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Amazon Kindle app for iphone Review


This is how the app icon looks and this is the loading screen of the app. This is how the app ui looks. They could have given a sample book or put a manual on how to use the app. So that user would get an idea of how the books look and how to read etc.

You can flip pages like you flip photos, a little bit of animation would have made it even cooler. This is not a e paper device, iphone has a beautiful screen some animation would have really helped.

Once you click get books it will show you how you can get books into the app. You can do it from a computer or a mac. But i wanted to see how easy it was to do it from the iphone browser.

Once you click safari the app exits and loads the amazon site in the browser. I was surprised to see the full amazon site loads rather than the iphone version of the site. Which would have been easier to use.


Once you sign in it takes four pages to get the book on to the kindle app. All the books have the first chapter as samples so i tried one of them. Its not the most easiest process ,they could have made it more easier and provided this in the app itself. That way they could have made it much simpler to get the books. They already have designed their site for iphone, their own amazon app uses it. That could have made this very simple, may be they will do it in future versions.

Once you click on the sample or the book it will show you a confirmation saying that your book will be available from your kindle or iphone now.


Then close the browser and launch the kindle app and you book should appear their in the list of books. Samples download very quickly, i have not tried full book, but i am guessing they too download pretty quickly.


The task bar below automatically hides and gives you full screen to read the book.

All in all i like this app very much they could make it more useful if they put in the ability to put your own documents into the app. That way people will use it for many more things which could help them sell more books. Its free so go ahead and give it a try.

Get unlimited data usage on your iphone in India

If you are willing to pay 1200 Rs per month you can get unlimited data usage on your iphone with Airtel sim.

This is not a hack or a trick. You are paying for their highest data card plan and using it.

Here is what happened, I bought a data card from Airtel with unlimited data plan for which they charge 1200 Rs. I bought this with a USB modem so I am not sure if you can get just the sim, I think you can.

Soon after that I got broadband so I didn’t need this Airtel connection. But rather than canceling the connection I removed the sim from the USB modem and put it in my iphone. So now I can use unlimited data with an Airtel sim.

I know 1200 Rs per month is pricey but you get very good speeds a lot faster than bsnl. I get speeds of 91 Kbps. I have a photo of the speed test too. The best part is I can use you tube and watch videos do chatting listen to radio now matter where I am. I can even use the same sim for calling too, prices are standard with any other mobiles.

I used it on a 1st generation iphone 2g (jail broken iphone), it should work with the new iphone too. Do comment if this also works on iphone 3G.

In fact I wrote this whole blog post from my iphone using word press app. And Airtel sim to upload it to the blog.

The best thing about using this Airtel sim is that you can use it even when roaming. Do unlimited data anywhere in India.

This would work with others phones too. But if you have not done it yet just get a demo of browsing on iphone and you will not go back to other phones.

Tether iphone to pc or use iphone as a modem

Tether iphone to computer and use the GPRS on iphone to get on the Internet.

Things you need.

1.Jail broken iphone
2.Unlimited GPRS account even regular ones work but unlimited is preferred.
3.A computer with wifi connection.
The iphone and the computer should have same Wifi standards. My laptop was wifi g.

If you have all the things mentioned above then go to cydia installer on your iphone and install a app called pdanet. One you install the app.

Go to your computer and create a ad hoc wifi connection by going into connect to option in vista or network settings on Xp.

Once you create the wifi ad hoc connection. Go to your iphone and turn on wifi and you should see the connection you just made. Select the connection to connect. Once it’s connected open the pdanet app and just turn on the wifi switch at the bottom. And start using Internet on your computer, this app show the computer name Mac address and the transfer speeds.

Just turn of the display by clicking the power button on your iphone and enjoy the internet.

It’s as easy as that.

One more thing don’t use this for hours on end because the iphone can get hot pretty quickly. So keep checking the iphone by touching the iphone. If it’s really hot disconnect it and use it after a while.

