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Amazon Kindle app for iphone Review


This is how the app icon looks and this is the loading screen of the app. This is how the app ui looks. They could have given a sample book or put a manual on how to use the app. So that user would get an idea of how the books look and how to read etc.

You can flip pages like you flip photos, a little bit of animation would have made it even cooler. This is not a e paper device, iphone has a beautiful screen some animation would have really helped.

Once you click get books it will show you how you can get books into the app. You can do it from a computer or a mac. But i wanted to see how easy it was to do it from the iphone browser.

Once you click safari the app exits and loads the amazon site in the browser. I was surprised to see the full amazon site loads rather than the iphone version of the site. Which would have been easier to use.


Once you sign in it takes four pages to get the book on to the kindle app. All the books have the first chapter as samples so i tried one of them. Its not the most easiest process ,they could have made it more easier and provided this in the app itself. That way they could have made it much simpler to get the books. They already have designed their site for iphone, their own amazon app uses it. That could have made this very simple, may be they will do it in future versions.

Once you click on the sample or the book it will show you a confirmation saying that your book will be available from your kindle or iphone now.


Then close the browser and launch the kindle app and you book should appear their in the list of books. Samples download very quickly, i have not tried full book, but i am guessing they too download pretty quickly.


The task bar below automatically hides and gives you full screen to read the book.

All in all i like this app very much they could make it more useful if they put in the ability to put your own documents into the app. That way people will use it for many more things which could help them sell more books. Its free so go ahead and give it a try.

Tether iphone to pc or use iphone as a modem

Tether iphone to computer and use the GPRS on iphone to get on the Internet.

Things you need.

1.Jail broken iphone
2.Unlimited GPRS account even regular ones work but unlimited is preferred.
3.A computer with wifi connection.
The iphone and the computer should have same Wifi standards. My laptop was wifi g.

If you have all the things mentioned above then go to cydia installer on your iphone and install a app called pdanet. One you install the app.

Go to your computer and create a ad hoc wifi connection by going into connect to option in vista or network settings on Xp.

Once you create the wifi ad hoc connection. Go to your iphone and turn on wifi and you should see the connection you just made. Select the connection to connect. Once it’s connected open the pdanet app and just turn on the wifi switch at the bottom. And start using Internet on your computer, this app show the computer name Mac address and the transfer speeds.

Just turn of the display by clicking the power button on your iphone and enjoy the internet.

It’s as easy as that.

One more thing don’t use this for hours on end because the iphone can get hot pretty quickly. So keep checking the iphone by touching the iphone. If it’s really hot disconnect it and use it after a while.

I tried it with vista and Airtel sim. Airtel needs no settings just put the sim in the iphone and GPRS works, which is cool. It even works on my 2g or first gen iphone.

Cool stuff you can do with your iphone

The last part of my review is the cool stuff you can do with the iphone. As you might know iphone only comes with some app’s. So the first thing you need to do is jail break it so that you can install third party app’s. Jail breaking the iphone mostly depends on what firmware you have. Do a Google search and you will get Hundreds of sites that tell you how to do it. Always be careful when you do this stuff, it could brick you iphone.

There are so many fun app’s that you will never get bored. I will write about two of them here.

Play NES games on iphone You can play games on the iphone. the nes app is quite playable too. There are other emulators for Gba and psx. But I have not tried them yet. This app gives the iphone the one thing its missing games. And you will have fun playing and remembering the good old times. There are many other games too see some them below. Like solitaire, mine, idigger etc.

Many more games will come to iphone as people realize what a cool gaming device this could be.



Mine game for iphoneSolitare for IphoneMine game for iphone

You can get others wallpapers with this app lets you see what others people are using as their wallpaper and if you like them you can take theirs and put it on your iphone. It works through gprs so watch out if you don’t have unlimited account. But something like this should be available as a default for all the mobile phones. Because changing the background is one of the easiest and simplest ways to customize anything.

Native Apps for iphoneTodo list for iphoneNative Apps for iphone

There are plenty of new app’s coming out everyday.

There are also many web app’s which work through the safari browser go here for the list of web app’s which work on iphone. But they are not as cool as native app’s.

So have fun and enjoy trying them.

Conclusion the iphone is one heck of a phone, there are many nice touches that you will notice once you get the phone. You will realize that this is not just another phone. You will not regret getting it. Even though the price is a bit steep in India, its worth every rupees.