Why don’t we have some of these features in our cars yet

Ford 021C Concept Car

This was designed in 1999 for ford company by Marc Newman. So many good ideas and still no one has implemented them even after 15 years.

Why build such innovative concept cars, when you have no plans of using those innovations.

Can you imagine how many they could have sold if they actually build that car in 1999.

Even now we see, so many concepts with amazing ideas. Why waste such innovation.

I think every one of these features can be implemented easily and cost effectively now.

Every car you see on the road has the same basic looks and features, so disappointing.

See more pictures of the Ford 021C Concept Car here

Phone with two batteries the mobile utopia


Phone with two batteries the mobile utopia

Why hasn’t any company ran away with this idea. Here is how this will work.

Every phone comes with 2 batteries in the package.

The batteries are not small ones. The whole back plate is a battery. You can put a bigger battery in it, like 4000 mAh X 2 batteries thats 8000 mAh. Which should give 5 times the capacity of any current generation phone.

You don’t plug in the phone to recharge.

The battery plugs into the wall directly. Once its full, it will switch off automatically.

Now you just swap it with your phone and put your old one there to charge.

Changing the battery pack will be easy, no need to remove the cover etc. Just press a button on the device and the battery pack will slide down.

The phone will have a small battery which is non removable which has 5% charge.

So when you remove the battery your phone will stay on using that non removable battery and this will give you enough time to change your battery.

Just slide the charged battery and be on your way.

So no more half charges etc, when traveling just take both the batteries.

Until we can get a decent solar or other type of batteries this is a great alternative. Really surprised that no one hasn’t done this already.

Flipkart product range is huge

Total products being sold on Flipkart 10335642 products.

The costliest item on Flipkart is this book – Notices of Sanskrit manuscripts855014 Rs

You would think it would have a special page etc, it has no product images.

First non book costly item is this lens – Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200 – 400 mm f/4G ED VR II Lens577974 Rs

This product has few images which is good and 1 review.

Apple could make it even better

Just saw the Apple Better Video. I love that a company as big as Apple is putting so much effort into being eco friendly.

But i can’t wonder how much more they could do if they just launched a solar product.

Imagine if they could release a solar rechargeable pack.

Here are some suggestions.

They could release something as small as iPhone, when you leave it in the sun for full day it could recharge the iPhone for few days. It could even give notifications when it needs to be charged or when its full.

You could also join few of these and charge your iPad, Laptops etc.

I bet there is a big market for a good solar powered battery product.

With the kind of R&D they have they could get better power conversion rates every year. And with in a few years time something the size of iPad could give you enough power to run your home on solar power.


They all ready sell a rechargeable battery product. But its just AA batteries.

Even just making the iPhone solar powered they could make a huge dent in power consumptions and global warming.

Apple entering the Solar market place could be the revolution the solar industry needs.

They have enough cash to even go and acquire companies that are doing some amazing work in this field and integrate it into their products.

So Apple can make it even better if they want to.

How to show long text on iWatch


There is a lot of talk about iwatch or smart watches etc. But the big problem all these devices have is the screen can’t show too much information.

It can show you a notification but not the full text. What is the point of getting a notification if you again have to pick up the phone to read it.

So what is the solution, its quite simple. No new inventions necessary.

Imagine a smart watch with speed reading as a way to show text on it. That way you don’t have to show a lot of text on screen. Just one word at a time, so reading a small sms or a breaking news headline is easier this way.

Check out how Speed Reading works here

But limiting to one word even a small screen can be used to show a lot of text. Small screen means great battery life.

Imagine this scenario, when you get a breaking news alert. You will get a notification on phone which will be a small icon based notification.

When you click on the screen it will show the breaking news headline one word at a time. That way in seconds you can read the whole headline no scrolling or any other touches necessary.

Create an Ad for DVR


Most TV viewers even in India are now recording shows and watching them. So they are fast forwarding through most of the ads.

So why not make an ad that works even when its fast forwarded.

Why not put in ads such a way that even when its forwarded the DVR user gets to see the product and brand name.

If you want to do the easy way. Either choose a corner of the screen and display a product there. When you fast forward the ad it becomes into a small animation of the ad. Like a banner ad which the user controls.

The hard way insert frames into the regular ad which when fast forwarded create another simpler ad.

Many companies are missing an opportunity here.

Kickstarter crossed 1 billion India helped too


Nearly 5689 Indians pledged around 7 crores in kickstarter.

Even though kickstarter is not official available in India. So many people have invested in it.

When it launches in India it will be pretty big. Can’t wait to see some of the new business idea that will be created by Indian entrepreneurs.

Will it launch in India soon?

Kickstarter reaches 1 Billion pledges.

Samsung finally gets the ads right

Samsung has been attacking Apple with for a long time. But most of the time it was silly and not the right way to go at Apple. But these new ads are really well made and take the right tone.

Apple iPad ad is quite classy.

This ad from samsung takes the right approach at mocking the ad. Don’t know how many people it will convince to switch but they are fun to watch.

Unlike many of their other ads.

Summer V/s Winter Olympics


The differences between both the olympics.

These stats are from 2014 Winter Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympics

Even though the winter olympics is 1/5 the size of summer olympics it takes as long as the summer olympics to conduct.

With countries borders getting blurred more and more will we have olympics in few decades time?

With many countries in economic meltdown and bringing in many austerity measure, how will sports be funded in the coming years?

As the weather gets colder and colder will winter olympics take over summer olympics?

So enjoy it while you can…

Which internet connection to get for many devices


If you have a mobile, tablet and laptop and you need internet on all three of these.

There are many decisions you need to make first. Do you need portability. Do you need Higher capacity. Do you need higher speed. Do you need postpaid or prepaid. These are some of the option i found out there.

1.Wireless : 10 GB – 15 GB (if you want more capacity go wired)

You can get any of the new max data cards from Tataphoton, Airtel, Mts etc. All of them give you high speed of 6 Mbps. But all of them only give you 10 GB per month at around 1500 Rs. No way to get more bandwidth on these data cards.

Some data cards have wifi like the (tataphoton max wifi) so you can use them with any device.

Reliance Netconnet+ data card with postpaid plan will give you 55 GB per month for 2500 Rs. Here is how the plan looks.

750 Rs – 5 GB unlimited data plan
1500 Rs – 50 GB booster pack you can buy after finishing your 5 GB

If you want more bandwidth you can get 20 GB more for 750 Rs.

Its 3 Mbps data card not the new high speed ones. You get good speeds at night but during day time its pretty bad, sometimes you can only browse no youtube etc.

You need to get a 3G wifi router if you want to use this connection with your other devices. Make sure your data card works with 3G wifi router before buying it.

You can also do internet sharing with your computer but you need to keep your computer on all the time if you want to use other devices.

Airtel 4G is starting to roll out but its not everywhere. If you can get it they offer 45 GB for 3000 Rs. There is even a 80 GB plan for 4500 Rs. Both of these are 80 GB plans and its not available everywhere.

2.Wired : 100 GB

Bsnl and other offer higher bandwidth packages with good speeds.

You can get wifi router with most packages and you can use it with any of your devices.

If money is not an issues check out BSNL 24 Mbps plan, it gives 250 GB per month for 7000 Rs.

3. Get individual plans for each device.

Prices wise it might cost the same, this way you can decide how much speed you need for particular device and get that plan.

Sadly there is no one single solution. Hopefully Reliance 4G will come with good speeds and higher capacity plans.

My dream would be 2500 Rs for 100 GB at 10 Mbps plan, we can dream right.

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