I tried it with vista and Airtel sim. Airtel needs no settings just put the sim in the iphone and GPRS works, which is cool. It even works on my 2g or first gen iphone.

Iphone 3G will cost 31000 Rs in India

Today I received a mail from vodafone saying that they will sell iphone on August 22nd. And it will cost 31000 Rs for 8 GB and 36000 for 16 GB.

They are asking customers to come today and tomorrow to pay a 10000 Rs deposit as advance if you want the iphone on the launch day. That’s first time in India any mobile company is asking you to put down a deposit.

At this price I really don’t recommend the iphone to anyone in India. Many of my friends were eagerly hoping for a below 10000 Rs price.

But at this high price you are better of buying it in blackmarket.

The official iphone from vodafone will cost you around 750 USD. Where as in USA they are selling it for 299 USD. That’s twice the USA price which is really lame because you can’t even use most of it’s features in India yet. Like 3G, GPS Maps (Google has bad maps of India so GPS will not work well).

So go buy a iphone 1.0 or 2G in black market. Which you can get for less than 30000 Rs.

I bought my iphone 1.0 more than 9 months back still loving it. I would have gone and bought an iphone 3G if the
Price was below 15000 Rs and 3G
Service was available.

Cool stuff you can do with your iphone

The last part of my review is the cool stuff you can do with the iphone. As you might know iphone only comes with some app’s. So the first thing you need to do is jail break it so that you can install third party app’s. Jail breaking the iphone mostly depends on what firmware you have. Do a Google search and you will get Hundreds of sites that tell you how to do it. Always be careful when you do this stuff, it could brick you iphone.

There are so many fun app’s that you will never get bored. I will write about two of them here.

Play NES games on iphone You can play games on the iphone. the nes app is quite playable too. There are other emulators for Gba and psx. But I have not tried them yet. This app gives the iphone the one thing its missing games. And you will have fun playing and remembering the good old times. There are many other games too see some them below. Like solitaire, mine, idigger etc.

Many more games will come to iphone as people realize what a cool gaming device this could be.



Mine game for iphoneSolitare for IphoneMine game for iphone

You can get others wallpapers with this app lets you see what others people are using as their wallpaper and if you like them you can take theirs and put it on your iphone. It works through gprs so watch out if you don’t have unlimited account. But something like this should be available as a default for all the mobile phones. Because changing the background is one of the easiest and simplest ways to customize anything.

Native Apps for iphoneTodo list for iphoneNative Apps for iphone

There are plenty of new app’s coming out everyday.

There are also many web app’s which work through the safari browser go here for the list of web app’s which work on iphone. But they are not as cool as native app’s.

So have fun and enjoy trying them.

Conclusion the iphone is one heck of a phone, there are many nice touches that you will notice once you get the phone. You will realize that this is not just another phone. You will not regret getting it. Even though the price is a bit steep in India, its worth every rupees.

The actual Review of iphone in India

Now the review of the actual device interface. First let me begin with the

Phone on IphonePhone in the iphone Its one of the easiest and simplest phone you can get. Anyone can quickly get use to it everything is big and easily and really responsive.

Even when going through contact or switching between calls or using keypad all are done with animation and none of them even hesitate. So its just one wonderful phone. Just for that people should buy this. Many people to whom i showed my previous phones don’t know how to make calls even after many tries. With iphone it just takes one try and they get it. That is as simple as you get. As you can see from the picture you get all the details you need simply and elegantly. So phone in iphone is superb.

Tip: When you get a call if you don’t want to take it just press the on and off switch ones to silence the ringing and once more to decline the call.

Phone on IphonePhone on IphonePhone on Iphone


Sms on iphone Sms on iphone has a special feature where you can see it like a chat session. If you are smsing the same person you will get a chat like view of the sms when a new one is received. The keypad is quite good and the keyboard corrects any mistakes that you make. So smsing is really nice on the iphone. It even shows a small icon with numbers on the sms button to show you how many unread sms are there. Which is really cool.




