idea why its not possible.

By Eugene Kim G Y on hodinkee

With the amount of charge a smart watch would have to hold, it would require some serious “self charging” to keep it going.

Here is some very rough napkin math that might not even make sense but let’s try since I’m curious.

A normal automatic watch requires about 6 hours of activity to keep going? 6 hours is a lot (for a desk worker), but so is the recommended 3000 steps per day so let’s say they are roughly equal. A watch running on a button cell will last 2 years at roughly 300 mAh, which equals to 730 days of 3000 steps or 2.19 million steps. Again, it’s probably not correct to say that they are equal, but let’s say they are for the sake of napkin math. The newly released Moto 360 also has a 300mAh battery, but goes through the battery in a couple hours but let’s say one day to be fair. In order to keep a 300mAh battery charged daily, it would require 2.19 million steps per day using a normal automatic winding mechanism.

If Apple created a mechanism 10 times as efficient as a normal automatic watch wind, that would still be 219,000 steps per day. Let’s say you still need to charge it, and the self charging mechanism just helps prolong your battery life. A 3 day battery life will require 657,000 steps but 219,000 of those steps will already be accounted for due to the full battery. So over three days, 438,000 steps need to be accounted for. which is a little better, but not by much. In reality, with a 10 times more efficient self-charging mechanism, a full day of activity (6 hours of active motion) will only charge your battery by about 1.5%, or about 7 minutes of battery life.

Maybe I should have gone with solar?

Now go on and comment about how ridiculous my calculations are, it was just for fun anyways 😉

I haven’t asked Eugene Kim G Y permission, but hope he doesn’t mind it. Very interesting…

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