Sms on iphoneSms on iphoneSms on iphone

Camera on Iphone is only 2 mega pixel but it takes some of the best pictures i have seen on any mobile phone. The color is really good and the quality of the photo is also really nice. It takes pictures even when you are listening to music etc without a hitch. And some nice animation to go with it. There are not many setting to change just point the camera and click. The only thing i miss about the camera is the physical button to take photos. You have to click on the screen to take photos. Which is fine but it would have been nice if it had a physical button.

Tip: Take a picture as soon as the camera app comes on and you get good color.

photos on Iphone Photos on Iphone this has to be the feature that you will show to anyone who wants to see you iphone. As you might have seen from the video you can zoom and flick to see the photos in all their glory. There is also a small play button if you want to play a slide show for someone. All in all a very nice feature which works flawlessly.

Tip: When you play slideshow you change the transitions which are really nice by going into the settings options. There are five to six cool transitions you can try out. You can also set photos as wallpaper by zooming correctly to where you want. And also use these photos for contacts.

photos on Iphone

Email on IphoneE-Mail on iphone is so easy to setup. When you open the app for the first time you will get an option to choose an account from yahoo, Google or AOL or others. With Google and yahoo which i tried, if you select, it will only ask for username and password and everything is setup automatically and you are good to go. With yahoo you get push email and the best part is you get imap access to yahoo for free, for which you have to pay on any other mobile device. it works smoothly even with five to six accounts which i tried. you can set to check mail every 15 minutes and half hour or manually etc. When you go to the inbox it will check for new messages. All the messages can be read in their full html glory. Which is nice if you get pictures or have joined any newsletters. all are displayed inline and its quite fast. Reply and composing is also neat. You can attach a signature to all you out going mail. Everything works smoothly. It has never crashed on me in two months usage.

Tip: You can add  many account, but if you want to see only a few that you use regularly. just go to the setting and turn off the mail accounts you don’t want to see. That way you don’t have to enter the details again when you want to use them. I have 7 accounts and only 2 are turned on because those are the one i use daily.

Email on IphoneEmail on IphoneEmail on Iphone

Web Browsing on Iphone Web Browsing on Iphone safari browser make browsing on the iphone a pleasure. It loads normal sites faster than the mobile sites which shows how good this browser is. Its really quite fast at loading pages and rendering them. Once you use web on iphone you wonder how you ever tried using web on any other phone. Its that good. the bookmark feature is really neat too. You can rotate the phone and the pages turn automatically and that way you can read the webpages at a bigger size. Once the page loads, when you click on any text it automatically resizes to the screen which is really neat. You will know why once you get to use it. I thought operamini were doing good job with their browser but boy oh boy its nothing like safari. Safari is fast and really easy to use.

Tips: When you sync your iphone your bookmarks can also be synced. At the moment syncing is supported for it or safari. I use safari on the PC too that way I get good experience using web and my bookmarks are always synced.

Web Browsing on IphoneWeb Browsing on IphoneWeb Browsing on Iphone

Maps on iphone Maps on Iphone is just a show off app at the moment because not many things in India are tagged. You can see and get all the big landmarks in satellite view but the directions option doesn’t work at all. Hopefully it will improve in future when Indian government realizes that maps can also used for some good purposes too. Until then use this to show off to people what you can do with your iphone.

Tip: if you want to get good results when you search be as specific as possible put as many details as possible,. Like state name and country and city name if you try to look for a place in a city. And you will get good results.


Maps on iphoneMaps on iphoneMaps on iphone

Music on Iphone is something special. Once you sync your phone with your itunes library. Its just pleasure to use. You can select albums in cover flow. You can have big album cover displayed when you listen to songs. You can rate them. You can create play lists on the fly. You have to use to believe it. You can use the speaker on the iphone but to get the best experience you have to use the ear buds which are quite good. It even has a small button on it to pause the song or skip the song etc. If you are listening to music when a call comes the music slowly fades out and you get the call. when you end the call the music automatically comes back which is nice when you are traveling. you don’t have to search for your iphone just to start the music again.

Sorry I can’t get any picture for these feature because the screen capture app closes when I open these features

Video on the iphone is really nice. It only play mp4 video that are synced with itunes. You have to go and manually select which movies to sync which is annoying. But the video display is really nice. And plays without any hiccups. The best part is when you play any video on the itunes and sync it with iphone it will start playing from where you stopped watching in itunes. Which is a really nice touch. It works the other way around too, if you see a movie on iphone and sync it with itunes and play the file in itunes it will start from where it was stopped on the iphone. It plays 1 gb files without any hiccup. Even when you zoom in and out its really smooth.

Tip: Its plays all the video from video podcast very well. So go get some video podcast’s.

Podcast’s on iphone is also really simple once you use itunes as your podcast clients just sync it and all your podcast’s are on the iphone now. The best part is you don’t have three different app’s. Its just one app for movies, music and podcast’s. When you select podcast and play it only plays audio even if its a video file. To play video podcast’s go to video section of the app and it plays video podcast there.

Download a XML file of my favorite podcast here. Right click and select save target as and download the file to your computer. Then just import it in itunes and you can listen to all the podcast’s I listen to.

Calendar on Iphone also is nice. Its simple and clean and works really well. Adding events is also very easy.

You Tube on Iphone is neat little app but i have not used it much because its quite slow on edge network. I have not tried it on WIFI yet. But it has nice interface and is really easy to use.

Stocks on iphone is a nice app where you can keep tab on all the stocks you want. adding new ones is also very easy. It works quite well even on edge. I think it only use small amount of data so its really nice app. Even Indian companies work with it.

Weather on iphone is also a great app. It shows weather with some very nice icons. For raining and cloudy etc. It even works with Indian cities.

Clock and Alarm on iphone is easy to use and easy to change.

Stocks on iphoneWeather on IphoneClock And Alaram on iphone

These are just the app’s that come on the iphone. With just them iphone is really a good buy. You can add more app’s if you jail break the iphone.

You really will not get a sense of how cool and nice the iphone is unless you see it in person. So see a demo and you will want one.

iphone review from India after using it in India

 iPhone in India Here is my long promised detailed iphone review. Since i want to tell you so many things i will split the review into three parts.

1. Buying and all the other stuff related to that

2. The actual Review of iphone in India

3. The other cool stuff  iphone can do

1. Buying and all the other stuff related to that

The actual price when i bought the iphone from bangalore Burma bazaar was 27500 Rs. Another seller said he could give it to me for 24500 Rs but he said that none of the features will work so i went to the guy who knew about this stuff and paid a little extra and bought it for 27500 Rs.

Some of the things to know before you buy.

Networks You can use Iphone in IndiaIphone will work on all the gsm networks in India. If you have a mobile connection with Sim card it will work

All the feature of the iphone will work in India only the visual voicemail will not work

You have to unlock the iphone to use in India, which the seller would have already done for you. Sometimes they will tell a lesser price than I mentioned above and once you buy ask 2500 Rs or so for unlocking so ask first about unlocking.

Iphone you buy at present in India come without any warranty, no one gives warranty

So check all the features and the screen etc before you buy

Itunes will not automatically update your firmware only if you click update or restore on the iphone or itunes will the firmware be updated or restored so don’t worry. Try and avoid these at all costs unless you know what you are doing.

There are Chinese knock off that look like the iphone so be aware, there is nothing wrong in buying them but don’t pay this kind of money for a fake one.

Also see if you are getting the 8gb one or the 4gb one because 4gb ones cost less around 23500 Rs etc

The seller will claim that iphone has 5 mega pixel camera, its not its just 2 megapixel and there is only one iphone model so far.

These are things you need to know.

Check the unit well and see if it has any scratches etc because it could be a old piece that would have been returned by other customers because of issues. So ask for fresh piece and check all the features like charging and touch screen feedback etc.

Once you buy the iphone don’t restore it because it will lock itself. And also try not to update the firmware from itunes. Both these will lock the iphone, don’t worry someone will always crack the new firmware. Once its locked take it back to the seller and for a small fee he will unlock it for you. Also don’t try to disconnect the iphone between updating the firmware if you have done it by mistake let the update finish other wise you could brick (damage) your iphone.

Accesories that with iPhone When you buy, these are the things you will get in a small box. The box will have an iphone, cradle, power plug, one set of headphone, 1 USB cable and a cloth to wipe the screen which you will be doing quite a bit.

Also when you buy the iphone try and get a rubber cover for the iphone which will help protect your iphone from slipping which it can easily do. Since everybody will be asking for your iphone to have look its a good idea to put a rubber cover at least for a week or so. Once you get comfortable with the iphone you can remove the cover. And use it in all its glory.

Try not to put too much personal stuff for the first week or so because people will want to have a look at your iphone quite a bit. so wait at least a week or so before putting your girl friend’s picture on the iphone. Unless you are comfortable with other touching and flicking at your girl friend pictures :-). I put sreya’s picture for the first week, i guess she is use to this kind of attention.

to be continued…

10 Reason why you should get an iphone in India

iphone 1. It is the best damn cool phone out there that you can buy for that price. You can buy something with more specs but it will not get you this kind of fun, wonder and looks from others.

2. The interface is the coolest I have used on any mobile device. After watching the demo i thought i will get tired of it after a while. But believe me it has such super response that you will never get tired of it. The best touch screen interface ever.

3. The camera even though its just 2 mega pixel I think it takes the best photos on any mobile device. The color and the quality of the photos are really nice. Who need a crappy 5 mega pixel camera when you can have a such a nice 2 mega pixel camera.

4. You can check all your email even with images and html. You get free imap access to all your yahoo mail. So far I have set 6 different email 3 yahoo, 2 gmail and 1 pop and its so easy to use mail.

5. Browsing, I never knew my mobile connection was this fast and I could browse website so easily. The best browsing on any mobile device period. When normal sites load faster than the mobile formatted sites its saying something.

6. Storage Space thats right it has 8gb, that plenty of space from my last phone which was 1gb. I can take all my music, videos etc with me now.

7. E-book reader, you need to jailbreak it to install third party apps and you can add PDF reader and ebook reader and use it for that.

8. The battery life of iphone, apple’s claim is 24 hours audio and 2 hours of video. My player seems to be so good that I rarely think of recharging.

9. The synching with itunes is so easy that you wonder how you ever synced other devices.

10. All in all such a neat package in such cool and small form that you have to get one. I don’t care if you have to do some part time work go get one.

Watch out for my detailed review in a few days time.

How can apple vanish amazon's kindle

All apple needs to do is add ebooks to the iTunes store and put an ebook reader app on the iPhone in their next firmware update. And watch as the kindle disappears.

Since ebooks are so small in size they could allow wireless downloads similar to kindle. iPhone screen looks so good that kindle will struggle to convince people to buy it.

This could be the easiest way for apple to take over a segment. All they need to do is makes some changes to their software and they will have the ebook segment.

This could also help them sell more iPod touch’s.

How can apple vanish amazon’s kindle

All apple needs to do is add ebooks to the iTunes store and put an ebook reader app on the iPhone in their next firmware update. And watch as the kindle disappears.

Since ebooks are so small in size they could allow wireless downloads similar to kindle. iPhone screen looks so good that kindle will struggle to convince people to buy it.

This could be the easiest way for apple to take over a segment. All they need to do is makes some changes to their software and they will have the ebook segment.

This could also help them sell more iPod touch’s.